Sunday, 30 May 2010

Couture Shows '10

So I could have sworn I had already written this post, but I think something happened to Blogger... whatever. Here we go!

Highlights: Nudes and blacks, sheer, feathers and ruffles.

I must say, Givenchy couture is not the same as most couture collections. To me, it seems more like ready-to-wear. It lacks the ostentatious theatricality (Gleek shout-out! Ha.) that you may see at, say, a Dior show. Still, the drama is there -- there's nothing subtle about a lace jumpsuit or a dress with a heavily ruffled, ombre train.

By the looks of it, sheer fabrics and lace aren't going anywhere for now. That cape is pretty awesome, isn't it? Finally, I think you'll recognize that last dress; Zoe Saldana wore it.

Highlights: Rolled up sleeves, open-toe boots, LOTS of sequins

Despite all those aforementioned sequins, there's still a boyish air about this collection, which probably comes from the blazers, button-downs and pants. Before you say "well, duh," think about it: those three pieces aren't always masculine. Here, though, they are. There is, however, a sense that the masculinity is tempered by fabric choices -- a silk or satin pant, sequins thrown on top of everything...

And just look at that dazzling shirt on the right. It's making my corneas hurt... in a good way.

Highlights: Serious shine, subtle horizontal stripes, a cool palette, major jewelry.

Inspired by the moon, this collection captured the silvery light, coolness and mystery of the night. (Ha, how corny did that sound??) But really, it all makes perfect sense when you look at the collection.

Here, we have a full moon... not the kind that involves dropping your pants. But anyway, back to the dress. The neck part seems kind of uncomfortable, but this is definitely an attention-grabber. Definitely the classic type of couture.

The last outfit is, I think, one of the more clever interpretations of the moon theme. In the suit jacket, you get just a sliver of silver -- say that three times fast -- representing the crescent moon, which is echoed softly directly below in the skirt. You wouldn't necessarily think it had anything to do with the moon if you saw it alone, but in either context (inside the collection, or standing alone), it's still beautiful, classic, and quite wearable.

And finally, we come to Alexis Mabille, who... decided to dress Two-Face's wife?? Jokes aside, it actually looks pretty cool. Would you ever consider mismatching your shoes like they did here? I suppose I would, if the shoes looked similar and the colors actually went with my outfit... It's hard to pull this look off without looking like a clown, don't you think?


Time is Running Out!

Think you are TOO SEXY? Well, if you've got it, flaunt it!

We want to see if you have what it takes to be the next cover model and centerfold of Too Sexy Magazine, and become a regular model in our modeling pool for each edition!

It's easy to enter, all you have to do is submit a sexy picture of yourself in a swimsuit to the Too Sexy Flickr group. Make sure it's tagged "Cover Model Contest."

Flickr Group:

The deadline for ALL submissions is Friday, June 4, 2010, so get those cameras out and get to snapping some sexy photos! The winner and runner-up photos will be announced and published in the swimsuit edition of Too Sexy Magazine, due out in July. One male and one female will be chosen by the editors and publishers to be on the cover of the fall issue of Too Sexy and become a regular model in the Too Sexy modeling pool!

Good Luck, and here are the rules!

Grazia aime Easy Fashion ...

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

Après celui de Teen Vogue, Easy Fashion figure en bonne compagnie dans le "Tour du Monde" (click!)
des meilleurs blogs de Street Style de avec cette photo de Louise / Miss Pandora.
Merci à Annabel Laso ! (et merci Chloé de me l'avoir signalé !). C'est gentil ! Je n'ai pas beaucoup
de contact avec les magazines français d'habitude ... Mais je connais la version Allemande de Grazia.
Les filles du service photo sont très sympas et nous travaillons ensemble de temps en temps.
Bon les filles ! C'est quand vous voulez pour vos photos de Steet Style sur Easy Fashion !
Bonne journée à toutes et à tous


Pour voir la page Grazia, cliquez à droite dans la rubrique "Easy Fashion featuring in ..." ou sur
le lien dans le texte ...

Makeup Artist Portfolio Advice

Lee Pycroft is introducing us in this video to her very own Makeup Artist Portfolio as well as offering insights on presentation and thoughts to consider when choosing your images.

She has worked as a makeup artist in the beauty and entertainment industry for over 15 years and counts numerous high-profile celebrities among her clients. She has worked for titles from British Vogue, Glamour, Marie Clarie, Instyle, Tatler, Grazia and Vanity Fair formulating directional fashion looks and is regularly quoted in the media for her opinions on makeup techniques and styles. Celebrities, Sienna Miller, Diane Krugar, Elle MacPherson and Naomi Watts, and Jessica Biel are just some of the faces Lee has worked with creating Red Carpet looks and magazine shoots.

