Wednesday, 30 April 2008

oooOOOooo Something for the Guys Too

Guys if you're feeling left out you shouldn't be today, Nora & Dani's are both offering goodies for you. =)

If you haven't been by Nora BodySkins & Fashions (Glenn 197/33/27) you'll find a free male & female skin available at her store. ($0/white/m &f).


The shoes worn with all outfits are from Four Yip (MO Island 61/67/60) - YIPs Lost Shoe. You'll find a number of free outfits in this area and another of Yip's shops around the corner. Search --> profiles tab and check out Four Yip's profile picks to find additional locations to pick up her goods at along with a gallery (Waelya Tenk and Shaun Mayo's gallery - Yab Yum (220, 63, 23) featuring some art by Four. ($0 / m&f/ additional outfits & accessories priced under $100)

All the following outfits are from Raeva's (Modus Vivendi 143/82/42) where all outfits are $50! The featured outfits are from her dollarbie rack found in the center of the shop. ($1 ea. - 2 dresses/ f)

More for guys & gal's behind the cut...

The hair featured in all pictures is the Edea style from Discord Designs. Discord Designs (Synchronicity 172/165/31) is offering double packs of Edea for $1, all hue packs for $3, and the fat pack (all colors) for $9. There is also a unisex black non-flex afro (DIVA - found on post Synchronicity 198, 153, 30) available in store for $1. ($1 ea/1-f 1-unisex)

Dani Harrop of Dani's (Bikini Beach (6, 152, 22) dropped me a notecard letting me know about her unisex May outfit out now. ($0/ unisex)


Blowpop (Fuzzy 251/174/35) is offering a free skin in each of its 6 different skin tones for free. Theses skins are the simply nekkid sans makeup choices. $0

Men's fashion

It seems that is predicting a hippie influence for men's fashion, citing Birkenstock-like sandals, flower prints and light denim as the newest trends.

God, I hope not.

What is UP with homeboy #3's pompadour? I don't see this becoming a trend past a few men who are really into fashion or can afford designer clothes from the runway. I could, however, see this being more popular if the flowers shrink in size... like in a fabric that you couldn't tell was a floral until you got closer... Damn, I wish I could create textiles.



I was hoping's slideshow on Klimt would change my mind about the artist, but it actually just made me think that he really should not be taken as a fashion inspiration.

Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907)

Christian Dior Haute Couture, Spring 2008

Yes, yes, I know it's haute couture... but the ready-to-wear clothing inspired by Klimt isn't much nicer.

Anna Sui

I will say, however, that this clutch is quite nice. Stunning, even.

Christian Lacroix

Obviously, someone likes this stuff, but it's just NOT my bag -- pun unintended.

All photos from, of course.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday! Monday!

Let's start off with a TODAY ONLY offer from MIA (MIA 2 (164, 35, 33). That's right guys and GALS MIA is back to giving away a free outfit on Monday. They've taken their break and are now back to the old MONDAY ONLY offer. Only this time they've included the girls! This week's theme is Cha Cha (includes matching red shoes) and yes, guys there's an outfit waiting for you. I'll not spoil the surprise. ($0 / m&f)

MIA cha cha

I'm wearing the new sakura sorceress skin from Mela's (Juicy (154, 145, 24). ($0/ f)

The hair in all pictures is from the $1 wall found in the clearance room at Bewitched Hair (Lemon Island (250, 187, 40). They are having a great clearance too, with fat packs (all colors include) of hair selling for only $100. ($1-10 styles/ f & unisex)


I picked up both pairs of shoes that I'm wearing from the Free Dove (Gallii 113/53/33) which is one of those must visit freebie haunts. The white pair of shoes is courtesy of Insolence; black pair from *SM Vendor*. ($0 / m & f/clothes, shoes, hair, skin, animation overrides, jewelry)

