Friday, 31 December 2010

Pre-fall 2011: Tibi

Lets Make Pakistan Of Quaid Azam In New Year 2011

Lets Make Pakistan Of Quaid Azam In New Year 2011

Websites That Where Visited The Most in Year 2010

It is 31st December the last day of the Year 2010 and we are just few hours away from the year 2011. Previously i created posts about main events that taken place in Pakistan in 2010 and famous personalities that died in 2010. Today i am going to share the Websites that where visited the most in the year 2010. Most of these Sites are Search Engines and Social Networking Sites. So here is the list of these Websites.

Google: Google famous Search engine this year as well was the most visited Website worldwide. The site got billions of visitors in this year.
Microsoft: It remained the second most visited site in the 2010. Its popular for its Search Engine, Email service and other Services.
Facebook: The Best Social Networking Site Facebook reached new level of popularity during this year in all parts of the World and became third most visited site..
Yahoo: Yahoo came down to 4th place this year as Facebook taken over it. Yahoo is popular for its services like Search Engine and Email.
Youtube: The Best Video Sharing Website on which you can found any type of Video by just few clicks was also visited by billions this year. Every minute of every hour millions of videos are being watched on this site.
Twitter: Its another amazing Social networking website that became very popular in 2010.

If Want To Save Israel Kill Every Palestinian: Israeli Parliamentarian

An Israeli Extremist Parliamentarian Jakob Kattner has demanded Israeli Government that if you want to save Israel kill each and every Palestinian Citizen.  Extremist  Jakob Kattner has said that existence of Palestinians is a threat for Israel so every Citizen of Palestine must be killed for the Security of Israel.

Jakob Kattner given these views in front of a Parliamentary Committee On Thursday. He said until the Palestinian Population is Present in Israeli Populations there is threat to Israel's Existence. he also demanded to stop Arabs and Palestinians from entering In Israel.  US and Western Media that keeps on doing Fake Propaganda against Muslims is silent on this statement of Israeli  Parliamentarian as usual and showing its biasness.

Most Of Americans Wants Afghan War To End: New Poll

It looks like that Citizens of Americans are sick and tired of the long 9 years war in Afghanistan on which American Government is spending Billions of Dollars every month and still failed to get any result out of it.  A new Poll has suggested that most of American Citizens are against War in Afghanistan and wants US troops to return home.

A CNN Poll that was released on Thursday which suggests that 60% American Citizens wants Afghan war to end.  People Opinion against Afghan war has increased rapidly in last couple of years in America. When this question was asked to Americans that how you think that things are going on in Afghanistan the 56% people said  Bad and some sad  Very Bad. Americans where thinking that after increasing US forces in Afghanistan a year ago the Situation will become better but the result is very opposite and increasing troops has only increased deaths of these Soldiers.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

International Photographer Watch: David LaChapelle - Pop Art Photography

Whilst researching for an article on underwater fashion photography I rediscovered American cult photographer David LaChapelle through his recent exhibition including photographs from his underwater series "Awakened".

His over the top style became famous during the rise of celebrity culture as his work reflected everything that the new dawn of celebrity represented; sex, drugs, money, greed, high-fashion and excess of all kinds.

Nowadays LaChapelle is one of the world's most in-demand photographers and directors for advertising and publishing. His imprint is everywhere - from Burger King ads to the music videos he directs for pop sensations like Christina Aguilera. He has photographed everyone from Marilyn Manson, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Lady Gaga to David Bowie and Cher - "all telling - no hiding" celebrity portraits: bright, loud and dripping with irony.

"It (celebrity portraiture) ended for me with Paris Hilton. I loved the superficial emptiness, the blonde hair, the extensions, the contact lenses, the spray-on tan ... she's so perfect." David LaChapelle

CNBC documentary on David LaChapelle: 

Coming back to underwater photography - well sort of, last year, LaChapelle exhibited a series of photographs of submerged people called the "Awakened". David explains that he had "been working so long with models who were quite conscious of the camera" leaving him desperate to figure out a way to keep his subjects from posing.

He got a large tank filled with warm water and basically dunk people inside, some of which did not even know how to swim. With the water being illuminated the subjects were forced to relax, all they could see was a big blur.

The "Awakened" was about rebirth exploring as LaChapelle puts it: "are they dying or are they being reborn or are they being enlightened". 

