Friday, 31 August 2007

Mandate of Heaven Showcase

You'll want to see this!!! Trust me...

Bubble Gum Pop Culture!!!

This is total pop culture art. Artist Jason Kronenwald create portraits of pop culture icons from bubble gum placed on plywood backing. Mixing colors is created by chewing gum. No dyes,no painting. These portraits are so fab I think I could even stand owning the one of a certain over done heiress.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Hey all you fashionistas out there!!! I know everyone is very excited for fashion week. Waiting to see who will trip and fall flat on their face at like the Heatherette show, Who will win the CFDA award, and who will wear the most hideous thing that will make it on to GO FUG YOURSELF!!! Anyway if you don't have access to the tent or any of the hot parties just check back with me for updates and definitely look at for your daily upkeep on the scene. My virtual pal Justin Hyte passed the link over to me and I am loving it!!!

Monday, 27 August 2007

Designer Contast Opportunity!!!

If you are a young hopeful broke designer then I suggest you look here for hope at Fashion Indie!!! all I'm gonna say it someone will send you a packet of materials, you create the runway look. Should you win you will get some great press and 2000 bucks to further your dream!!! I mean it kids, DON'T WASTE TIME!!!

Kell Cutrone tells NYLON all!!!


People's Revolution's founder gears up for Fashion Week.

Public relations reps get a bad rap. People’s Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone, however, calls herself the Mother Teresa of the avant-garde, championing the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Agent Provocateur, Alexandre Herchcovitch, and Jeremy Scott. With fashion week on the horizon, we caught up with Cutrone to find out who she’s got her eye on.

What made you want to start People’s Revolution?
I already owned a pretty significant, prototypical PR company called Cutrone & Weinberg, which turned into Untitled, probably the largest management company in the country. But I can’t help myself because when I see something really good, I want to tell other people about it! So when I sold my first company and started People’s Rev, I decided that I wanted to make a company of the future—I told everybody fashion is the new rock and roll! I wanted a PR company that told the truth versus cheer-leaded, represented only things that I really believed in. It’s all very idealistic. I mean, the name itself, People’s Revolution, means the world will change when we change ourselves.

You’ve said that the designers you represent “express a message greater than just clothing.” Can you elaborate?
I’m really about communicating and about art. I couldn’t care less about Calvin Klein or Donna Karan. I mean, not that they’re not important brands, but I don’t understand what the message is. So I tend to find clients in a very narcissistic way. I’m into the underdogs and the periphery and the progressive. I’m like the Mother Teresa of the avant-garde. I really love Jeremy Scott because he’s a capitalistic pop artist. When I was 21 I married Andy Warhol’s protégé, Ronny Cutrone, and I was raised in a circus-like atmosphere in New York by the Warhol family, and Jeremy seemed to me like a modern-day Andy. He’s a visionary and taps into things that are iconic and translates them into a multi-tiered message.

Who are your personal favorite designers?
I mean, today I’m wearing Citizens of Humanity jeans, a pair of Old Navy—oh no—Target flip-flops, a Gap shirt, no makeup, and I haven’t combed my hair. But I like a lot of stuff: On the expressive, neo-pop side I really love Jeremy. On the kind of quirky/structural side, I love Westwood and Herchcovitch; On the minimal side, which is how I tend to buy and dress, I’m really into Margiela and Yohji [Yamamoto], and on the embellished side I’m into Sabyasachi.

You broke the fashion week tent record for most shows produced in 2002…
On the first anniversary of September 11th, no one wanted a show on this day, so we took every timeslot. We did Alexandre Herchcovitch, Rachel Comey, As Four, Jeremy Scott, Pat Fields. We literally had all three tents going twice! We were like, “We’re the People’s Revolution, and we refuse to grieve on a day like today. We’re gonna celebrate life and beauty.” At the end of the day, PR is really a service business, so you really have to want to serve!

What shows are you looking forward to this Fashion Week?
My favorite show is going to be watching my daughter go to her first day of kindergarten—to see if she wears Sonia Rykiel Enfant or J Crew! I’m always looking forward to Jeremy Scott in Paris, because I get to offend large groups of French people! I’m always looking forward to Herchcovitch, Grey Ant, and Sabyasachi ’cause I’m in love with him. He’s so brave for an Indian designer. And Andrew Buckler. He’s amazing—like if Diesel and Paul Smith f*cked and had a kid, it would be Andrew Buckler.

