Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009


HAIR: $1 - GOVIL moon brown black (brown shown - other colors available) -

SKIN: $10 hunt item gift #5 - Oceane's Christmas surprise - 5 - LIMITED TIME -


POSE: non-free {SMS} & Genira


HAIR: $1 - tomoto, (t, humanoide - OKAPPA noir) New Year Fair - L$1hairs -

SKIN: $3 - :::Dimbula Rose::: Jewel Dew_New year gift skin - from M.O.C.H.A. -

CLOTHING: Dilly Dolls Coffin Hunt - Look for 8 coffins in store. Same outfit with different color accents. Nice for guys. - $0/coffin -

SHOES: $35 (red, white, & black version in pack) - :=:Ryouta Works:=: - :=:RW:=: Simple Pumps -

POSE: BP* nazo poses xD - in box under tree -

-----------------------------------NEW RELEASES-------------------------------------

Latest releases from Inga Wind Clothing.
Inga Wind Clothing store:
Inga Wind Clothing blog:

*IW* Sadie:

IW Sadie
(Skin: Redgrave, Hair: Maitreya, Eyes: Dernier Cri & Poetic Colors, Necklace: Pink!, Pose: *OYAKIN*, Location: Edo Japan)

*IW* Dayana

IW Dayana
(Skin: MiaSnow, Hair: Maitreya, Eyes: Ashes to Ash's, Lashes: ALB, Poses: SM & SP, Location: *Cutie Honey* Winter Instillation - Busan Korea Store)

Nardcotix for the New Year!

A couple of quick hits from Nardcotix today, hard to believe that this is my final post for 2009! Nardya Rousellot has just released a fantastic basic pump in 20 great shades and there is a special pre-release of the Nuria MaryJanes to accompany a great look from DCNY Clothing Co. too!

The Nuria MaryJanes (in Black & White) were sent to me for a peek weeks ago, and I had forgotten all about them until I was shooting some ads for DCNY, they were a perfect match with the new outfit so I contacted Nardya to release the preview pair at the DCNY Store today, to correspond with the release of the Madelene Outfit. Yay!

Also, responding to a special request from a customer, Nardya has released the Rebekah Pumps, a simple and perfect heel, in 20 gorgeous colors. You get both a colored heel and a black heeled version of the shoes in each pack, 2 pairs for the price of one, fantastic! You can find these goodies at the Nardcotix Main Store located here.

Have a fantastic New Year's Eve, and don't forget to visit DCNY to get the Nuria Shoes, additional colors will be made available soon, but for now the only place to get them is at the DCNY Main Store on Xalapa, here.

The Stuff:

Look 1 - Skin: LeLutka, Hair/Hat: Maitreya, Outfit: DCNY Clothing Co., Ring: Donna Flora.

Look 2 - Skin: LeLutka, Hair Pieces: booN (custom modified), Dress/Tights: Oyakin for Designers United, Earrings & Ring: Donna Flora.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A Little Housekeeping

Not that you'd be cleaning house in any of these outfits... I just had a few left-over collages I hadn't posted.

This is a little on the "boring, basic black" side, but I can't really say I don't like it.

I would never have expected clothes like this from Versace, so funky, so... young. Love the prints.

Seriously, this is the first Chanel collection in which I liked at least 50% of the looks. The bags from this show were ridiculously cool.

That second outfit is awesome, in make-you-cross-eyed kinda way.

Photos from, obviously.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Some LeLutka and Designers United

Today LeLutka designer, Minnu Palen, sent over the updated footwear collections first seen on the LeLutka ULTRA Runway. The Saffron Pumps and the Shavon Ankle Boots have both been seen on this blog before, but now I have the full range of colors to play with, and there are just so many, particularly in the Saffrons, that I could never really show them all... you will need to go see these for yourself.