AQUA copy

At AQUA (Glinda 227, 29, 89) I picked up two cute dresses for free and the hotpants & bikini top set is $5 for a limited time. I hadn't heard of this place before and it has tons of sexy outfits. ( $0 - dresses, $5 -hotpants/ F)


While at a hunt I spotted Trinity Outlander who had on a smexy, smexy lace outfit. She directed me to Kunglers (Agapema 241/137/48) where I found two lace outfits. You'll find both dresses upstairs. ($0 - 2 dresses, F)

A Piece of Candy _ Blue Diamond Hunt

Last, but certainly not least I hit A Piece of Candy (Immintel (160, 180, 100) for the Little Italy blue diamond hunt. I spotted all the diamonds easily and I'm sure you can too. They're sculpty so just make sure to walk around and give them time to rez. There were 4 outfits included in the hunt and one skin. I also picked up one of the $1 tops (not pictured) from the dollarbie post, where you'll find additional Another Shop skin mods. Candy is really good to her patrons and usually offers (as she has this week) a new release at a special introductory price. This week she has a couple of outfits for $10 each. ($1 - 5 diamonds, $1- skins & shirts, $10 new releases / F)

I almost forgot. =X All the jewelry shown is from yoona Mayo's shop in uemachi (uemachi (25, 136, 29). You'll find a nice selection of free jewelry & a hair for the girls. Also the prices are really inexpensive. $30 for earrings & $50 for necklaces & some sets.

Photos taken on the Shengri La sims (sims: Shegri La, Shengri La Joy, Shengri La Hope, Shengri La Love, Shengri La Peace)

Help feed the publicist!!!

I'm hawking some designer duds used and unused at shameless low prices...My ebay store is here click!!!Miu Miu shoes used for a 1.oo starting bid,Betsey johns lace skirts starting at 3$...Stop by and show some support and pittly LMAO...

Remember for 15$ a month you can advertise on my site. I'm quite generously with leaving things up longer than a month. Just donate in my paypal account,let me know you did by contacting me at

Unfortunately in the beginning success will come your way,and your pockets art not benefiting in the beginning. You have to pay your dues and with blind faith how for the big pay off.

This cashmere never worn out cardigan is one of my cheap pieces staring at five bucks...

Another thing I'm offering is,if you donate like a dollar in my paypal account and submit me you did so. I will post a paragraph shout out to what ever you want...

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Every Artist has her Muse!!!

I have so many of them,and I feel blessed to know so many beautiful,quirky,crazy individuals of all fields and paths of life. I don't hold any prejudice. The GIRLZ that inspire me remind me of certain parts of my life and others that represent something I can't even grasp. So here are a few of my favorite muse.....

This little Lolita eccentric reminds me of me in my late teens till 22 or so. Wandering the East Village in crazy beautiful mode and chilling out in simple cheap places. simplicity suits me best. I'm an old fashioned gal,and ordinary girl living in an extraordinary world.

My NYC ballerina,turned model turned actress and all time fashionista Kat-Bunny. She's my BFF currently residing in the UK at a posh theater school. She's danced before a thousand eyes and sipped Sophia Coppola champagne in a pink can before a personal audience. Kat has a closet full of vintage prom dresses toe shoes and designer jeans and killer individual taste!!!

To the right is Melissa, a party girl I met while I worked at Betsey Johnson on Madison Ave back in the day. We ran the store like our own personal club house. The boss never came in. She's just a nice art student gal pal from Queens with a quick wit and sick sense of humor!!!

Alison and Catherine Pierce aka The Pierce's...I just turn on their music and the ideas just flow my way hands down, and no effort. Plus I've been into this kind of rock n roll since I was a kid. These 2 chicks have such effortless beauty. When you see them out they probably don't even have any makeup on.

A little something I'm working on

Buy me

I'm placing orders and struggling with the $$$ so if you want to buy my love LOL you can start here!!!

While you were sleeping....

