Thursday, 31 March 2011

[NEW RELEASE] INGA, VreMode, HelaMiyo

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
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*IW* Naida in Gold (includes head piece, jewelry, dress, wings, and ride-able dolphin not pictured) L$950/color:
*IW* Naida in Lavender /*IW* Naida in Mauve / *IW* Naida in Sand (limited time group special L$500)

VreMode Store:

Checkmate L$99:
KISS L$99:

HelaMiyo Store:
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HelaMiyo :: Shape Pietra (Includes: nm/nt backup shape, mod shape, mod skirt shape and styling card) your mass is 71.29 kilograms / weight is 156.82 pounds /2.016760 m (6 ft. 7in.) tall. (without shoes) L$600:
HelaMiyo :: Shape Kat Male $L600:

Additional Credits
SKIN cupcakes, bitch tail, fishy strawberry EYES skinthesis, pixeldolls, saltcandy HAIR xsc digital reallife, syds, exile, layniewear, the obscene JEWELRY dazzle LINGERIE meghindo's SHOES grumble POSES luth, lap LOCATION lamu island

Shahid Afridi Apology To Nation After Losing The Semi Final

Shahid Afridi Apology To Nation After Losing The Semi Final.

Pakistani City Multan Photos

Following are photos of Pakistani City Multan.

Facebook Closes Down a Famous Pro-Palestine Page

US Officials and Medias Keeps on shouting about Freedom of Speech for everyone but the reality is very different. US Officials and Media keeps double Standards even in matter of Freedom of Speech.  You will not be punished in US if you will burn a Quran but you will be in trouble if you will speak against Holocaust. You can speak against Muslims but you can face trouble if you will Criticize Israel on Mainstream US Media.

Double Standards of US where exposed once again today when US Bases Social Networking site Facebook closed down a Pro Palestine Facebook page today. The Facebook Page was about Intifada uprising for Palestine against Israeli Oppression and Occupation It was liked by Millions of users.  The Page is removed after a Israeli Minister talked to CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg for removing this page.  This step of Facebook has once against exposed double standards of West towards Muslims. If you have not forgotten its the same Facebook which refused to delete the Page which was doing Blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad SAW last year even on request of Millions of Muslim Facebook users.

Pakistan Played Well In Cricket World Cup 2011

Pakistan's Journey in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 came to an end yesterday with an defeat from India in Semi Final due to which Pakistan was knocked out of the Tournament while India Qualified for the Final which it will play with Sri Lanka on 2nd of April 2011. Pakistanis are in Sorrow over defeat in Semi Final. Pakistan's Captain Shahid Khan Afridi has also said sorry to his nation for not winning the Cup.

I personally think that Pakistanis not need to be sad on this defeat. Just think where was Pakistani team few months ago??? Pakistan Cricket was Surrounded by Controversies and Scandals and everyone was saying that this time will be out of World Cup in first Round but same team reached the Semi Final of World Cup and also performed well in that match so even this is a big Achievement and we should feel proud about it. If Pakistani team can play so well in Controversies just Imagine how well it will perform when we will have a good Cricket Board and a powerful Team? The Actual sad news is that Career of Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar has came to end with this World Cup.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Camille - Palais de Tokyo

hebergeur image

"Je m'appelle Camille, je suis en terminale.
Pour moi, la Mode est une expression personnelle.
Aujourd'hui, mon Look est un peu Glamour Romantique.
Dans la vie, j'adore mes chats, Noisette et Pookie et
je déteste l'arrogance. Mon message au monde: Vivez
au jour le jour ..."

hebergeur image

Manteau Miss Selfridge
Robe par Yumi
Boots by Bata
Sac by Etam
Perfume: JP Gaultier

La fille qui rit - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

[New Release] Pink Label and [arnadi]

Pink Label Ltd.:

The dresses are priced @ 10l each and the shoes are priced at 35l. Shoes are prim foot and use a hud system. Copy only on shoes and on clothing layers. Prim layers are mod/copy.

[arnadi] at The Fashion Garret discounted shop:
[arnadi] flickr:

[arnadi] - Sweater Blue Stripes girl $50:

Additonal Credits:
SKIN exodi  EYES exodi HAIR maitreya JEWELRY three hearts, delEmma design, alienbear, fall'n,  GLASSES bare rose SKIRT icing POSES lap, genira, ks_cool,  LOCATION tokyo girl store garden

A Very Fine House - Skyboxes, props, and Accessories

STUDIO/POSES - L$1 for HelaMiyo :: Photo Studio + Pose stand @ -

Includes color change lights that may be turned off and pose stand with 10 poses. 

$0 -  BehaviorBody PhotoRoom Free Gift @

BehaviorBody PhotoRoom  is a props with 12 poses dediacated and accessible via touch with left of the mouse on particular spot. In the package is present one  HUD for switch texture, there are 28 button each for choose your favourite set of texture, for Curtains Table and Floor separately.