The Saffron Pumps are those super tall stilettos with the built in platform for an extra high punch. They come in an amazing number of colors you will have a very hard time choosing between; Neutrals, Soft Colors, Two-toned and Electric brights. I even mixed and matched my brights to suit the amazing Dada Aurelia leggings from the set available for a limited time from Designers United.

Designers United was really the fashion source for much of what you see in this post, the colors and quality seemed to pair so well with this footwear. The corset of the incredible Veschi creation, Veschi-ville by Alla Ruff, pairs perfectly with the two-toned Saffrons in Terracotta and Brown. Moving on to the Shavon boots, I simply could not resist this fabulousness from Runo Runo, '5 Minutes to Curtain', and the Pearl leather boots seemed a great match.

Finally, my long romance with corsets emerged and I grabbed up this beautiful 'Dancer by Day' Dress from Twosome. Instead of the long bustled skirt it came with, I chose the ruffled pantalettes that are meant to be worn under the Vaudeville Dress by Oyakin, to go with the amazing Olive shade of the ankle boots.

Visit LeLutka for Footwear (release on 12/29) and Designers United for Fashions.

The Stuff;
All Footwear - LeLutka
All Skins - LeLutka Estelle (Sunkissed & Light)

All Hair & Hair Pieces - booN

All Poses - EverGlow

Look 1 - !DADA! 'Aurelia' for Designers United, Accessories by U&R Dogs.
Look 2 - Runo Runo '5 Minutes to Curtain' for Designers United, Ring by U&R Dogs.
Look 3 - Veschi 'Veschi-ville' for Designers United, Hosiery by Battered Boudoir.
Look 4 - Twosome 'Dancer by Day' & Oyakin 'Vaudeville Dress' both for Designers United, Earrings by Paper Couture, Garter Socks by Pig (tinted darker.)

(click on images to expand.)

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Lucky Boxing

Retrology Boxing 2009

HAIR: [!SyDS! Hair] It's Me - Lucky Board Ver. - group Lucky Board -

EYES: *.amato.* eyes mist 01 - $0 -
*seen on Kiriko's blog ( )

CLOTHING,SHOES, JEWELRY, & SKIN:Check out the Retrology sim, where a boxing day sale is going on until 2 January. The goodies pictured above are from: Fresh Baked Goods, SIGMA Jewels, Pink Cadillac, Hang the DJ, *Vita Bella, Donna Flora, The Sea Hole, & Pin Up Dolls. All these items are free ($0), but you'll find fantastic $1 items as well as many items at 50% off. - $0 -

POSES: [LAP] Long Awkward Pose - not free -

Retrology Boxing 2009_2



SKIN: .::Mother Goose's::.KARA sKiNE05(HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!) - Lucky Board -

CLOTHING & HAIR: ABOVE~ :::**Ray Skin**::: *Start Your Day 2010* :::Red:::, :::**Ray Skin**::: *Villages* :::chocola:::, :::**Ray Skin**::: *Villages* :::momo::: - - BELOW - :::**Ray Skin**::: *Villages* Maxi :::Jayro:::* - (8) Lucky Boards- BELOW: :::**Ray Skin**::: *Villages* Maxi :::Jayro:::* - $1 -

SHOES: magi take fur boots - $10/pair -


Happy birthday to... me!

איני עושה עניין גדול מדי מיום ההולדת שלי בדרך כלל אך החלטתי שפוסט קטן בבלוג לכבוד יום הולדתי לא יזיק. חוץ מזה זו הזדמנות מצויינת לחלוק את התמונות הנהדרות מההפקה הזאת של הווג הסיני וכמו כן תמונות מימי הולדתי בשנים עברו, מעין גרסה משפחתית לאותה הפקה... אז שיהיה לכולכם יומולדת שמח!

