Monday, 31 December 2007

You don't need an excuse to shop!!!

So New Year's is hear and you already bought a dress obviously. So now you need another one for all the partying/brunching etc. you will be tending to. This Black number by Catherine Malendrino will look hot for any occasion. Go to Fashion Chateau to see more!!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR all you GLAMOUR WHORES!!! I going to be able to bring more talent than ever this year with the fashion scene growing by the second online. I've also recently become linked with Fashion Chateau and E Moda as you can see. I look forward to my ventures with them this year. I want to thank Dan Saynt the model for all fashion bloggers, at Fashion Indie for all his praise and support, and a big special thanks to CARASAN for all their love and kindness they've brought my way this past year. 2008 has been looking good for me for the past few months. Start your year by joining me on IQONS!!! Oh and please make FACEHUNTER a regular daily visit for fashion style updates. The pics are from his blog, I love YVANS work!!!

Star Kissed Skin

ColeMarie Soleil has done it again!!! She has ushered in the new year by generously providing a beautiful Unseelie Night Pixie skin.
Star Kissed Skin_Back View
The skins is a beautiful gray blue hue. It is perfect for those naughty pixies that enjoy playing their devilishly pranks when less likely seen. (If you haven't checked out ColeMarie's flickr, please do. She has the ad used in the display at her store in her feed.)
Star Kissed Skin_Front_
You can tell that the highlights and shading are excellent and the skin has been kissed by the night sky leaving stars trailing about on the skin.

(The skin is modeled with the following: Gemstone Eyes worn in all pictures are from Inspired $1 fat pack, EG Hair Rocker Hair $0, Pasties by Dark Eden $0, Bottoms from the Miss Anne Thropy Dress by Free 4 Fae $0)

When my drow saw this skin she just had to ham it up to.
Star Kissed Skin_face
(Modeled with: Free Drow outfit from the Everwind (role play) sims $0, Hair from Body Basics $0, Spider Branches from Grendels Children $1 )

And here the Drow is modeling the new Alice in Wonderland inspired tattoos:
Star Kissed Skin_Alice in Wonderland Tat
[Along with the tats and skin from Free 4 Fae: a hair([DE] Etains First Hair Crone)I picked up at Dark Eden for $0 and the Dark Eden Pasties.]

But wait up Guys, if you're feeling left out you really shouldn't be because there is also a lovely unisex Marionette Mannerisms skin at Free 4 Fae too.
Free for Fae Unisex Marionette Skin!
(Free for Fae Unisex Marionette Skin! modeled with hair pictured above from Dark Eden $0 total)

Sunday, 30 December 2007

You need to join IQUONS!!!

I'm on the best and latest Fashion Networking community started by fashion legend Diane Pernet, and if you are a Fashion creative anywhere you need to join me!!! My IQONS account is I would love it if you would join my entourage today!!!

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Goth Centric on a Couture budget!!!

If you want to be Haute Couture in the Spring time this lace sun viser by Eva Blut is one good way to go about it. You can find it at with a bunch of other pretty pretentious finds!!! And this beautiful architechtual like sculpted sweater is one of Rick Owens masterpieces. Anything by him is a total luxury of comfort. Rick Owens if you are reading this I will gladly accept any charity!!! Now these white ruffled socks are such a unique find that I can't even tell you how to purchase them on the net (their server is not working???) which sucks because now I'm going to have to make a pair. I do believe the name of the designer is strumpets. I'll always be a fan of Black jersey items that are simple and sexy here is something Fashion Chateau that adore for today... Get the look at Fashion Chateaux today!!!

Sexy Digital Art....

There is only one available pretties. So if you want this fine work of art you can go to etsy and buy it to put in that posh kitchen of yours or any hip living spot for that matter. My Charlie Girl Never lets me down!!!

An early New Year's

I'm back from my vacation and wanted to pop in to say a little hello and let you guys know about a couple of New Years dresses. ;) Now, I won't be posting regularly until after the 5th of January, because I am incredibly lazy and I have a bit more rl rebel rousing to do. But I did want to pop on and say hi and wish everyone a Happy Freaking New Year's! I know it's usually around Christmas that these wild and crazy office parties happen, but well in my crazy mind they should be around New Years so the year starts off with a tick, tick, boom, bang!

