Saturday, 28 February 2009

Lady Leah in Mandate

Gingham Crystal Girl Barrettes by Angel Lust available on Etsy....

Little Miss Leah is many things,all of which are absolutely delightful!!! Once a dedicated intern to Mandate of Heaven as well as a loyal customer. She is an Angel Lust protoge' and a thriving fashionista! Leah is dead set on picking a few local designers to wear and promote and love. She is a private customer on a street level coutorier way. Any small fashion company is lucky to have little Lady Leah around...

This dress was my FAVORITE on her yesterday. Its still available since she didn't buy it. Someone just as cute needs to own it. A cute daring darling that is. You'll look like a modern day Lolita riding hood in this.

Its still available so soon it shall be posted on their site for sure!!!

Kristen May loves MANDATE!!!

Flower Barrette by Angel Lust available on Etsy Click Here!!!

I am determined to own a couple of Carissa's sexy little playsuits this summer. They are perfect for brunch and cocktail hour in the East village or hip parts of Brooklyn. I'm a fan of her floral prints and backless numbers. Here is a look at the first thing I have my eye on.

I'm going to pair one or two of my embroidered barrettes with this number should I buy it!!! Springtime is all about flower power,done up in daisies or cherry blossom romance.

If you don't live near Mandate of Heaven you can visit their online shop!!!


The Time has come, I know its a very difficult thing to do, but it must be done. Now until Monday 12:00 am, you have a chance to vote for your pick to be blog of the week.

Check each blog before you vote;
Lainey Turn the Camera On
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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Break'n Owt

Time to check out Life is Good sim. (

At Little Birds location in PollyJean you can find a cute pants outfit for free and if you're up for it a lingerie set for $1. ($0-1 - F - Pant set/Lingerie -


Concrete Flowers is providing a $1 item for free each week. This week it's the CUTY PANDA DOODLE BOOTS. Stop by to before Monday to pick these up! ($1 - F - Shoe -

Jewelry is from KUMAMOTO JAPAN. ($0 - F - Jewelry -

HOH Feb 13
(Skin & eyes from Imagen -

Hair shown throughout is the House of Heart Designs Febuary 13th release samples. You'll want to pay special attention to the green displays in store for extra saving on retiring styles. ($0 - F - hair samples -

Illuminati Skins

Skin is from Illuminati Designs and is a combination of skins won from their lucky chair (top row is the lucky chair prize - Wynter) and a couple from their free bag (bottom row). Drag your guys along because there is skin for men here both in the lucky chair and in the free gift bag. ($0 - m/f - skins -

If you like the poses used today stop by Juicy to buy them up. Most are not free, but there are several $1 poses and sample bags! ($1 - $300/pack - poses -


Part of everyone's daily ritual by now should be stopping by Lemania Indigo Designs to see what dress is retiring. If you haven't you may have been missing out! ($1 - F - dress/outfits -

(Pictured from left to right: Silver Dream retired 25th, Caramel Latte retired 26th, & today's dress Holiday Reflection all shown with free shoes from Kumamato Japan)

The eyes used throughout are the demo pack of eyes from Skinthesis. ($1/0? - Eyes -

If you haven't been by the Kumamato Japan sims in a while you may want to stop by and take a look. Dogyanya2 has added a ton of new lucky boards and has 3 camp pads ranging in time from 10 minutes to 30 minutes! Prizes are dresses, stoles, & shoes. ($0 camp/luckyboard - F - clothing items - A small store next door named **Chako** has 5 mini-dresses all for free. ($0 - F - dresses - There's also a kimono shop :::Morhime:: with lucky boards and camp spots for kimonos and kanzashi that was featured some time in November. ($0-$10 - F - kimono/kanzashi - There's also a couple of goodies that are still left from Valentine's Day like the dress located on the board outside ::Cafe Bouquet:: that shares space with Dogyanya2. And lets not forget the Kumamoto Japan free area that has 3 lucky boards, kimonos, tinie avs, huggable bears, jewelry, tons of sculpty shoes and boots! ($0 - F/M/tinies -


Trinity gave me a bump ^^ and made me take a look at *Amrita* which I hadn't visited since it's opening & if you're like me you'll find a new free item upstairs a muffler in a variety of styles and two cool colors (pale pink & green). Shown with dress & shoes from Kumamoto Japan. ($0 - F - clothes & acessories -


I also have a couple of lucky chair items to share! The first is from *Sugar* mainstore that Suri tped me too (Ty Suri ^^!!). The outfit (Juliet) came complete with glasses and boots. (Lucky Chair - F - outfit -


And to balance out the bad girl outfit. The Rabbit Police RED won from the lucky chair at Umi Usagi. These chairs flip fast and give a lot of ? so. You'll find this outfit along with a pair of boots and also a complete outfit with boots included on the lucky chairs at the main Umi Usagi location. (Lucky Chair - F- Outfits & shoes -


Peter Jensen, Graeme Black, Christopher Kane, Charles Anastase, Aquascutum

This collection embodies what I love about London Fashion Week. The craftsmanship is still there, but the designers who present here aren't afraid to be whimsical, to be outlandish, to be anything but normal. The inspiration here seems to be Heidi, what with the florals, the lace, and the little lederhosen-like suspenders (look #4). Gosh, I want that blue puffer coat!