Friday, 25 December 2009

SEKOLAH ?? . . .

pakcik zahadi bkn maen excited lg membeli baju sekolah saye awl2 bute pd awl disember ! saye berkate : waddefak ? abah nnty mamat makin kurus la, beli la lmbt skit ! takut besa la. :( (haha kurus ke aku !) grr. pakcik zahadi pon membalas : ahh, bile lg nak beli.? lalu aku pasrah dan membeli. kemudian tetibe aku rase excited pulak nak pg skola ! bkn nak blaja tao. tapi nak pakai brg baru ! hahah, mat..mat.. kate spm nak 10 ? apalaa. menurut pakcik zahadi. kemasukan tusyen saye tidak diluluskan . . jd saye harus belajar sendiri ! walaopun add math saye mendapat markah " plg tggi" di dlm kelas ! aduyai ! haha, seperti kata-kata mereka yg sudah berusia n da nak mampos da pon : usaha tangga kejayaan, bkn depends on the tuition itself ? err, aku bnci rojak ! perosak bahase btol! gaga. sebenarnye, aku da letih la nak pg skola ! penat sgt ! rase mcm nak beranak je ari2 kalu pg skola ! haha, penat meneran anak ! grr. da la taun spm pulak tuh ! aiyoh, stress la bile dga spm nihh ! bnci..bnci..bnci. haha lgpun kalu pg skola ade la mende nak buat selain mkn, tido, mkn, tido. cuti2 ni aku pg dance lesson jea ! aku da katam menari sorry sorry da pon ! haha :) whatever. nak ke sekolah sebab nak jmpe "rkn-rkn" aku . . -
- alia fana - myra - amoy - 'adilah - afiza - selina - ain - qis - aina - izat - masso (haritu aku jmpe dye kat kedai buku, xD )

p/s : saye menonton suju (super junior) dan saye meminati donghae. ;X
        haha, tade kene-mengena ! peace. :)

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Have you all been good boys and girls? ;)

I hope Fashion Santa (see below) brings you all you desire. Enjoy the holiday and if you don't celebrate it, have a great day!

Rodarte for Target

So I finally got to go to Target to check out the collection. 3 days after the line launched, there was still quite a bit of stuff left (yaaaay!).

I got a bunch of stuff (double yaaay!) I'll post pics of my haul, but I'll do it on the 26th, probably, so that I can show you all everything at once! Merry Christmas!

On a side note, I think this has to be a record (for this blog, I mean) for the most amount of posts in a row without pictures... This must be corrected. :D

I'm sick

אני חולה. ומתבכיינת. הימים האחרונים עברו עלי בשיעול, קוצר נשימה, חום, הרגשה כללית רעה וים של שעמום. כבר כמה שנים שאני מתגאה בכך שלא הייתי חולה באמת כבר כמה שנים (חוץ מתופעות פסיכסומטיות שתקפו אותי בצבא, אך לא היה בהן חולי של ממש) וכנראה שהגורל הטה אוזנו והחליט להראות לי מה זה. ובכן הוא נתן מנה אחת אפיים וכך כל השבוע שכבתי לי במיטתי, חולה עד מאוד, מקבלת טיפול מלכותי מבני המשפחה (החלק הטוב של העניין) ומחכה להחלמה. אני עדיין חולה אך מקווה להחלים עד יום הולדתי שיחול בעוד יומיים ובינתיים דואגת משלל המשימות הבית-ספריות שמצטברות בצד... כנראה שלגוף יש את הדרכים שלו לומר שהוא זקוק למנוחה וכנראה שהעומס של הזמן האחרון לא הותיר לגוף ברירה אחרת. וכך כשהררי תרופות מונחים לצדי נזכרתי לי בשיר הקסום הזה מתוך מרי פופינס שהוא כל כך אופטימי ובגרסת הבית כפית הסוכר מוחלפת בכפית של דבש ומתווספת לתה חם עם חלב.

