Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The New Years Resolution Goals!!!

So this year has been one long growing pain for me. But I am now a stronger unit because of all of it and am finally at a point to see how necessary much of that pain and overcoming some insecurities has made me realize just how much more capable I am. Nothing like standing up to fear in the face and punching it out....So here are some Angel Lust resolutions...

1. Double the orders monthly they have been supporting me and paying my bills which is great for something that started and accessory line less than a year ago.
2. Get more wholesale orders.
3.Go to California to introduce the line in person to buyers
4. Throw more fancy trunk shows in fancy boutiques with catered cupcakes!!!
5. Finally get an awsome kick ass E commerce site up for ANGEL LUST...
6. More Gossip Girl appearances!!!
7. Get some headbands on the red carpet with Julia Allison wearing them on her pretty little head,get a mention on her blog and then some.
8. Work on some more little accessories.
9. Make some exclusive dresses just for me and if someone likes em that much they can get a private made to measure order.
10. Find a backer
11. Collaboration with other cool nice enthusiastic un-narcissistic designers.

Now for my personal non designer resolutions....I feel like I'm writing a personal business plan for my living situation.

1. More working out,more yoga!!!
2. keeping a cleaner house.
3. Getting a working studio in Brooklyn to make my designer mess in.
4. Learning how to cook more and actually doing it
5. Being more green and continuing to be thrifty.
6. Setting aside my Sundays for all day beauty rituals,and reading
7. Going on a vacation for a rejuvenating rest.
8. Attending every NYC show Paige Wood plays at.
9. Attending every designer showcase Erna Leon throws,she is so talented and the sweetest.
10. Splurging on a Mandate of heaven summer sun suit. FYI the lovely Carissa now has an online store for her original creations...

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Year's Eve

In my mom's culture, it is customary on New Year's Eve to clean the whole house so that the new year is started on a good note. So tomorrow (well, later today), I'll be watching Footballer's Wives -- the ultimate guilty pleasure -- and cleaning up. Taking this tradition less literally though, I'm going to take tomorrow as a day to take care of myself: bubble bath, pampering -- the whole nine. Considering I'm not a girly girl in the least, this should be interesting...

Anyway, I wish all of you a Happy New Year. And if you'll be out popping bottles like I wish I'd be doing, do yourself a favor: be safe and call a cab to get home!

P.S. Thank you all for reading my blog. You guys make it all worth it! :)

P.P.S. I know I've been having a lot of short text-only posts. I promise I'll be back to my usual picture-heavy posts in the new year.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Le Grand Sigh.

Oh, pretty bags,

Why must you tempt me?

From top to bottom: Marni printed tote bag, Donna Karan Modern Aries bag, Bottega Veneta Intrecciato shoulder bag, Anya Hindmarch Bowery bag.

All photos from

My New Years: caLLie cLine and Yabusaka

Happy New Year Shoe lovers! Yes, this is a combo post. It's about some sweet and sassy boots and a very gorgeous dress, keep reading for more...

The dress in question is the Divine dress by Callie Cline, which is only available at the Black Swan Sim, and the boots are the white boots from Yabusaka Loon of Yabusaka. The boots not only come various colors, although I really loved the color of the white, but they have options for removing the cute little charm.

Now that you know the subject of my affection, let me tell you some of the details. First off the Divine dress has some wonderful features. There are three different choices in skirt styles, with the mini, the long dress and then the extra full Bubble Skirt. With options that include different tops (with or without shrug) and gem color changing earrings, shrug broach, ring and bracelet this is a dress that doesn't disappoint. One of the very coolest things is that there are small colored gems on the bodice and back of the dress, which you can change the color of by simply editing your jacket layer with a tint!

What a great dress for a New Year's bash, and I swear the long version would make a perfect wedding dress. Visit Black Swan for the dress and Yabusaka for the boots!

Shown here is the divine dress in the other options available. Many many choices! Enjoy!