What else is in the works for People’s Revolution?
We’re going to do a Melvin Sokolsky retrospective, who is one of my favorite great photographers. We’re launching a clothing line with Marisa Ribisi (Giovanni’s sister, and she’s married to Beck) called Whitley Cross, and I’m gonna be in the D.J. booth with Beck! We’re also doing Nicky Hilton’s Chick line in Paris. I mean, I love all the shows we work on, I really do.


Wardrobe Staples

As you probably know, flat black boots have been in for a while and continue to prove themselves useful. Old news, right?

So why a post on this? Well, maybe now you're ready for a new pair. (Perhaps patent leather? Or perforated leather? There are endless choices!) Or, if you're like me, your favorite flat black faux suede boots (impractical, I know) were ruined in a freak hailstorm that lasted ALL DAY -- I like to call that "The Tragedy of Winter '06-'07".

Here are a few choice pairs:

Donya boot, $39.50 from Comes in black and white.

Ryder boot, $42.50 from Faux suede. Side zipper. Can be worn over the knee.

Leather, with gold detail. Stella boot, $248.00 from

Gray suede (I know, I know, it's not black. Close enough!!). Birkin boot by Bettye Muller, $570.00. (These had better be magic boots...) from

Leather pull-on boot. Brewster Leather Low Boot, $168.00 from

I think my favorites are the J Crew boots. Sure, they're not the cheapest of the bunch, but they're leather, a classic shape (the tough look for boots will always be in; all that changes is the clothes you wear them with), and they look pretty sturdy. I walk on campus all the time, and it would be nice to have shoes that I can actually wear in the rain...

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Crazy Neighbor!!!

You know you're bat sh*t crazy when your neighbor is an acclaimed sexpert who constantly let's you know against your own will. Grant Stoddard does this to me on a daily basis. In return I make fun of him and play the part of a nutcase child on amphetamines because that's the nature of my personality he brings out in me. Anyway I'm really into his book right now "Working Stiff" it is cracking me the f*ck up in every sentence. A boy who has gone to leather camp,attended orgies,and participated in sploshing,has the British nut sack to call me crazy!!!??? But back to him. This book will make your spirits rise and enter into the strange world of NYC sex that both perplexes and amazes the rest of the free world. He constantly makes fun of himself which I love because I make fun of him all the time so this reassures me he likes it. So go out and show your support sickos, and buy it today,it's already on sale at Amazon!!!

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Glam circus!!!

My friend Carissa Couch just forward me a great new web site of her friend's T-shirt and jewelry line...There is more but you'll have to see for yourself,at GLAM CIRCUS. In any case I'm gonna buy this T shirt and pair it with some dusty rose leg warmers this fall.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Art as Inspiration, part 2

Thought that kimono-inspired tops (like the one above) and dresses were a recent trend?

You'd be wrong. (Take a peek at the lady at the left.) *sigh* The Frocker so should have been an art history major.

Photo credits:, (respectively)

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Battle of the it girl project???

Oh Raquel where did you go!!! This chick has Heatherette written all over herself. I knew her from working at At Patricia Field's and then one day turned to her page and realized she had like a gazillion Friends? The girls got fascination.

Pony,Ponellie ..... We love her because she touches our hearts not with just excellent style but with intellect and grace. She's no trust fund baby by far. She's Edie minus the damage. Pony is my muse, my protegee and little angel girl wrapped in Vintage and designer duds while splitting time between attending Princeton, and partying at TRASH!!!

And little miss Cory Kennedy I don't know you but the rest of the world with a computer seems too. And please just remember the world may feel like "We Don't need another "IT GIRL"!

Tip Toe to Sexy!!!

Check it!!! My girl Candace Ang is expanding her jewelry line to ballet flats. Starlets everywhere will be wearing them and be taking all the new found credit. However they'll be full of it because you'll have them first as soon as you buy a pair here!!!