Referring to his beginnings as a photographer LaChapelle remembers avoiding magazine work, he was creating art and art belonged in exhibitions in galleries. Meeting the editors of Interview Magazine at one of his early shows it was Andy Warhol who persuaded him to join the team as their key photographer. Agreeing to it, he quickly developed this idea in his head "that magazines were like a gallery and if you got your magazine page ripped out and someone stuck it on their refrigerator, then that was a museum - someone's private museum. 
I have a huge museum in this case!

David LaChapelle:
"I’m hungry for art in general. I’ve studied and loved art. I don’t know if you call it studying, but since I was a child I’ve aspired to be an artist by whatever means possible: I wasn’t going to be any kind of businessman. It also gave me license not finish school, to not pay attention in classes, in mathematics, because I knew I was going to be an artist from a really young age. So I knew I was never going to need all the stuff they were teaching me in school. I loved art, so I read and studied everything I could. Even from the beginning I’ve always loved Michelangelo’s work, and have always been going back to it. I know that sounds strange because I was the one who was shooting Lil’ Kim and Pamela Andersen and Paris Hilton."

Asked about his style, LaChapelle explains that he "didn't really know about style. I didn't think about it: I did what I was interested in, what I was attracted to, what I was drawn to. I was drawn to color, and I was drawn to humor, and I was drawn to sexuality and spontaneity. It was all really intuitive. You just do what you love, and then the style happens later on."

Whatever you may call his style, what I love most about his work is his commitment to storytelling - sometimes weird, sometimes grotesque, sometimes shocking, sometimes ironic ... but always unique and fully committed.

photo credits:,,,,,,,,,,;

Pakistani Politicians Uses Unethical Language For Each Other

Pakistani Politicians of MQM and N League Uses Unethical Language For Each Other.

Photos of Iranian Missiles

Here are Photos of Iranian Missiles.

Exchange of Fire Between Pakistan and India

Exchange of Fire and then blaming each other for violating cease fire agreement has became common now between Pakistan and India. On Thursday Exchange of fire taken place between Pakistani and India forces on International border of in the Himalayan area of Kashmir.

On Wednesday as well Fire exchanging taken place in Samba area of Kashmir.  After Exchange of Fire Media of both countries blamed each other for violating cease fire agreement first.  However no damage or loss of life is reported in this fire Exchange. In last 4 years more than 160 times Exchange of Fire on International border between forces of both sides has taken place.

Important Events That Taken Place in Pakistan During 2010

Yesterday i shared the details of the great Pakistani personalities that died in the year 2010. Today i will be sharing the main events that happened in Pakistan during 2010. Most of these events where sad such as floods and Terrorist attacks as Pakistan is facing tough time. We also hope that next year 2011 will be a good one for Pakistan. So here are some major events that happened in Pakistan in 2010.

Flood: During 2010 A Major Flood came in Pakistan that effected almost 1/3 Pakistan and taken thousands of lives. almost 5 Million people lost their homes and many where displaced.
Army Operation in South Waziristan: In 2010 Pakistan Army has done a major successful operation against TTP in the South Waziristan that is involved in major terrorist attacks all over the country.
Many Big Terrorist Attacks: Several Big Terrorist attacks taken place in Pakistan during 2010. From Lahore to Karachi and From Peshawar to Quetta all cities where effected by terrorism.
18th Amendment in Constitution: During 2010 Pakistan's National Assembly also done a major Amendment in its Constitution that is known as18th Amendment.
Asian Champion of Hockey: During 2010 Pakistan became the Asian Champion of Hockey.
Spot Fixing Scandal: During this year a major Spot fixing Scandal hit Pakistani Cricket.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Latest Photoshoot: OK! Magazine's Boho Chic

I had been wanting to shoot a Bohemian Story for as long as I can think and was thrilled when my dear friend and photographer Billie Muller asked me to join in on a Hippie Shoot about 3 months ago. Our model was Rene B from Bareface, who I have worked with on numerous occasions and just can't get enough of ... I love her beautiful face ... and funny ways :)

No Boho Story is complete without an amazing bunch of tini-tiny dried flowers. I got these from a nail art studio in Dubai, they are the most delicate and tiniest of flowers I have ever seen and are a great addition to any professional makeup kit ... and belong in that little bag filled with weirdly unique things waiting to be glued to a face one day :) 

Who's That Girl?! - Rene Borisova

I met Rene B some years ago shooting my first ever editorial and she is still as gorgeous as ever. Her recent work includes editorials for Harper's Bazaar shot by Susanne Spiel and National's M Magazine shot by the endlessly talented and creative Tina Chang. Grab your copy of current Middle East's OK! Magazine and get a glimpse of the Boho Story we just shot with Rene.