I'm slowly working through some of my notes on places to check out. One place(s) is the MILK USAGI MALL in Samoa *Japane (Samoa (225, 136, 57). In each mall there is a freebie section. You'll find the freebie section in this mall along the back wall of the first floor and another upstairs along the front wall of the store. There are also a couple of freebies within vendor booths. Just take a look around. You'll also find camping chairs at this location; at other locations you'll find lucky chairs. The malls are small and if you decide to check them all out (the black spinning box near the entry will dispense a note card with landmarks to other locations) take a look in the areas surrounding each small mall. Japanese vendors often offer freebies. (Dress, boots/ $0 / f)


I'm wearing a new skin from Frick ( Blackmount 98/138/64) who makes Another Skin modifications that are fantasy inspired. All the skins here are reasonably priced at $30 and under. (IZ skin/ $1/2 pack / f)

I'm wearing one of the hairs that you too can find on the Earth Day hunt that ends Sunday on Lemon Island home of Bewitched Hair. ($0/12 hairs bought from trees / m&f)


I was hopping around a couple of places trying to help a new guy find some armor and rp stuff and spotted some new to me freebies.

Fandom Project Sweeny

First stop was the Free Fandom Project (Lippert 160, 111, 171). Although we didn't spot the armor that I had previously blogged about here. We did find an awesome Sweeny avatar. I'm not wearing the shape included with the avatar, but it is a guy's av ^.^. ($0, m/f)

Ultimate Super Hero _  Jill

Next we headed off to a couple of the Ultimate Hero (Simpkins 137/242/55) stores and found an outfit for GIRLS!!! I'm not sure who exactly Jill is, but I love her outfit! I'm wearing skin from Spirit (Plush Tau 41, 14, 28), catch the info on either of the two previous posts and hair from Free Speerit(Quest III 155, 150, 22 - rush to get this one). (Ultimate Hero costumes $0 m/f, Spirit skin $1/2 pack f, Free Speerit hair $0 f)

Boxed Heroes _ Female Warrior

Ok, so two strikes the last and final stop (for this post ;) ) did yield him an excellent set of armor and there was also a complete female warrior with skin, hair, and animation overide available (pictured above). The quality on these two offerings from Boxed Heroes (Plush Epsilon 58/57/22) is amazing! ($0 m/f)

Boxed Heroes _ Arabian Warrior

Photos were taken at the Steam Forge (FairChang Lost Isle Sim).

Friday, 25 April 2008

Earth Friendly Fashion Extravaganza!!!

So for everyone who missed it here is a taste of the Earth Day fashion show thrown by Bui-Lavry PR (my gorgeous cashmere mafia girls at work). It took place on the roof top at The Park located in Chelsea NYC. This is only part 2 of the show,I am still getting used to my pink camera/video cam...You all might as well subscribe to my Youtube acount for updates of the coolest events in the world!!!

The Four R~s

Reduce, reuse, recycle meets Ren this weekend.

Bewitched hair (Sim: Lemon Island) has placed out 12 freebie hair packs that include an Earth Day inspired t-shirt. Each can be bought from the trees around the sim. Just click the trees and buy. If you'd like to read more about the hunt and Earth Day stroll on over to the Bewitched Blog. (12 hairs + tshirts/ m&f/ $0 ea)

Cassiopeia Isle Collage
(outfits from: Cassiopeia Isle, skin: Spirit, hair: Bewitched, shoes: Sarah Nerd, jewelry: simply spoiled)

More info behind the cut...