This show took place in Windsor Castle, I believe, and boy, was that an appropriate venue. The keyword here for Graeme Black is "decadence." The looks progressed from relatively pared down to full-on, with that crimson (silk, I think) folded dress being a particular stand-out.

Quite a departure from where he started a few seasons ago, but one thing is constant: Kane can make a dress. I love the piecey construction, which lends these dresses some structure. I particularly like the first dress shown here... it's got a "warrior princess" vibe to it, I think.

Charles Anastase can do no wrong. His geek girl is back from the previous season, along with some remnants of the Spring look -- platforms and sheer bottoms. A truly ready-to-wear collection, these looks are street-ready.

Oh, Aquascutum, you can do no wrong. The omnipresent lace (that first dress is a little Prada, no?) is nice, but the billowy manta ray-like raincoats are my favorite. Love it!

Photos:, as usual. Collages: me! woot.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Me and my fave Candace Ang

I love Candace Ang!!! She like I,is a Parson's Grad. Her aesthetics are exactly what I crave in accessories. Girly,glam and rock n roll!!! I will own this necklace somehow someway before 2009 is over. It'll look so hot with of my own little creations a silver jeweled bow!!! Drop by her new store online to get the necklace or my etsy to get the bow!!!

Angel Lust Bows on Leah

Leah my little protoge' came over for a tea party last week. I urged her to bring some of her cute Mandate outfits over so I could take some pretty picks with my girly barrettes. Take a look at the results. You can buy one from my Etsy store here.

stay tuned for more of Leah wearing ANGEL LUST Head candy couture!!!

A few nights later I caught up with her at Paige Wood's EP release at Mercury Lounge. Just push play to here her breathy beautiful self sing you a love song!!!

Paige Wood at Mercury Lounge "I only have eyes for you" from angel lust nyc on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

It's All About Options

If any of you have ever tried to wear a boot with a cuffed denim capri you have likely discovered the age old attachment limitation for the lower leg, finally it seems that the very clever Babette Ultsch of Kitties Lair has come up with a pretty great solution with her latest release. Babette has previously released a great assortment of retro platform pumps and mules, and some really great boots, the Florence Boots offer a multitude of options to the wearer, in particular a denim cuff topper attached to the boot upper. The boot also comes with 2 boot heights, with both the traditional top and the cuffed top a click away, so basically 4 boots in one - and easy to adjust the size with the menu accessed via clicking the right foot portion of the boot.

The Florence Boot comes in an assortment of shades and finishes, including Phython, Urban Leo, Velvet Black, Stellar Black, Pearl White, Chili Red, Dark Brown, Gold Sequined, and Silver Sequined. The boots themselves have an attractive and sexy shape and nice details and are in fact and update to the previous Florence Boot with improved sculpties and easier fit, in addition to the denim cuff topper. The cuff is only in the single shade of blue denim, but they seemed to work very well with most denim in my collection. Boots are sold singly by color or in three pair fatpacks for best value.

To complete my rolled denim look I chose the denim jumpsuit from Armidi, a skinny scarf from Maitreya, a Silver Jacket from Little Rebel, Black Wooden Bangles from M.R.M., UZURI Ebony Drops Earrings, and more Junwave cute as heck hair.

Find the Boots at Kitties Lair.

New York Fall Fashion Week Trend Wrap-Up

What to keep:


(l to r) Abaete, Charlotte Ronson, Cushnie et Ochs, Cynthia Rowley, Daryl K, Elise Overland

Skinny pants

(l to r) Charlotte Ronson, Elise Overland, Diane von Furstenberg, Jill Stuart

Chunky boots and platforms

(l to r) Behnaz Sarafpour, Bibhu Mohapatra, Erin Fetherston, Hutson, Libertine

Shredded, slashed clothing

See Rodarte.

What's new:

Sweatpant material for classic shapes

(l to r) Karen Walker, next two by Staerk

One-shoulder dresses

(l to r) Behnaz Sarafpour, Abaete, Christian Cota, Elise Overland, Jill Stuart, Rodarte

Photos:, collages by me.

Le Danse De Mardi Gras

In town the streets have been cleared from the Lundi Gras festivities that ran late into the wee morning hours. A new stage has been erected in the town square. Cans have been picked up by those who need a little extra cash to make ends meet. The day is fresh. The band strikes up melodies and sings in their dying language. People gather; they dance, they talk, they drink, walk the streets, and wait.

le danse_1
(Lilly Skin from Warholic Vampire Shop $1 - F - 13 Skins -; Outfut broceliande from Dany French touch peut etre $1 - M - outfit -; Balmoral Pumps from Truth $0 - F - shoes -

The young riders have not slept and the old will get up earlier than usual. The air has just a whisper of cold. The chill keeps those who have been awake up for the ride and work ahead. Today, chickens awake with fear in their little hearts all around Cajunland. They know the riders are coming. They are coming for the chickens, rice, flour, oil, onions, bell peppers, & green onions. Have their bounty and they'll stop their procession at your homestead and the band will play for you Le Danse De Mardi Gras.