Other stuff: Hair Abyss (doll set) in picture 1 & 2 and ETD and Truth in picture 3, Skin Belleza, New Year's Tiara by Caroline's Jewelry

Friday, 26 December 2008

Over the Moon

A quickie but a goodie! I ran into Leeza Catteneo today and she was wearing the most adorable moon boots. She was kind enough to drop me the LM and off I went to scoop up a pair of these Moonboots from Blood Royal, a new (to me) store. Created by Emo Biedermann, the boots attach at foot and lower leg and are unisex with a resize script. I scaled mine down 10% on each part to get them to a slightly more feminine but still super stompy size. They come in a range of 6 colors and are really affordable priced at under 200 L a pair!

Get stompin' to Blood Royal for yours.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Hat/Hair by ::69::, Vest by COCO, Cardigan by En Svale, Black Ribbed Leggings by DP yumyum, Armwarmers by Maitreya.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

EIRIS Ladies Footwear at Styles of edo

A new partnership has blossomed in the Tyche home of Styles of edo headquarters, presenting the EIRIS Shoe Collection by HAYSURIZA. The first release includes 3 styles; a Classic Pointed Pump, a Cross Strapped Pump and an Ankle Strap Pump. They are dubbed 'Fashion Model Favorite' and I can certainly affirm that the use of traditional prims in these styles really agree with the fast rez rates needed for runway work. Each style is available in 8 slick shades. Releases will be coming at a steady pace so be sure to visit the Main Shop soon.

Special thanks to edo Tone for requesting to use my photography for some in store posters, I am very flattered. :)

Fussy: Fussy Boots

Tipped off by a friend of mine, I stumbled up the shoe shop of Fussy by Satomi Masukami. There are loads of shoe candy to take a look at and boots galore. I adored these Fussy Boots and the matching Fussy Handbag, which are available in several colors! I'll keep my rambling brief and just tell you to go take a look when you have some time. Visit Fussy InWorld.

Other Items: Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Top by Beauty Avatar, Undershirt & Gloves by Kyoot Army, bracelet by Zarra, Scarf by Artilleri, & glasses by PrimOptic.

Happy Holidays & Biddle Boots

It's never been a secret that Nessa is way more classier than I am. I mean case in point, take a look at our holiday cards...she's sophisticated and glam, and all the more creative I can get is to sit on Santa's chair in my panties...oh well, it's the cards I was dealt. :) Also, since I'm blabbing, I'd just like to show off my Biddles for a minutes, as in my Biddle Boots by Valentine Biddle. These are the red version of the Pirate boots as shown here. So a very Happy Holidays to all our Readers, and if you are waiting for Santa tonight, I hope he delivers just what you are wishing for! Check out Biddle Boots InWorld.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

New Muism Pirate boots

Last week Icemocolo from Muism dropped me his latest footwear in the form of the Pirate boots. At first I didn't know what to expect from them, considering they were classed as Pirate boots. I put them on and started to shoot, throwing on a few pieces from Muism for good measure as I always love the clothes from there, and I thought I would see what matches these boots.

I came up with this ensemble as seen below. The latest jeans release from Muism, the VSL jeans, in the damaged style, combined with one of my favorite items in the Yeti coats. Now the first thing that hit me as the sculpty shoes rezzed was the script messages coming on the screen. Now this is silent to others, so you needn't worry, but it is my only gripe with these boots, however that gripe was very soon minimalized when i clicked on the boots and saw the options available to customise the boots looks.
The options to customise the boot straps thus allow you to transform them to fit whatever outfit comes to mind. I like flexibility in clothes and shoes, it is one of the main attributes I look at when purchasing on a budget as being able to adapt for many different looks makes items seem to be much greater value for money and these boots are no exception. So if you are in the market for some nice boots, go and visit Muism and try these on today.

Muism mainstore

Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Holiday Wish

Tonight marks the beginning of Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights, for some of us. I just wanted to express my sincerest best wishes to all my friends, family & dear readers of 'On Your Toes' at this special time of year. You make it a pleasure to spend time in Second Life, and no matter which holiday you are celebrating, or even if all you are celebrating is great shoe shopping, please enjoy the season and appreciate the small moments with the people you care about. Here's hoping you find all the wonderful things you deserve, now and in the year to come. ~ Anessa

Special thanks to Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones for the beautiful Menorah, this lovely version and others can be found at her shop here. Other stuff; Skin by REDGRAVE, Hair by GuRL6, Gown by Lady Thera, Shoes by REDGRAVE, Earrings by Luc (Earthtones). Photo taken at Tempura Island.