HOUSES - L$1 for HOUSE-sakura AND  L$1 for SkyBox-S from muu workshop @

LUCKY BOARD 5/10 min - *MW*Kitchen darkbrown AND *MW*Sunflowerhouse from muu workshop

SKYBOXES - L$1 The Bjorn Urban Spring Skybox from La Flat @

$1 - Romantic Well from Other World @ TY ^^

Make it or Break It

SKIN - 10 min/ LB - [the Skinnery]-Cloe precious-Sunset(DB)(pale)

HAIR - .+*HSAC*+. Hair ::COEUR:: Mesh(LB)

SHOES and DRESS - Group gifts in store - BM Handkerchief Skirt - Mint and BM Ultimate Dannii - Teal (previously blogged) @ -  secondlife:///app/group/56b559e4-74aa-2b4a-deeb-7c5d4517fe3a/about $0
SKIN - 10 min/ LB - [the Skinnery]-Cloe glossy-Lollypop(LB)(pale)

HAIR - .+*HSAC*+. ::GEMY:: LB(Boxed)

SHIRTS - (follow beam to store) L$0 for ...~L&S~Freebie Gift @

SKIRTS left to right:
SKIRT - Group gift in store - S@BBiA::GroupGift No.22 - - secondlife:///app/group/c48f13ae-50a0-c2f2-14c6-e5eaebb81d7a/about $0 -

SKIRT 10 min/ LB - {S} Boho Skirt Tan @

SKIRT - Group gift in store - *Retoro skirt(March-group gift) @ -
SKIN - 10 min/ LB - [the Skinnery]-Cloe fresh-Apple Blossom (sunny) @

EYES -  L$0 for :OTR: Luminous Eyes Joyful Dawn (Gift from Swimmie) -AND - L$0 for :OTR: Serenity Eyes Forbidden (Gift from Swimmie) @

HAIR - 5-10min/LB - .+*HSAC*+. ::GEMY:: LB, .+*HSAC*+. Hair ::COEUR:: LB, .+*HS*+. Hair ::MIMY:: LB  @ - secondlife:///app/group/edd06f0e-1be5-3579-5885-a7ca81454708/about $0

JACKET - Group gift in store - magi take hoodies [ purple ]  and L$0 for magi take choker [ open heart ] @ - secondlife:///app/group/937723e0-2566-51e1-6b99-f3ed1708bc80/about $0 -

PANTS -  L$1 for Denim Baggy Shorts  NoiRiLiCiouS @ -

SHOES - $0 ** AKATSUKI** Thong Shoe sred on marketplace -

Jessica - Opéra - Paris

hebergeur image

"Mon nom est Jessica. Je suis au Lycée français.
Pour moi, la Mode est une façon de s'exprimer et de
s'identifier. Aujourd'hui, mon look est "girly".
J'aime Paris en été. Je déteste les gens qui
critiquent les autres juste pour se sentir mieux.
Mon message au monde entier: Envisagez le bon
côté de la vie !"

hebergeur image

Je porte des vêtements
Zara, H&M et Primark

Check Jessica's Blog: Snow White Gone Wild

Monday, 28 March 2011


SKIN - 15 MIN/LB - + Huwa*Yura + LB 04 Skin @

HAIR - 5min/lb each:  -::Coiffure de HINAKO::Gemelli::  and ::Coiffure de HINAKO::amarilli(LB Limited)::Cocoa @ - secondlife:///app/group/1e312b29-3bf1-acc5-bcea-31c0882e719d/about $0

LEFT JACKET - 10 min/LB - ****em***** Floral print Cardigan LB BOX @ - and - PANTS - (buy both signs)  L$0 for ][AV][pants cargo khaki and ] shown  and  not shown - [AV][pants cargo red @ - AND SHOES - Group gift in store - TARA SHOES Heels DeSirS De LuXe Green @ -  secondlife:///app/group/84b885c5-1522-6b61-4522-cbe3e21b0415/about $0

RIGHT DRESS - Group gift (monthly) - Irish Dreams MARCH from House of Joi Designs @ -  (also Easter Egg hunt each egg costing $0-15; 12 eggs to find)

SKIN - same as below pics

HAIR - Touch box - FREE! NEW LIZ TAYLOR Animated 2HairStyle! from Wish (touch each of the hairstyle to achieve all the looks) @

LEFT DRESS - L$0 for BB Blue Orchid - Free Gift @

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SKIN - Group gift in store - + Huwa*Yura + Gift Skin 01 - Open @ - secondlife:///app/group/cd14ee8c-c180-bcde-4263-7031091cdd93/about $0

HAIR - (gifts change friday) - Group and Voting gifts - Hair Voting Present 25th March 2011 f and Groupie Present f(25th March 2011) from AlliandAli @ - secondlife:///app/group/635596c2-0815-5ca2-8aad-6a3b63900b60/about $0

Dresses Left to Right -
DRESS - -AZUL- GroupGift1103#1 @ - secondlife:///app/group/090f6e35-7072-bea4-8131-ed72cb548634/about $0

OUTFIT - L$1 for +NK+ ano usagi ? (rez & open) @

DRESS - Group gift in store - [Modavia Exclusive Gift] HouseofFox :: E.James @ - secondlife:///app/group/b821995e-f38e-6968-26de-753a78b92b8a/about $0
SKIN - L$10 for MIASNOW Skin - LOVE Tan (no brow @

EYES (used throughout) L$1 for JE*REPUBLIC-Glitter Real Eyes-kaso(1L) @ -

HAIR - L$0 for .+*HS*+. Hair Color Sample @

CLOTHING -  L$0 for **milky-way Lace bolero,  LB Blue one-piece and Blue dress Free @

Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi Family and Personal Photos

Here are Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi Family and Personal Photos.