In ev'ry job that must be done
There is an element of fun
you find the fun and snap!
The job's a game

Nad ev'ry task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! Aspree!
It's very clear to me

That a...
Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down-wown
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way

A robin feathering his nest
Has very little time to rest
While gathering his
Bits of twine and twig

Though quite intent in his pursuit
He has a merry tune to toot
He knows a song
Will move the job along

For a...
Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down-wown
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays, happy hunting, & Merry Christmas

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


If you have something you'd like to be added to the Christmas List please send a note card to Anna Zwiers in world titled " CHRISTMAS LIST ". If you have sent anything from 7 Dec - 17 Dec please resend as I capped. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

THE CHRISTMAS LIST 2009 (Part 1 here.)
THE CHRISTMAS LIST 2009 (Part 2 here.)
THE CHRISTMAS LIST 2009 (Part 3 here.)

Daily Gifts:

New additions to list will be shown in BOLD. For detailed information on older (non-bold) listings see previous Christmas 2009 post(s).

Nanashi & Yesss Designs (until 31 Dec)
Stitch by Stitch
K2K United Enterprises
Joanne Capras Jewelry Store
Solo Creations
Temp T
! Paw2Paw !
*~Animate This~*
Donnerwetter X-Factory
Heavenly Treasures
*Urbanity* HQ
Fashion Clothes Shoes
ALB DREAM FASHION'ksha%20Dunes/197/45/51
Andrasta Tattoos
Bryce Designs
Baby Monkey Shoes & Store
Locke Couture -LC-
Alli&Ali Designs
Clothing @ LaRosa
Newport Keys Downtown Shopping Center
Santa's Secrets - Santas Helpers
Beverly's Shop
Sille Design
A Christmas Carol
Flowers at Life of Dreams
Moon Dance Designs
G&N Quality Design
!Never Ever & :Robbish:
Tasha Designs
~Firefly Fashions~
EMO - tions'
Prim & Pixel Paradise
~*~Rare Bliss~*
Lois Designs ($1)
Kosk & Concrete Flowers($1)
.::DELICIOUS::.'s ($1)
Kouse's Sanctum ($25)
Winter Spirit
Wisent Animations
Fierce Designs

Pulling Strings
$1/pose until 24th


Sway's Creations
.::NOSOTR@S::. ($1)
Home of Sanu ($1-0)
Dulce Secrets
A Piece of Candy
Prime Furniture


Xtreme Desires
Roxxstar GROUP hunt
Ivalde GROUP
Damiani Fashion Design GROUP
FUD GROUP (invite only)

Check everyday for $1 item under tree. Gifts dropped on random days.
WhoNoes -
*YS&YS* YourSkin & YourShape GROUP -

Gridwide Christmas Hunts:

Christmas Advent Hunt
Ends 24 Dec
67! stores -> Boxes will appear in hunt stores daily until the 25th.

Kid's Search for the Missing Stockings Hunt
Ends 28 Dec
30 vendors
Sponsored by Lucky Chair Stalkers

Enileda Hunt
Ends: 12/30/09
only 24 stops - look for E
starting point is:
please feel free to join our group Sl hunt freaks

A&A Gingerbread Hunt
Ends 31 Dec
starting point:
touch poster for list of participating places

Bohemian Christmas Hunt (Pic)
Ends 31 Dec
15 locations find snowman and say " Vesele Vanoce " in open chat
Starting point -

Santa's Little Helper
Ends 31 Dec
211 stores
start -

it's On The Christmas Tree
Ends 31 Dec

Christmas Hunt
Ends 31 Dec
200 Stores
Start: Vanity Shapes and Skins
Official blog has pictures:

Candy Cane Hunt (Pic)
134 locations
Ends 31 Dec
Schnappi's Pictures Part 1, Part2

Jingle Bell Hunt (Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4)
Ends 31 Dec
182 locations
Official blog has pictures:

Button & Bows Holiday Gridwide Kids Hunt
Ends 31 Dec
40 stores

Greatest Love - Express Yourself
Ends 2 Jan

Peace on Earth
Ends 2 Jan
Official blog has affiliate review blog listed:
Schnappi's Pics: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Happy Holidays Hunt
Ends 5 January