You can book Rene via her agency Bareface

This was my first ever editorial, shot with Rene
for Insider Magazine in 2008 by Mosh Lafuente

Photographer: Tina Patni 

Photographer: Susanne Spiel

Photographer: Susanne Spiel

Photographer: Toufic Araman

Photographer: Mosh Lafuente

Successful Experiment of Two Missiles By Pakistan Navy

Successful Experiment of Two Missiles By Pakistan Navy

Important Pakistani Personalities That Died in 2010

Just Couple of days are left in the year 2010 and we are heading towards a new year 2011.  During this year many Important Pakistani Personalities left us forever in which many great Politicians, Artists and Journalists are included.  Following is detail of Important Pakistani Personalities That Died in year 2010.

Famous Journalist Inqilab Matri died on 18 January 2010.
A Great Columnist Irshad Ahmed Haqqani passed away on 24 January 2010.
Famous Politician of ANP Ajmal Khattak Went from this world on 2 February 2010.
Drama Writer Riaz Ul Haq Siddiqui Died on 12 May 2010.
Federal Minister Abdul Razzaq Died on 1st September 2010.
Governor of Gilgat Dr Shama Khalid Passed away on 15th September.
MQM Leader Dr Imran Farooq Was Murdered on16th September in London.
Former Defence Minister Rao Sikandar Iqbal died on 29th September.
Lollywood Actor Saloni Left us on 15th October 2010.
Former President of Pakistan Farooq Lagari died on 19 October.
Former Actress Chakori Begum died on 1st November.
Amazing Thinker and Journalist Mir Jaleel Ur Rehman was died on 13 December 2010.

Will Give Every Sacrifice To Protect Pakistan: General Kayani

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has said that Pakistan Army will continue to work to end terrorism from Pakistan and Army Action in Fata will continue until the Situation becomes normal. He said this while addressing with Army officers in Karachi Cantt on Tuesday.

According to ISPR General Kayani also said in his address that Pakistan Army is ready to give any Sacrifice for the protection of Pakistan. General Kayani became Army Chief of Pakistan at a crucial time when former President Pervez Musharraf was retired in 2007. During Musharraf's time Pakistan Army's Popularity was gone down but Kayani was successful in bringing back this Popularity and successful operations of Swat and South Waziristan where also done under him.

Big Lies of US About Situation in Afghanistan

US attacked Afghanistan 9 years ago with help of Nato Forces to start war against Al Qaeda and Afghan Taliban.  During these 9 years US used different tactics to defeat Afghan Taliban but they failed to do so and today after 9 year most parts of Afghanistan are under Afghan Taliban control. Thousands of US and Nato soldiers are killed during these 9 years in different Afghan provinces. US also used Mainstream media to justify its attack on Afghanistan and spoken many lies about Situation in Afghanistan. Today we are going to expose some major lies of US officials about Situation in Afghanistan.

1 First lie of US official is that they are able to reduce the strength of Taliban and Insurgency is reducing. The reality is that Taliban are as strong today as they where 9 years ago.
2 Another big lie of US is that Afghan Public wants US and Nato forces to stay is Afghanistan because they feel protected by their presence from Taliban. The reality is that Afghan Public is sick of War in Afghanistan and wants US to leave today.
3 Third big lie is that Air Strikes are weakening the Taliban. The reality is that these Air Strikes are killing most of civilians which is resulting in more hatred against US in Afghan Public.
4 Fourth big lie is that most of Afghan Public is against Taliban and likes Karzai Government. The reality is that most of Afghan Public supports Taliban and considers Karzai a US puppet.
5 Another lie is that Election in Afghanistan where credible and Afghan Public chosen Karzai as their President. Reality is that no fair Elections can take place in Afghanistan until US is present there.
6 Sixth Big lie is that Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI is funding and training the Taliban.