Business by day:
Love Aya Black Suit
Love Aya Three Piece Suit
Love Aya Crimson Suit

*Love.Aya* has 21 full perms outfits available all $0 each (and a couple of the sweaters could be modified to fit the guys). Some are casual and some business; all cute. (If you wander around this sim you'll find other goodies. On my quick look around the sim I saw: pirate eye patches with a variety of designs on them, martini glass tub, 1 prim chair (full permissions), kitty messenger bag, shoulder pets, and a zzzz afk tool. Just take a look around.)

(*Love.Aya* Black Suit, Three Piece Suit and Crimson Suit. All modeled with the following: Glitz Shoes from Playboy $1, Another Skin - SE $0 , Diversity Hair Jorslei $0 for a Limited Time!, Stockings are from Opium Everyday's Little Black Dress Gift from Christmas $0, Gemstone Eyes by Inspired $1)

Party by night:

SYD designs Happy New Year Dress
Flutterby Free Dress

The above pink dress is $1 from S.Y.D. designs and the red one is by Flutterby for $0.

(The Pink Dress from S.Y.D. designs is modeled with the following: L'Oreal Paris *Perfectly Pastel* Skin can be obtained at Calla Hair $0, Gemstone Eyes by Inspired $1, tukinowaguma Natumi hair $0, fur earrings from Black Ageha $0)

(The Red Dress from Flutterby is modeled with the following: Another Skin - FE $0, Gemstone Eyes by Inspired $1, EG Hair (unisex) dored1 $0, Romantic Rose Faerie Wings from Free 4 Fae $0, Black and White Beaded Heels from the Two Pairs of Freebie shoes box at She's So Unusual $1)

Holiday Sales!!!

I LOVE after Holiday Shopping I suggest you visit E Moda right here to find some hot items to load up on. I'm all about this hard to find line they sell at E Moda called Butterfly Drop Out. Comfy and pretty printed pieces on soft comfy cotton jersey. Right now they are offering free ground shipping.

Holiday savings at!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Leee Childers Rock Photos Inspired this Fashion Punk Pieces from the Fashion Underground!!!

Leee Black Childers has a history of Rock and Roll documentation. I met him last month at Pat Field's Barbie extravaganza I knew of him but thought when I saw him he was some kind of indie designing magazine journalist slash boy!!! Anyway looking at his work has inspired me to push this month with a little more indie punk design!!! Rock and Roll never dies,it does change form!!!

Let's start off with some punk rock jewels to begin the ride of modern day punk!!! Karen Silverman does it hot and well ie. this studded silver bracelet!!!

My girl Mady Black Knows how to rock out with punk as former leading designer for good ole Betsey Johnson!!!
This downtown Chic DYI like jacket by Kahri is available at Stars and Infinite Darkness!!!

Mohawk hat available at

Long time gal pal Lisa Fortin has been running Steel Couture for years now. This is just a taste of sexy heavy metal love she has to offer your rock and roll hearts.

Sunday, 23 December 2007


Merry XMAS all and thankyou for all your support and talent. God Bless all. I hope I've helped out this year and even gotten some of you some freelance gigs. If so please send me your stories. I have 1000 regular readers and I am getting about 3000 clicks a month. Which means in a couple of months it'll be 6000 views a month. I am so proud of my success with Angel Lust. I look forward to bringing you more,and myself. A very special thanks to Carasan and all the kindness she's written and let me know what a help I've been, and to My Charlie Girl and her illustrations that are one of my favorites, to Sarah Howard of Beauty banter for publishing me on her blog.And everyones letter of thanks. And MAO MAG for bringing inspirational history on both counter culture and past pop culture. Love you all!!!

Friday, 21 December 2007

My OH My!!!

I need to own this,you need too as well and so does Blair on Gossip Girl!!! Designed by Myolee and sold on STARS AND INFINITE DARKNESS!!!

Its Xmas time in the City!!!

I love being uptown this time of year,it is leaking spirit everywhere. I briefly stepped into Saint Patrick's Cathedral an heard the young choir boys with voices of angels sing. I came home and sipped hot coco. Merry Christmas fellow designers,and happy holidays to all.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

It's not Christmas unless it's in NYC

Bergdorf Goodman's window displays this XMAS are by far the absolute best. I'm gonna post some new pictures of all the fifth avenue store displays. You will have to check back everyday till the 25th. There is just too much for one posting...But my GOD I just adore the fifth floor on Sak's!!!