Nutcracker Ice Queen Dreams

The Modern Nutcracker by angellustnyc

This winter wonderland holiday post is inspired by the nutcracker's charachter Marie and what she would wear in the modern day ballet of life walking through the ice cold romantic city today!!! The Belt is by Top Shop, the lower flowered head piece is from Jennifer Behr one of my favorite hair designers,That gorgeous unaffordable necklace is by Tom Binns and the ballet flats are by Repetto!!! I think that today Marie may not be sporting tiaras but rather subdued headbands made of crystal and feathers...However decadent over the top glammed out dresses definitely!!!

TMI with Angel Lust in Action

Julia Allison just contacted me again!!! Boy am I flattered since over a month ago when I saw her blog I immediately thought UM POSTER GIRL!!! Well look forward to me being featured on an upcoming episode in January about the headbands I make...I'm so excited for this. I love working with professional Girly Girls!!!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Molly Crabapple

So like do you ever like go out and get introduced to like this real cool girl and then you find out you've seen all her work because she's been hired by like the hottest club in NYC (THE BOX) to illustrate their hottest acts aka Justine Joli and The Porcelain Twinz. Well I did last night and her name is Molly Crabapple and this is her work!!!.

Butter Cream Babe

During these hard economic times many think it would be crazy to start your own business. I'm glad the folks at Butter Lane don't think so. They are the East Village's best and only cupcake makers. Organic cupcakes that is,they use the finest natural ingredients. I hear customers boast about how they are better than OMG don't say it "MAGNOLIA"!!! I've been waiting for at least 2 years for a cupcake making place to open and now I eat one every day. My recession diet is one cupcake a latte and crackers for dinner.

Butter Lane—In the heart of the East Village

123 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10009
212.677.2880 phone
212.677.2885 fax

For a good cause....

Hey all, this isn't a shoe post, but it is the time of year when we all reflect on the blessings we have and take the time to think more so of others, and besides that who doesn't need jewelry to go along with the awesome shoes we pair with our outfits??? So with that in mind I'd like to let you know about an event that wraps up tomorrow (December 20th) at 1pm.
Announcing the auction of four Random Calliope Limited Edition sets and one unreleased set.

The proceeds of this auction will assist two families who are facing unemployment during this Christmas season. Dig deep, bid generously, and take home a piece of Second Life history for your Christmas present. Bidding will be open through 1:00 PM SLT on Saturday, December 20 SLT at Random's WorthWhile Gallery in Ode.

The pieces that are available for auction span the length of Random Calliope's time in Second Life and show both his progression as an artist and his journey through Second Life. To read in depth about the pieces, please look at Pretty in Prims: A Retrospective of the Artful Visions of Random Calliope.

Items include: Spiral Dance which was inspired by Mae Best and released as a Limited Edition piece in August, 2005. The set consists of a necklace and earrings.

The Blonde Gatsby is a variation of The Gatsby which was created in honor of the opening of the Grand Ballroom in December 2005. The Grand Ballroom is now a part of the Crescent Moon Museum owned by Tayzia Abattoir and the Blonde Gatsby was the gift given to all the attendees of the rededication of the Museum in the fall of 2007. The set consists of bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

Passe Vuur, or Passion Flame, was inspired by Valadeza Anubis and released as a limited edition in May, 2006. The set includes bracelet, earrings, headpiece, and necklace.

Rendezvous made its debut as a limited edition in September, 2007. It is a truly exquisite piece that makes use of Random's traditional prim built diamond baguettes for the first time. The set includes bracelet, earrings, necklace, and ring (shown above).

Little Jimmy Brown is an unreleased set that was made at the same time Random created the one-of-a-kind Miss SL L’Oreal Paris 2007 Tiara. It is a beautiful combination of gold and diamonds that deserves to be placed around the neck of someone you truly cherish. The set includes a necklace and earrings.

