Sunday, 21 August 2011

Why did I bought an iPhone 3G instead of an Android?

 I bought an iPhone 3G.  It motivated me to write this post to share my vision of why I decided that a smartphone considered old model was better for me than any Android released recently.

Applications: I have a library of them
I am a user of the iPod Touch since the first model. it is a media player that delivers what I need a media player and that's why I bought it at the time. And since Apple very humbly allowed third-party programs that were installed on it, I was buying application after application in your shop, to further extend its functionality. And that made me what I have today: a library with exactly 165 programs.

If I buy an Android, would have to look for similar programs to those who already have iOS and they already do what I want on the iPod Touch. Apart from the games, which are most of my library. I potentially would have to spend a few more caraminguás buying those I love most in the Android Market to have the same experience as you would with an iPhone 3G.

I do not doubt that you would find most of them since the store's application platform already has a huge amount of developers and applications ported to it. But the prospect of having to re-purchase similar software or pay again for one I already have does not encourage me one bit.

Cheap price and low depreciation
An iPhone 3G cost close to two thousand dollars when it was released in Brazil. It was a surreal price to pay in a smartphone at the time. And to be honest, it's still a bit surreal today. But behold, the TIM decided to make a promotion a few months ago and sold the iPhone for real one thousand, that's when I saw the opportunity, I waited a bit and bought the unit.

This argument may lose some strength when you realize that there Androids as good in terms of functionality, and the same price or cheaper than the iPhone 3G, also being sold unlocked. But because of the diversity of Android handsets in the market, I could not have a retail price as good as the resale price of an iPhone.

I say this because I know that as an Apple product, the iPhone has a depreciation rate lower than other devices. As a test, I tried to sell (actually sold to me, thank you Mr.. Kiss Philip) on Twitter for my 3G $ 700 real, 300 less than I paid. In less than 10 minutes had at least three people interested in buying it.

And considering that they were only 2 weeks of use, was (in fact Philip was) very generous in offering it for 700 dollars. And continuing the argument of the price, there's another that goes hand in hand with it.

An iPhone is coming 5 to 4 to buy?
Have chosen an iPhone instead of the Android was not the only thing that amazed my friends. Have chosen an iPhone 3G iPhone in place of 4, much more recent and powerful, might have caused as much or even more in some awe of them, probably more fans of the brand.

To put it simply, I chose the 3G because I am not crazy. As a member of this vital industry of tech blogs know that the probability of giant Apple launched a new iPhone model this year is quite large, after all, the iPhone is now 4 for over a year on the market and this is the time Apple usually updates the model. And with a new iPhone, the iPhone's price will fall 4 and I'll consider your purchase.

Yes, the price may not fall so because the rate of imports from Brazil, but will definitely lower enough so that I can ask a friend to bring me an iPhone unlocked from the outside 4. This price does not fall enough for me to buy it here in Brazil itself, but chances are it will not happen. Until then, however, there is no reason not to use a phone that I like it, which leads me to the next argument.

Interface I've seen this before ...
A good portion of Android have a peculiarity, which can be both bad and good: each different line of Androids that manufacturers may have created a custom interface running on the system. Be the MotoBlur, TouchWiz, Timescape, or who knows what other, each can display portions of the Android way it believes appropriate for their customers.

I was already familiar with the interface of the iPod Touch, so for me the iPhone would be easy to use. Although there are some changes in terms of features and screen resolution, the interface is consistent for all devices iOS. I will not have trouble finding the standard applications, configuration options, or button which turns off the screen because they will be (mostly) in one place.

I'm not saying I could not get used to different interfaces of the Android. I have a very steep learning curve with most of the interfaces for the Android has already tested some smartphones, and tablets with the system. But between having to learn new ways for the same options, use a different keyboard and having to get used to the interfaces of the manufacturers or not, I preferred the simplest: no.

He is good (for me)
At the end of the day, this should be the most important item when choosing a cell phone. Can I test a lot of devices for years here in TB and whenever I do this you will read my honest opinion and sincere about them. You can if you wish to rely on this opinion to choose a phone, but what really matters is what works specifically for you.

If a Nokia C7 falls in your budget and already have all the functions you need, fuck the fact that it uses a mobile operating system that can fall into disuse. If you want a phone that can be used in the shower, or a Motorola Defy Galaxy XCover can make you happy. If you prefer a faster machine with an excellent camera, the Samsung S Galaxy II is here. The manufacturers will always say that their phones are the best at everything, but is not they who should determine what is best for you.

The iPhone 3G may be a dated example, may not have the best camera on the market or better screen all iPhones, but I balance all factors before deciding to buy it and these items are not weighed that much. Do not get me wrong, I do not think the iPhone 3G a perfect smartphone. He has several defects, such as battery life tolerable for those who like to use 3G all the time, the fact that Apple only sell the 8 GB models today, which restricts the amount of data I can put it, among others.

But I do not need a high end smartphones, or expensive to have status, or the fastest on the market or has a camera capable of recording in 1080p. I need a smartphone that fits in the use I plan to do it. And to make the choice of a device that has become as essential to people's lives, this attitude should always be the default.

Instead, we have fanboys from all sides feuding and trying to prove that there is a platform (or smartphone) that is the best in everything you do and who reigns supreme and sovereign over all others.

I disappoint them all, but this so-called perfect platform simply does not exist.

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