le danse_2
(Newbie skin from Fleur $0 - F - Skin -; The special non-hunt Josephine Baker dress released as a $1 today only exclusive is from Lemania Indigo $1- F - dress -;

Floats, beads, cups, and dubloons are non-existent here. Wooden carts drawn by horse are for the band, retired riders, and women who watch. Things are as they were in the past. You ride, then you go to your section of town and make the gumbo for your section of town. Life is segregated here; still today.

le danse_3
(Clergy outfits can be obtained from Calleta's Hobo Railroad Docks $0 - m/f - clergy outfits -

If you venture into the cities the festivities are much different and probably more of what one who hears Mardi Gras thinks of. But, no matter where you awake you'll go to church and be marked by ashes. You'll bear your mark until sundown. And then begins a time of repentance and fasting and wait for the Easter vigil.

Used in the above:
Hair is from the abundent $1 wall at ChiChickie!'s hairspray location. There was also a style for men available. ($1 - M/F - hair -

Location are the New Toulouse & New Toulouse Algiers sim. Preset used is ghost.


Selena Heslop of Sasquatch Design had sent me a big package to share with you guys full of amazing staples and a lot of it would be really nice for the Male avatar too. Here are some items and snippits from her notecard:

I have a few new freebies and dollarbies out for everyone to enjoy
these include ---->

A cute Rainbow Bracelet (dollarbie)
A set of full perms peircings, two nose and two lip. (dollarbie)
Rainbow collar and matching earrings (freebie)
Flip Flops (dollarbie)
Sasquatch Tank Top (dollarbie)

(the freebies and Dollarbies are available indefinatly)

Sasquatch Designs

These are shown with more of the Warholic's Lilly skins and the valentine hair that is still available at Candy House. ($0 - F - Hair -

The shirts shown in the above picture are $5. Selena said "Also i have a couple of 5L tees available, they are on the back wall amongst the normal priced tees, you just need to "right click - buy" to find the 5L ones. " If you've got 27 minutes to camp you can win a fat pack of tanks (ad photo provided by Selena).

Sasquatch Designs tank Ad

Selena also has a lucky chair which rotates through 6 prizes. And has provided the following information "My prices range from free - 200L with most of the items i make going for under 100L. Thank you so much for checking out my stuff!" So go and check out Sasquatch Design ($0-5 - m/f - piercings, shirts, flip flops -

Monday, 23 February 2009

Daily Dose & Hunts

The offering for today (23rd) from Lemania Indigo Designs is a chic' pants outfit: Urban Mod. ($1 - F- outfit -

Lemania Indigo Designs Feb 23

The earrings peaking through my hair are just one of many $1 samples from Chloe. ($1 - F - Jewelry -

Hair from Adora found is a Valentine's present so I'm unsure of how much longer this will be available. ($0/1? - F - Hair -

There is a hunt going on at the Oak Tree Shoppes. You'll be searching for Mardi Gras masks and you have until the 27th to complete the hunt. There are lots of home decor items, but also a killer period dress from Vintage Clothing Reproductions by Skye Qi along with a shirt and vest meant for kids (I stretched it.). ($0 - ?# - home & clothing items -

Mardi Gras Hunt _ Oak Tree Shops

I've written about both skins shown in this post before, but both are worth mentioing again. The 'adult' skin is from RockBerry's lucky board. (Lucky Board - F - Skin -

The 'child' skin is from Utsuku City (a camping sim). The skin comes with a shape. You'll have to join the Utsuku City Members group and sit for 10 minutes in the chair with the "Ami" flag. (10 min. camp - F - skin -

You'll notice that 3 of the shops in Oak Tree Shopping area are also participating in the Kid's Grid Wide Hunt. You may want to pick up these too, the bear from Vintage Clothing Reproduction contains both a child's and adult's dress in it. ($0 - children's items -

Kid's Gridwide Hunt _ Oak Tree Shops

Pictures taken at the Oak Tree Shopping area. Preset used [TOR] das fog.

Zac Posen, Libertine, Katy Rodriguez, Julian Louie

For the first time in a while, I liked Zac Posen's collection. I really like the ballet-inspired flats and the sequins everywhere. Not really my taste, but overall, a nice showing.

I seriously don't get this collection. But I like it. And the Catholic schoolgirl in me (true story) loves the plaid skirts. I don't think I want to walk around with Queen Elizabeth on my skirt or coat, though.

I just realized that I don't really have much to say about this. Quite an interesting silhouette on that third dress, though.

Julian Louie is one of my new favorites. The plate armor-like construction of the pieces remind me of Balenciaga, but this collection strikes me as much more casual. A relatively drab palette, but it's saved by that rich brown and the flashes of teal. Nice!



There's not much to say about the person BEHIND THE SEAMS. I sat for a hour thinking of word perfect enough to describe this amazing blogspot. It's not that my mind went blank; believe i could have filled this whole page. But I only need these few words to explaine her style........... adictively alluring.....seductively at its purest.......enough said.