Having these pieces come up for auction is truly a rare opportunity to own a piece of SL's culture created by one of its premiere citizens. None of these pieces have been available for over a year and it is hard to say if they will ever be available again. Do not miss this extraordinary chance to add to your Random Calliope collection and help two fellow SLers have a chance at a Christmas this year.

Bids can be made at the WorthWhile Gallery. In addition to this auction, 50% of the proceeds from purchases made at the gallery of Random's unlimited edition jewelry is donated to the Modest Needs charity, which assists people in short term financial need. This is an ongoing project, so always know that when you make a gift of a Random Calliope piece you not only make someone in SL happy but you are also helping people in real life communities throughout the United States.

For more information about this auction and Random Calliope jewelry, please contact Elizabeth Tinsley.

Visit the WorthWhile Gallery by Random Calliope.


and it feels so good.

My friend G brought my Alice Temperley x Target dress back. It's probably my favorite piece of clothing right now. So happy to have it back!

Friday, 19 December 2008

StyleCard: REDGRAVE Girls' Biker Boots

Sometimes a girl just needs a change of attitude, and today my attitude was inspired by a song and some great boots. The boots arrived by way of Viola Leigh, the talented little dynamo who is producing footwear at a breakneck rate lately... and don't I love it! The REDGRAVE Girls' Biker Boots are just about my favorite grunged up high heeled boot to date. Well worn leather is as sexy as ever in this well shaped boot, I love the unbuckled and flopped open upper boot with it's fleecy little lining. They are the type of boot you don't want to take off, I assure you, and the early reaction I got when wearing these was huge... a must have boot in the Black or Brown, and tempting in the additional shades; Caramel, Olive, Sand & White. My humble pal Jonny reviewed the men's version here. (click pics for biggie size.)

I styled it up with the new Bijou 'Vain' set, it has a hint of great military style and sculpted short pants under a system skirt/hooded jacket combo. I added my own touches, damaged fishnet stockings from Dutch Touch (part of PuK set), Cachet Gloves, and the Tweed Flat Cap from The Hat Shop. Skin is Redgrave and Hair is Maitreya. All poses are from Oberon's Trick, a great little find. Oh, and the song is this one here, catchy huh?

Get the hawt boots at Redgrave, like now.

Julia Allison is my Homegirl

So I've known who Julia Allison by name for years just because Gawker is constantly teasing her. I don't know why it took me so long to google her like last month. Her Web page is the cutest array of girly girl photos and vimeo casts. So I was super excited that she contacted me via Jessica Cutler last night because she wanted some headband couture. I got excited because she was going to wear it and she constantly gets her pick taken. Too bad I was swamped in orders or actually thank God I was since cash seems to be so sparingly these days.

Meet Julia from NonSociety on Vimeo.

Next time Julia!!! Just a couple of days in advanced lovely girl.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Pre-Fall Collections

Here are some looks from the Pre-Fall collections that I really liked.


There's something mesmerizing about this print. It's abstract, but it reminds me of a floral. I wish I could have this dress!

I hate the pants, but the sheer glittery camisole is tops. I can see this layered with another sheer top, or peeking out underneath a blazer.

Burberry Prorsum

I adore this look, from head to toe.

The only trench coat I've ever wanted. I think those are feathers...

This is the first time I've ever been interested in Burberry Prorsum. This collection has the perfect mix of edginess and wearability. I can honestly see myself wearing these looks head to toe, and I appreciate that. It's not that crazy looks don't have their place -- rather, they force you to expand the way you think about clothing -- but sometimes you just want a little "easy fashion."

I love Shop BLOWOUT SALE and Party!!!

Shop/ is having a blow out recession sale,all jewelry is 25% percent off while everything else is 40% to a whopping 75%!!! Tomorrow is there Holiday cocktail party filled with booze and cupcakes. The store jam packed with hot discounted shoes and designer goodies of all sorts... So come party!!!

Plus I bought a bunch of my Sparkly lace headbands in that where selling at about 300$ last year at Henri Bendel...You can now get them at SHOP at a serious discount the pricing is down to 60 dollars or 70$ and as well as some things being a little lower. They are great for New Years,especially with all the crystal embellishments!!! Look here..