Frostbitten hunt by Bitter & Sweet Hunts
Ends 1 Jan
Sweet -
Bitter -

The One Is Silver & The Other's Gold Hunt!
Ends 9 Jan

Store & Simwide Christmas Hunts:

Beauty Avatar Ornament Hunt
$0 /ornament

$0 - gift boxes in store & mall (17)

Falln Holiday Hunt
3 gifts set out each day from 14 - 25 Dec
["Each prize will cost L$1 (priced as such to help cut down on cheaters) There will be a total of 36 Packages to find! BUT... Only 3 will be released -per day- (1 on FallnAngel Creations, 1 on Falln Amusements, and 1 on Falln Sanitarium)" --- from notecard]
hunt ends: 28 Dec 3 pm
36 boxes $1/box
The hunt is taking place over 3 sims:
FallnAngel Creations:
Falln Amusements:
Falln Sanitarium:
NO CHEATING - read rules!

Caithlin Carter Designs
3 presents hidden in store

Dulce Secrets
Snowflake hunt
$1/30 snowflakes ($30 - female skins)

Apple Pop Christmas Event
Just some of the items (house, furniture, tiny av, plant, jacket, boots, shirt, color change necklace, eyes) you'll win if you complete the Apple Pop Quest. (Additional Items~ JEANS: Argrace ~not free~, SKIN: $1 (LAZOLLI) - Pamela skin, HAIR: $1 - Tiny Bird - D.A.N.C.E. - Fat (but still pretty) Pack (Larger PIC)

Apple Pop Quest Event
Ends 27 Dec

Heaven's Skin&Shape
Christmas Gacha (10 golden coin hunt- $0 - 5 & 8 broken)

{Frick} - Unique Skins & Goodies!!
$1/14 candy canes ($14 total) m/f skins & f outfit

Bliss Couture
Stocking Hunt - 2 out (Bliss Couture & Alyssa Bijoux) more may be added join group for details

Urban Shopper (Pic)
13 stores participating - note card @ location
Candy-Cane Hide N' Seek @ Urban Shopper

Astarte Shopping District (Pic)
Sock hunt
Ends 27 December 7:00 (SLT)

Naughty N Nice Xmas Bazzaar Hunt
$0 - hint in note card @ store
also find - $0 - *Thalia* Seduction Dress - Red - Gift from Thalia's Fashion! @ Thalia's booth

Meriken Co. Main Shop
$0 - 3 white sacks (m/f)

Festival of Lights
ends 27 Dec
$1/16 light bulbs ($16 total)
+ 50% off

Zombie Santa Clause
Ends 25 Dec
You must go to starting point, get weapon, kill zombies, collect prize & weapon tickets to cash in for prizes.
Love Soul start :
Nipponbashi start:

Heart CAT Mall (PIC)
Ends 25 Dec
look for Candy Canes; list of participants near event sign

Bare Rose (PIC)
Chapter 1 (Start):

*DarkerSide* Mainstore (PIC)
4 candy cane hunt for Ice Angel Avatar/$1 each = $4
$0 - *DarkerSide* Santa Hat
$1 - *DarkerSide* Xmas Pressie ( 2 female hair w/santa hat)
Group gift novelty hairs displayed in store

Witchy Woman Designs
$0 - monthly hunt - search for 10 wreaths

BIG Red or Dead Hunt
Ends 31 Dec (ADULT)
covers four sims - search for santa hats
Sim 1-
Sim 2 -
Sim 3 -
Sim 4-

Holly-Days Hunt at ::maluhia::
10 stockings/$1 = $10
Holiday decor (tree, wreath), plus jewelry and other holiday themed home accessories

Cosmo Chic Shopping Mall
Ends 5 January
126 prizes (red box)

MishMosh Shopping Mistle Toe Hunt (PIC)
Ends 31 Jan
look for Pink Lips

Morbid Mausoleum
1-31 Dec
$10!/Black Christmas Tree

1 - 31 Dec

REVA Blue Nile Christmas Treasure Hunt
15 golden candycanes hidden on the SIM
note card with hints & further details available
* Join group for special skybox & drawing.