Some of the images from her portfolio:

After finishing my professional training in Fashion Photography Makeup I started testing (working free of charge) with an array of photographers in order to build my portfolio. Back then I wish I had had a makeup artist mentor to guide me on how to put my first portfolio book together.

Whilst most of my portfolio consists of published beauty and fashion editorials I have also included the occasional image from tests, where I have been able to experiment with makeup applications and added looks I felt I was missing in order to get more contracts.

Till this day I test with skilled and talented photographers, agency represented models and inspiring stylists in order to keep my portfolio fresh, on trend and creatively interesting and surprising. Having once overheard a very famous photographer say “the moment you stop testing you lose your true soul and creative depth as a photographer” I shall always make room for creative tests that will add value to my portfolio.

There are some standard sizes in the fashion industry for portfolios. Hair, Makeup and Fashion Stylists usually use 9”x12” or 11”x14” pages and photographers often use 11”x14” or 14”x17”. This requires special books designed for the industry and an extra cost to have photo labs print to these special size, so it's expensive.

My portfolio is a standard 11”x14” in black leather with my company name and website embossed in silver on the cover from House of Portfolios in New York (they ship to Dubai). The black sleeves of my portfolio are removable as I do replace them from time to time to keep them looking clean and professional without any scratches.

Images which I have received in digital form from Photographers and Editors I resize/crop using Photoshop to fit in my book in order to then have them printed at ProLab in Al Quoz.

Following are a couple of Do’s and Dont’s I have learnt over the years from fellow makeup artists or agencies I have dealt with.


- Pick only your very best photos, if you think something is only so-so good don’t put it in your portfolio. You will be judged by your worst image.

- Place your very best image in the front and the second best image at the end (if possible), i.e. make a first and last strong impression.

- Have a surprise image every now and then to keep viewers alert and awake.

- Develop a good flow to your portfolio order (like a well told story).

- Images should fit the entire sleeve and be the same size, the only exception to this will be your tear sheets (your work carefully cut out of a magazine).

- If you have "editorial-stories" consider an even number of pictures (2, 4, 6 etc.), so that these pages can be shown facing each other to keep the flow.

- Two images facing each other should look good together ... consider color, lighting, subject matter and mood.

- Consider more than one portfolio ... I have one fashion/beauty/editorial portfolio and another that is commercial/lifestyle. I have both types of clients and they each like to see work that relates to what they are doing. Too many types of work in one portfolio, may put a client off. It's up to you to decide what works in your market. For instance, having a really high fashion/editorial portfolio might not get you any work with people who shoot Hotel or DIY shop advertisements, but if you have a strong portfolio showing that you can do their type of makeup then they would be more likely to consider you for work, eliminating the fear of you overdoing everything and not staying consistent with their image.


- Don’t split editorials apart trying to make it look as though you have had more editorials published than true. You are most likely showing your portfolio to skilled professionals, they can spot such cheats.

- Don’t pick an image that demonstrates your makeup great but is otherwise a poor photo, pick only images that are overall great, viewers will judge you on the image overall not only on your makeup. Most people cannot separate your good work from something negative about the image.

- Don’t leave empty pages, remove any extra empty sleeves

- Don’t put any images sideways, all images should face the viewer. Have horizontal shots blown up to fit across two pages like a magazine centerfold if the fold does not fall across a face, or have it printed vertically with a white or black border across the top and bottom.

Please feel free to add any portfolio advice in the “comments” section, I would love to hear your Do's and Dont's or any other advice you have.

Video and Photo Credit:

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Shoes With Spice

Zaara Kohime has released her first shoes, exotic and beautiful as anything else we would expect from the talented Zaara designer. The footwear, called Ilaida Mojri, are a traditional Indian style leather casual with beautiful detail and sensational color. The shoes come in spicy brights and satisfying neutrals, all with color accent options for the top portion of the shoe and choice of gold or silver metallic trim.

The Ilaida shoes represent something that is pretty rare in SL footwear today, a flat casual shoe with character that knocks many simple ballet flats out of the ballpark. These shoes will be comfortable with more traditional Indian looks, your favorite casual clothing, or to add a pop of delicious color to any summery dress.

Visit Zaara to see the full color range, enjoy!

The stuff;

Zaara, Ilaida Mojri, Grape.

Skin: LeLutka, LOLA, Suntan Makeup 6D (hairbase) & Orange Lipstic.

Hair: Lamb, Lost, Kit Kat.

Dress: LeLutka, Marta Dress, fuchsia.

Accessories: Earthstones, Bali Hoops (Amber) & UZURI, Zamani Bangle (Silver) & Zaara, Kashiti Bobble Ring (Amythest).

Pose: Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer.

(click on images to see detail.)

