Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Unfortunately, I have to announce yet another hiatus. It turns out that summer school is currently kicking my butt. I'll be posting rather sporadically, which I'm none too happy about. But as it is, I most likely won't have a career writing about fashion, so I've got to focus on my classes so I can have a job in the future. I will try my best to update on weekends.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Yet another obsession

Ladies and gents, The Frocker is obsessed with shield sunglasses. They're flashy, yet they cover up most of your face -- great if you're going for the "Is that someone famous??" look. Check out this over-the-top Bulgari pair (at

I'm not a big fan of the Swarovski crystals on the side. What I really like about this pair is the way that the lenses look like they were cut from a diamond -- they look sharp enough to cut glass!

These ones from Armani Exchange are a) cheaper and b) way less dramatic. This next one is from, an awesome website with all sorts of designer goodies. It's a definite time-waster and drool-inducer.

(Georgio Armani)

(Photo credits:,,

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Art as Inspiration, part 1

I'm guessing some of you have heard of Piet Mondrian, right? If you don't know his name, I'm sure you know this painting:

As you can see, the two major points are bold, geometric lines and colors that pop--no pastels! Keeping that in mind, here are a few pieces that'll inject a little "Piet" in your life.

A dress or shirt that has exaggerated lines:
This is what we're looking for (Narcisco Rodriguez), but this is what is a little more realistic (J Crew dress):

(I love how the edging looks like it was drawn on with charcoal. What's more artsy than a sketch?)

A more literal interpretation:

Flats in a punchy color:

If you want to wear jewelry, try a lucite (or plastic) necklace like this one from Delia's:

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