Many free, $1, sale, special items in area from various designers

SLC Island & Mall Stocking Hunt
Ends 24 Dec

22 December - Tuesday

Daily: $1 from Pulling Strings
Store/Sim Hunts: BIEDERMANN S HAIR, Falln Holiday Hunt, Caithlin Carter Designs, Dulce Secrets, Apple Pop Quest Event

Cutie Honey Christmas
Cutie Honey (skin & eyes new release not free)

Cutie Honey
$0 (up in the tree) - Cutie Honey Chistmas Gift
Cutie Honey store + many of the stores in friendship mall have non-themed freebies.

*Lunas boutique*
$0 - *Lunas boutique* Winter Angel

BP*winter skin/***underwear***/2009-12
BP*winter skin/***underwear***/2009-12 & Biedermann hair hunt prize

BP* drowsy winter festival
$1/ - clothing in tree, skin in bp* mini store, $0 - bottles & Drowsy nikuman xD in mini store

EGO - Exclusive Glamorous Obsession
$1/ - gifts under tree (m/f), skin in shop & $0 bottles
group: secondlife:///app/group/c12c0c82-8b85-71a6-ec8d-f809be54d399/about

$1 - SkinSane 1 linden Winterskin

Group Lucky Board - *Connors* Hight-neck Shirts SNOW -WINE(GIFT BOX)
group: secondlife:///app/group/6a72a894-6d1a-f5ba-79cd-82b4a6ad7fcf/about

Dress: Adam n Eve, Skin: SkinSane & Biedermann hair hunt prize

Adam n Eve Boutique
$0 - Adam n Eve - Christmas Gift 2009

pics & more added later

KA Designs
m/f skin gift in Female skin store

23 December - Wednesday

Store simwide hunt: Beauty Avatar Ornament Hunt

$0 - (touch) Free Holiday Skin Pure Contours

$0 - PRIMALOT 'StarryMist' FabFreeGift necklace/ring
look in freebie section -> PRIMALOT Seasonal Freebie 'Queen Moth'

Digital Knickers Presents
CLOTHING: Digital Knickers, HAIR: CriCri-Christmas03-2009, SKIN: Christmas Gift - MoMo- ST Bambino Malia M5

Digital Knickers
$0 - (two presents near tree)
mm board - (150) "Candy Cane Cutie"

SSUS - She's So Unusual Shoes
Lucky Chair - 2 pairs of themed pumps
mm board - santa skully platforms

CLOTHING: Ibizarre, SKIN: Dulce Secrets' Snowflake Hunt, SHOES: Gbberish** MEMBERS ONLY CHRISTMAS GIFT - Chelsea Booties (displayed in store) (Larger Pic)

$0 - (5) Gifts under tree & on counter

Sinuous Shapes
$1 - Folk Vest *Sinuous* Pink

.:MALT:. Fashions
$1 - .:MALT:. Fashions - Merry Xmas Gift 09

*G FIeld* Main Store
$0 - *GF* 2009 Holiday Gift::: Cross Necklace & *GF* 2009 Holiday Gift:::Mini Dress -wine red-

CLOTHES: Clio, HAIR: "*noju* hair 012 (group X'mas gift), SKIN: $1 (LAZOLLI) - Pamela skin, EYES: $1 Pudding * Glossy *

(Clio -pret a porter-) MAIN SHOP-
Group/Subscribo gift in store - (Clio)- Morgana Gown Christmas Edition 2009

50 Flats
$0 - 50 Flats-Christmas boat shoes

Deka Fashions


Cilian'gel Christmas 2009
CLOTHING: Cilian'gel, HAIR: Little Heaven camp 5min, SKIN,EYES, LASHES: KA Designs (Larger Pic)