Think silk!

את השמלה הזו העשוייה משי מצאתי בארון הבגדים של אמי. כמו רבים וטובים מבגדיה גם היא נשמרה מתוך מחשבה שיבוא יום בו אחת מבנותיה תעשה בה שימוש הולם. לעתים קרובות כאשר אני נשאלת על מקורו של פריט כזה או אחר מתוך מלתחתי, התשובה "אמא" מרימה כמה גבות. גם אני עצמי מתפלאת לעתים על כך שאמי, אשר לבושה כיום מתאפיין במראה קלאסי מאד, היתה לא מזמן מתלבשת נועזת. אמי חיה בצעירותה מספר שנים בניו יורק, שם התחדד טעמה האופנתי ויחד עמו גבר גם העניין במעצבי אופנה. שמלה זו של המעצבת פלורה קונג נקנתה בניו יורק אי שם בשנות ה80, אך בזכות האורך האלגנטי, הצבעים העזים, הקשירה במותן, השרוולים, כריות הכתפיים והבד המופלא אני מוצאת אותה רלוונטית ביותר גם היום.
המותג פלורה קונג הוקם באמצע שנות השמונים ע"י פלורה קונג, ניו יורקרית ממוצע סיני. משלא מצאה בדים לטעמה, החלה ליצור בעצמה את ההדפסים ושילובי הצבעים עבור בדי המשי שלה. ואכן הייחוד של בגדיה נובע בעיקר מצבעוניות הבדים הכה נעימים למגע. כאן תוכלו לצפות באחת הבלוגריות היותר משובחות לובשת וינטג' פלורה קונג. בקרוב צפויים לככב פה עוד פריטים מבית פלורה קונג, הפעם כאלה שרכשתי בעצמי.

שבוע טוב לכולם!

photos by Daniel Alejandro Romano

I found This lovely silk dress at my mom's closet. Like many of her clothes, she kept it many years, knowing one day me or my sister would give it some love. My mom is now a very classic dresser, thus it always surprising to find such colorful garments in her closet. She lived in NY for a few years, there she became more aware of fashion and developed a growing interest in fashion designers. This dress by Flora Kung was bought in the 80's but thanks to it's elegant length, live colors, puffy sleeves and the amazing silk I find it very relevant even today.
Flora Kung, Chinese New Yorker, founded Flora Kung in mid 80's, but had trouble finding the fabrics and colors she wanted. Thus ended up drawing all her prints and mixing her own colors and had them reproduced in silk. Here you can see one of my favorite bloggers wearing vintage Flora Kung. Coming soon more Items by Flora Kung, this time things I bought myself.

azfar ?

saye bersamaan kawan-kawan gay saye, ahha ! :) pergi berjalan-jalan, selepas saye break dgn #5%&*, saye terserempak dgn org muke mcm dye, saye berkate, eh ?? mcm ?? -whatev. da la ketinggian pun lebih kurang kan ? mesti la saye musykil, mungkin saye angau lg kot !  yang paling penting setiap kali saye pergi mane-mane mesti saye rase mcm tu. dekat masjid pun, ahha. :)

pesanan penaja : saye blk lewat mlm haritu, abah saye marah sebab saye asyik membeli baju dan seluar sahaja ! ngoi. :))

Friday, 28 May 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture, Part 2

A few more detail shots from JPG's couture showing.

I wonder if they'll sell that leg brace? With a little bit of effort, you could probably actually DIY this... the only thing is, I think leather is tough to sew through. Also, look at the shoes... they're like mary jane cowboy boots! Weird, but cute.

Gosh, I want all the jewelry on this model's arm. Note to self: Find a shoulder brace...

Grass bag!

The amount of folding in this corset is just...insane. It's so beautiful though -- the pattern made by the folds is mesmerizing.

More armor.


Hugo & Nini - Beaubourg - Paris

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

"I am a Designer-Stylist.
My look is spontaneous.
I love Smiles & Cats. I hate negativ People.
My message: Hapiness and smiles are more important
than money !"
All my outfit vintage except my hat by CA4LA (Japan)
Perfume: "Black" by KENNETH COLE

"I am a Make-Up Artist for Fashion
My look is "Brigade du Tigre".
I love modesty. I hate stupidity".
I wear a shirt by H&M
Black jeans by MARC JACOBS
Boots and Bag are vintage
Perfume: "Blanc" by LALIQUE

