Monday, 31 January 2011

New Valentine Tradition!!

I have decided to make a new tradition for my family this Valentines! It’s something fun for the kids, and so they fell involved in this somewhat adult holiday!
I found these cute mailboxes at the dollar section of Target. We brought them home..and my 4 year old helped decorate them! I do have to say it’s extremely hard to decorate these for a boy..trying to make them not girly looking was challenging-but it turned out ok!
My goal is to do the ‘14 days of Valentines’. I plan to put little notes, snacks, treats and even little dollar toys etc in each persons mailbox. I don’t want this to be expensive, but fun for the kids! Each day they will have something new in the mailbox and hopefully a tradition they will enjoy!!
One side has our initial so we can remember which mailbox is ours!
and a close up Smile

SO….. I need to run to the store to pick up little things to go inside these mini mailboxes… Any ideas are more than welcome…………… Hope you are all ready for Valentines since TOMORROW is February 1st!!!
Can you believe it?
I know I can’t… but in all honesty I am excited Jan. is over because I am counting down to summer and it can’t get here soon enough!

UPDATE: I just entered so go check out all the fun Valentines craft ideas!!

The completed projects

As I promised over the weekend, I did finish the baby boy gifts for a friend! They were so fun, but time consuming. I do have to say I was happy with how they turned out!


First up….

I bought this plain onesie. I cut the saying out of freezer paper with my Cricut and painted it on! To match the onesie I made some comfy lounge pants minus the draw string part. The pants are made out of a soft minky type material.. I only wish I had enough fabric to make some for me Smile



As I said before this couple friend of ours is having their 1st boy! The husbands nickname is El’ Capitan.. so I thought for their little boy it was only fitting to have a little bib with the same nickname as Daddy!! (this was made to be a joke, but also something they could use down the road)


Last up…. and my most favorite sewing project to date!!!

I saw this blanket idea from here. Dana has an AMAZING blog which I follow daily! I have bought some super fun patterns from her as well, so go check out all her amazing tutorials etc!!

So this blanket is really fun to make, especially to see it come together. It takes A LOT of time FYI, but looks stunning when it’s complete! I will for sure make more of these down the road..but for now will give my eyes and fingers (which I snipped a piece of my pointer finger off in the process of making this) a rest!!


Isn’t this just amazing. If you can’t see I used 3 colored fabric’s to make the ‘chenille’ looking side. A solid brown, green and yellow!! Love Love love this blanket!


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Thousands of Prisoners Escape Egypt Prisons

Thousands of Prisoners Escape Egypt Prisons

Pakistan Cricket Wallpapers

Here are some amazing Pakistan Cricket Wallpapers.

Million man march Started in Egyptian Capital Cairo

Its looking like now that 30 year rule of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is indeed near to its end as Egyptian Protesters has announced to start a Million man march against the Government in Cairo.  The Million man march  will be starting from Tuesday and it will be continuing until Hosni Mubarak leaves Government.

Organizers of the Million man march has said that People will not go back to their homes until Hosni Mubarak leaves Presidency. This announcement has came at a time when Egyptian President has given authority of shooting Protesters to Security Forces. Egyptian Army Helicopters and Jets are also flying on cities of Egypt. The death toll has gone up to 150 and thousands are injured. it will become clear in next few days that what is the future of Hosni Mubarak Government?

Internet and Social Media Played Major Role in Tunisia & Egypt Revolution

Few weeks back we seen a major Revolution in Tunisia in result of which corrupt Tunisian President ran away from the country. Now the same story is repeating in another country Egypt where a corrupt President Hosni Mubarak is in government from 30 years.  Egyptian public is on the road and demanding Hosni Mubarak to resign. hundreds of people have also lost their lives in these Protests of Egypt. A thing which played major role in bringing Revolution in both of these Countries is Internet and Social Media.

Internet and Social Media are playing a major role in informing the public with every information which they never got from TV channels or other types of Media. TV Channels and Newspapers can also be controlled by Governments but Internet is a thing on which everyone can become a Journalist and post his views. Everyone can add videos on sites like Youtube. This Song Allah Akber played major role in revolution of Tunisia. Millions of people watched it online and came on roads.  After recent protests in Egypt the Egyptian Government Shut down the Internet Service which is another proof that they consider Internet as a threat for their Government.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

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Marcela - Rue St-Martin - Paris

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Fur Cap Vintage
Cape Coat by Barabara Igongini
Bag Vintage

Lou Doillon - Paris Fashion Week

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Tasha de Vasconcelos - Paris Fashion Week

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Flee the Rainbow

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Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Song Which Brought Revolution in Tunisia

The Song Which Brought Revolution in Tunisia

Pakistan Refuses To Free Us Embassy Employee Raymond Davis

Pakistan is a country where people are already really upset with the United States due to its Policies towards Pakistan and Muslim World. US has also killed hundreds of Innocent Pakistanis in drone attacks. Recently Incident of killing of three Pakistanis by a US Embassy Employee Raymond Davis in Lahore has increased anger against US even more. Pakistanis are demanding tough punishment for the Us Embassy Employee. On Saturday US Embassy in Pakistan called for the Immediate release of Raymond Davis and called his arrest unlawful.

US Ambassador in Pakistan Cameron Munter also called N League Leader Nawaz Sharif for the release of US Embassy Employee on Saturday but Nawaz Sharif replied that the matter is in Court and Court will decide whether to free him or not.  Pakistani media is also raising questions that actually who Raymond Davis? is he really a  US Embassy Employee or a official of American Intelligence? and what he was doing Mozang Area of Lahore? Some Media report are claiming that he was there for Spying.

10 Must Read Articles About World Politics and Events

I am going to share some amazing articles that i read on different Websites regarding different World issues like Afghan War, US Policies, Israel, Iran, Pakistan. I found some of these articles really shocking while some really informative so i am sharing them all at one place.

1/3 Women In US Army Are Raped
American Embassy Personnel Caught Spying On Pakistani Nuclear Program
Death of a Great Soldier and a War Hero Col Imam 
Israel's War Crimes
Osama Bin Laden Is In India?
Indian Hostility Towards Pakistan
India Fomenting Terrorism In Pakistani Cities
Mumbai Attacks Drama
A CIA Purge In Pakistan
On The Question of Ideology

Marine - Rue Cambon - Paris

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" ... My name is Marine. I work as Jeune Fille au Pair.
For me Fashion is a Touch of Style. Today, my look
is casual with a touch of excentricity. I love to have fun.
I hate Materialism. My message to the world: Enjoy !..."

I wear T-Shirt- Blazer & Jeans by Monki
Sweater-Scarf-Cap by H&M
Sneakers by Reebok
Bag by Asos
Perfume: Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf

Serena - La Madeleine - Paris

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Phoning Girl - Rue Cambon - Paris

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Irina - Rue Cambon - Paris

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" ... My name is Irina. I study Sales & Marketing.
For me Fashion is Elegance and Simplicity. Today,
my Look is simple. I love Germany. I hate Paris.
My message to the world: Carpe Diem ! ..."

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I wear a Jacket
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Running from the Weekend

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