Cilian'gel boutique
3 dresses under the tree & 3 dresses on the lap of lucky Santa.
(Christmas gift 'number I' Cilian'gel - Christmas gift 'number II' Cilian'gel - Christmas gift 'number III' Cilian'gel - Christmas gift 'number V' Cilian'gel - Christmas gift 'number VI' Cilian'gel - Christmas gift 'number VII' Cilian'gel)
here ->
1 set as group gift at the Cilian'gel Temple
(Christmas gift 'number IV' Cilian'gel)
here ->

5min hair camp - 4 styles

CLOTHING/shoes, jewelry: The Thorn's Rose freebie (have a red christmas dress), Hair: I Love Olive, Skin: Dulce Secrets' Snowflake Hunt, Prop: Free gifts by BehaviorBody crhistmas prop

The Thorn's Rose
1- freebie- Have a red Christmas dress in store.
2 - group gifts december cameo (out the end of november) and Holiday star.
3 - 4 new dollarbies dayleaf, latins sangria purple stripe and Christmas dollarbie.

$0 - .:Glamorize:. Alexander's Accident Holiday Skin Gift (male) & .:Glamorize:. Tiffany2 Snowbunny Holiday Gift Skin

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

StyleCard: NX Absinthe Heels

More beautiful footwear from Nardya Rousselot this week. The Absinthe Heels are just another perfect Holiday delight courtesy of the Nardcotix label. A softly pointed high-heeled pump wrapped in shimmering fabric gets dressed up with an elegant bow on the heel. Available in 13 yum-tastic colors, including baby blue, gold and lilac, these shoes will be a perfect accompaniment for your formal attire and party wear. Expect these to hit shelves later today.

Visit Nardcotix to get a pair, I dare you to resist that delicious fatpack!

The stuff; Shoes - Nardcotix - Absinthe Heels in Scarlet, Skin - Curio - June Sundust Frex - Swan 2 (dark), Hair - Gritty Kitty - Ghetto Black, Dress - Donna Flora - Diletta Gown, Earrings - Donna Flora.
my blog is my name plain and simple katherine lou when where you introduced to fashion It never occurred to me how much fashion was important to me till I started college. In 6th grade I wrote a book about Egyptian fashion for my history class and in high school I wrote a thesis paper on the difference between fashion in the 50's and now. I wore a lot of vintage and thrifty clothes in high school since that was all I could afford (my parents didn't like the idea of buying me clothes haha). When I started to work in college, I started paying for my own clothes (both vintage and non-vintage clothes) and I just went crazy from there. how do you describe your style My style is definitely where masculinity and femininity meet. I also tend to gravitate towards versatile pieces also while paying attention to details. For example, I'd buy a simple black skirt, but in leather. Or instead of a plain black track jacket, I buy a sequined one. I also love mixing new clothing with vintage.
what made you start a fashion blog I started my blog two years ago, initially to document my progress with sewing and reconstructing vintage dresses, but then that fell off the radar since I was so busy with school and work. Then last year, I just randomly posted photos of my outfits in my blog since I was already posting outfits in's forums.
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I'm just like a normal girl who not only documents my outfits but also my life which is a very important part of my blog. I want my readers to not only see me through their eyes but see what I see with my eyes (if that makes any sense at all haha). how is your style different than everyone else I'm not that much different than everyone else since I get inspired by a lot of other individuals. I just tend to add my own flair to it. who is your inspiration Definitely the people you seen in Sartorialist and Garance Dore. Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite. And I would love Kate Lanphear's closet. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog
I'd love people to leave my blog thinking that they don't need a million dollars to look good. Heck, maybe even $100. I just want to leave a good enough impression so that my readers will come back wanting more. From there, I'll know whether or not I inspired them whether fashion-wise, food-wise, photography-wise, I just hope I inspire my readers one way or another