Nadia - Etienne Marcel - Paris

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

"I work as Account Back Office Assistant
For me Fashion is to claim your own personality
My look is casual-trendy
I love Music. I hate Christophe Mae (french singer).
If I had € 1000, I would buy plenty of jeans !
My message to the world: Every day, have fun to the max !"
I wear a jacket and jean's by MISS SIXTY
T-Shirt and Shoes from a little shop.
Sunnies by RAYBAN
Perfume by ESCADA
how did you come up with the name of your blog Besides fashion; art, music, photography and literature are a big part of my life. The fact that my blog name has the word "canvas" in it kinda gives me the freedom to blog about anything I want because it´s "my canvas" and since fashion is what I love the most "Fashion Canvas" seemed like a good name. It´s pretty straight forward but I love it. when where you introduced to fashion My mom was always into fashion and the latest trends so I guess I grew up being surrounded by the atmosphere of style. Also my grandmother was and still is extremely sophisticated and always took care of her appearance. She would always put on her brooch, jewelry, chalecos and that´s how I slowly learned to put together my own outfits. I remember my mom having this huge walk-in closet (think Carrie Bradshaw) and when she would leave the house I would go in there and try things on. I remember begging my mom to take me with her when she was going around the designer stores. As a chid/young teenager I went through so many phases.. I had my punk-rock phase, my R&B girl phase and even my prep/snob phase. It´s almost embarrasing to look at my childhood photos haha. As I became older my style developed a lot and I learned to express myself through my clothes. how do you describe your style I never feel comfortable answering this question because it´s hard to describe my style or anyones style for that matter. I think that even though my style can change from day to day or week to week I´ll always stick to what I love the most. Mixing edge, femininity and sophistication. For example a pair of biker boots with a floral dress and an oversized blazer. I also love jewelry because it adds a really personal feel to an outfit. I think that mostly I love things that are unique and different in their own way, that´s why vintage is always good! Fashion should be a form of art, you should be able to really express yourself through your clothes. For example I´v got these few necklaces and rings that i wear every single day and they have such sentimental value to them that I feel like if I wouldn't be wearing them I would loose a part of who I am. I guess you could say that my style is imperfectly perfect. Slightly ripped and worn out clothes have so much more character behind them than a brand new pair of jeans for example. My clothes become a part of me and my personality. For example: the studded Zara bag that I wear every single day has "been" through so much with me because wherever I go the bag goes with me, it´s part of me on a day-to-day basis. As opposed to this sequin dress of mine that only gets worn on really special occasions and so it gets to "experience" the sentimental and unforgettable moments in my life. what made you start a fashion blog I just decided to do it one day. I never knew that blogging was such a global thing. I always knew that if I would blog it would be about fashion because it is my art. In the beginning when no-one even read my blog I used it as an online storage of inspiration. I would then come back every week and review what I had posted. It is so hilariouslooking back at my very first posts and thinking about how much I have learned and changed throughout the time. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I think that every single blog out there brings something fresh and exciting to the fashion world. I dedicate way too much time and effort into my blog,so it has became like a daily job for me. I seriously feel nostalgic when I haven't posted for a day! What I appreciate so much about the blogging world, is that every single blog out there offers something new and exciting. Even if it´s a tiny thing. I am one of the few blogs who doesn´t really take part in posting outfits that I wear, but I think that even so I can keep a reader interested. I like things that are different and would appeal to someone in different ways. I have good research skills so I always try to look at new sources for blogging material. I also keep it quite personal by posting my photography and styling projects. how is your style different than everyone else I was born in Moscow, brought up in Belgium and lived in Spain for over 4 years now. Meanwhile i´v done a lot of travelling. I guess that because of my very cultural background I take a little bit of every culture I see and it becomes a part of me and that part becomes visible in my style. I love shopping at Zara and H&M just like every other girl out there but by adding vintage pieces and unique jewelry I manage to stay quite unique. I love visiting flea markets and finding really amazing one of kind pieces. I also love DIY´ing items. Ripping T-shirts, leggings, sewing buttons onto blazers, studding shoes,bags etc. who is your inspiration I am, naturally, inspired by the Olsens, Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Chloe Sivigny, models-of-duty etc and Atlanta De Cadenet. But I think most of my inspiration comes from streetstyle and everyday people who I see and meet on a daily basis. My mother and sister are incredibly stylish so being surrounded by them everyday means that I´m bound to get inspired. And of course my daily inspiration also comes from bloggers. I read about 40 blogs a day that NEVER fail to inspire me. Besides that, I turn to books,art and music or movies such as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Dreamers, etc for inspiration what impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog? It sounds cliché but I just want them to have a really great day because they just found inspiration to make their day complete

Yanh - Etienne Marcel - Paris

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

"I am a Vegetal Sculptor Artist
For me Fashion is a Clothe Code.
My look is basic. I love Flowers, I hate people being late".
I wear a vintage cardigan
Jean's 501 Levi's
Made to mesure shoes
Vintage hat
My motorbike is a MOTOBECANE
50 CC 2 speeds (1939)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

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