Sunday, 30 September 2007

Kelly the Australian Illustrator du jour

Kelly has such a charming and romantic way of putting things together. I love the first picture above of Lindsay Lohan it is title appropriately "Why does it always rain on me?" If you take a look at her profile you'll have the privilidge of viewing more of her illustrative look that involves collaging and bambie paintings. Kelly is a photographer as well.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Party Crashing

My Charlie Gal Seduced my Eyes!!!

These works of art are by someone who calls herself MY CHARLIE GIRL!!! She's another incredible talent out of Australia. I tell you there is something in the water there that transforms young girls into stylista fashion art geniuses. What a seductive piece,so sultry and demure. My dream is to own a piece from each and everyone of these artist that I post on my blog.

One Fashionista Who is Talented Twice

Kelly Thomson is both a fantastic photographer and a superb illustrator. It's a great thing to be dually talented in the art of fashion. Judging by her work each talent vs. the other really influences the art of one another. To top it off she's also gorgeous , what can I say , some girls get all the luck. Now go look at her myspace page if you want to hire her or admire the eye candy of Kelly's work.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

A French Girl Who Styles for the Best!

Anabelle Jouot is a French stylist from Paris. She's styling for magazines after my own heart such as Oyster,Dazed and Confused,and Jalouse amongs others. Her work is beautiful paying attention to avant guard fashion,you can see the passion in her work. All of it is simply appetizing when it comes to any fashionista's obsession with get yourself noticed style.

Fashion from a Spainish Designer

I just found Gemma Degara an she has a stylish comfy line that doesn't stray from sexy or modern. I also love the silk screened graphics applied to most of the pieces. Ahhh designers all over the world creating their own little collections out of love. Its refreshing to know I'm not alone.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Geraldine makes the world more pretty!

I can't ever get enough of Fashion illustration,I'm so glad its making a come back,and mixt media pieces are my favorite. Fashion is somewhat superficial and I constantly struggle with that,but then i think about how as designers we add so much beauty to this world and excite the eye. Pretty entertains,and style is fun while high end fashion can be like architecture at time.

I want these bags in the slide show above,they are by Geraldine.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Twink Bomb

I've discovered a cool myspace page called Twink and there is a lot of cool stuff on her web site A variety of art,photography and modeling. For a collage of fashionable eye candy check her out,there is absolute inspiration fueling out of what ever it is she does.

More Australian Talent from Loveariel!

I've found another great artist from Australia. I need to really get to that part of the world and explore the art/fashion scene there in the flesh. It seems as if it is really a budding source for new design talent just like it is here in the East Village of NYC or the Marais in Paris. Take a look at more from the artist Loveariel!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Another Fashion Illustration

Wow I really do find the best fashion artist contributing to our visual world. This is one of them. Check out her page on myspace. I love Fashion and Sex combined. My two favorite things ever! Sometimes Insomnia is worth it when you run across stuff like this by Marguerite Savage.

Inspiration for the fashiona worthy

Just had to share this great inspirational illustration on myspace with you all.

Erotic America in Fashion

I'm all about seductive eye candy that lingers on in my night time dreams. I love Siege's work overall. Ok in all honest once in awhile I see something I don't get once a year. But he really has got technique and skill down when it comes to taking a picture. It all seems quite lustful and semi sacred for a work of art that is pornographic at times. Join in on the fun with he and his love Katie Wedlund. She'll decorate your face and dress you up in her love and Siege will let the camera to the talking while you strip,strut or more.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Dot and Shaynee Aussie Designers

Dot and Shaynee is an Australian label worth checking out and loving. It's girly and playful with a touch of the 60's vibe,but still have that clean modern touch going on. I guess they're kind of like the Mandate of Heaven where they are from in Australia!!!

Boutique for those down under!!!

I'm slowly working on business plan to take out a loan and start my own boutique. In essence this is what I've always wanted. I've been playing in fashion for years. And its been fun never having a real job. But I look forward to doing a fanciful place that provides fashionistas with fabulous new items near and far all over the globe. Lady is located in Australia and if I was there you can bet I'd be rummaging through the racks of these colorful frocks designed by Aussie girls. If you live there,get there and leave in style!!!

Aussie Fashion !!!

There seems to be so many incredible design work coming out of Australia. I wish we had more access to things that came from down under. I was really excited to come across designer Anna Campbell who creates sculptural pieces with excellent movement and intense detail using the most feminine fabrics and colors. Its great to see a designer with a modern feel that pays attention to approaching the female figure with the avant guard in mind. Basically I mean there are avant guard designers that basically design these pieces to make women look distorted and awful and Anna is clearly not one of them. Enjoy her work above.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Wardrobe Staples

Let's talk coats.

As much as you want to deny it, cold weather is coming -- and soon. Since you've got to get bundled up anyway, why not make a splash??

Californians and Floridians, please ignore the following. You just keep wearing your short shorts. Grr.

(P.S. - These coats are ridiculously expensive, so these pictures are more for illustrative purposes. But if you wanna drop 3 thou on a coat, be my guest!)

All by Rick Owens, except the white Burberry cropped trench.

Photo creds:

Labels, labels, labels

Ladies and gents,

The Frocker is on a designer jag. My current wishlist:

- LG Prada phone (It's touch screen just like the iPhone, but it came out first! It's also over $500...oof.)

- Missoni scarf

- Stella by Stella McCartney eau de parfum


Wednesday, 19 September 2007


I'm not big on or even a fan of celeb designers. However if I had to choose the better of the bunch I'd pick Jovovich-Hawk's line along side L.A.M.B by Miss No Doubt Gwen Stefani and maybe (but not really), Sienna Miller's twenty eight twelve. Let's not kid ourselves I highly doubt any of these gal's are sitting down with their sketch pads scribbling away ideas,or for that matter have a clue how to drape. I willing to believe if any of them have a clue to what a design process is,it would be Jovovich-Hawk. Anyway We're just curious to your thought's and ideas...

Fashion Mag du jour!

So while perusing my fashion account on myspace I came across this French Mag that involves urban street culture avec la mode!!! Check out the online site for WAD MAG , it's like a fashionista playground online...

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Hayley Star

I promise to tell more in the future but for now here is a taste of Hayley Star's Artwork. I love her nymph like creatures she creates. She is a multi talented artist/designer no doubt!!!

Soon to be featured....

Keep an eye out for the next KITTEN MAG or maybe 2 next. A stylist stopped by today to grab some things from Angel Lust my line of creation. My site needs to be updated so badly.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Calling everyone, be a MODEL !!!







Saturday, 15 September 2007

Mandat of Heaven !!!

The lovely Carissa Outdid herself this time with her cozy indie fashion show that took place in a private hidden house and garden on St. Marks Street. Paige Wood was present .Paige played the guitar as friends modeled Mandate of Heaven creation's through the residence. This was truly a treat to be a part of. All in all Carissa does unique vintage rock and roll pieces inspired by the 60's and has great friend's that help her push her garments into downtown NYC!!!

You can bet these pieces will be flying off the racks at Patricia Field's. Remember everything is one of kind so be sure to hop on it if you really want one.

Beautiful Clothes from Designers You've Probably Never Heard Of: NY Fashion Week

Carlos Miele


Douglas Hannant


All photos from