The merchants on Cassiopeia Isle have done it again... Along with LVS & Co they are bringing Ren to the square and you'll find some spectacular prizes around the sim. There's stuff for the guys to. ($1 for most items, $5 for the tiny rabbit avatar including the wings./ m&f, furry, tiny/many items)

Hobbit Wear _Cassiopeia Isle
(Hobbit outfits from:
Cassiopeia Isle, hair: Bewitched, skin: Spirit)

I used a necklace from Simply Spoiled (Mechozilla (96, 150, 44) I found it a nice compliment to the gothic dresses available at Cassiopeia Isle. ($1)

The shoes pictured are the color change Mary Janes available at Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise (NineInchNerds 94/115/35). This place is a must see! ($0)

Once again I used the Giants Light Glossy and Matte available at Spirit (Plush Tau 41, 14, 28). ($1/2pack/ f )

Furry Tiny _ Cassiopeia Isle
(Avatars from:
Cassiopeia Isle (lower left corner is one of the $5 avatars)

I also ran by Sideshow (Mischief 109/120/25) and picked up some new mighty fine hillbilly wear. You'll also find a cute whicker lamp next to the outfits & the brand spanking new retro furniture collection. ($0/f / also lamp)

(T-shirt in upper right corner from Bewitched Hair other outfit pieces & outfits from Sideshow, Hair: Bewitched, Skin: Spirit)
Photos were taken at Botanical @ Straylight Sculpt Tree Store (Straylight (200, 159, 9).

Thursday, 24 April 2008

WB Lappy!

Yay! My lappy is back from the dr's with a brand new keyboard and hopefully it will not shut off every time I enter the little pixelated universe I call part time home. Hope you didn't miss us too much. =^.^=

Well, in case you missed it on the entry a couple below this one Amorepacific4's hair spot (this is the Mise En Sine location on the hud found at approximately: Amorepacific4 81, 137, 66) is back up and running. Stop by to camp for some darling hairs for both the guys and gals. (Don't forget there are a couple of hair styles for the ladies in the Hera ballroom along with dresses, shoes, masks, & fans. You can also find free furniture, han-bock dresses, shoes, and knick-knacks in the Amore Museum. And don't forget there are a couple of spots to camp for female skins also. Explore, explore, explore!) (Camp times vary from 20 minutes or less.)

I received a lovely preview of $1 skins from SavannahAnn of Spirit (Plush Tau 41, 14, 28). If you teleport to the Pro Cheer Skin's room you'll find that one pack of each Veteran skin tone (commercial accessible from Spirit's blog) is available priced at only $1/pack normally $1000. So if you haven't gone by to check out this new hybrid photo sourced - hand painted line NOW is your chance! Look for the Giants Light Glossy and Matte pack in whatever skin tone you prefer. ($1/2 pack of skin) These skins were used in all the photos.

When I logged in I found myself at the ever expanding SakuraTown (mall area I - SakuraTown 46, 46, 32) which has added a new SakuraTown II mall area ( SakuraTown 71, 197, 24). The mall area II recently celebrated it's grand opening and many of the freebies may be taken down so rush over to check it all out. If you haven't visited this area please stop by and check it out. It's jammed with freebies and you can enjoy the spring festivities. If you get confused the red roofed areas are part of the original mall and blue roofed stores are part of the mall II expansion. There's even a couple of things for the guys to. ($0)

Sakura Town mall II

Much more behind cut...

Another Sakura festival and shopping area hot spot is located in the Access Island region. I've written about this area (access 162, 150, 22 -cross the bridge if you'd like to look at the area previously blogged) before, but since then it has expanded doubling in size. If you haven't experienced a lot of Japanese shopping this would be an excellent introduction to tons of designers. There's a lot here, but only about 10 items offered up from any one designer. There's numerous stalls ranging from clothing, hair, skin, tinies, and even a couple of neko items. And yes, the guys will be happy if you bring them along because there are a couple freebies here for him also! ($0-$1)


If you haven't popped on over to the Wing Fling (Platinum 128,10,21) you might just want to because besides having a ton of wings in one place to browse there are also two great deals ($1 & 0). You can find a great map of the booth layout on Second Style Cast. You'll want to check out Seven's Selections and Battle Fairy's booths.


The capris modeled with the wings are from a gem of a store La petite fleur (aquapolis (186, 176, 41) which has put out the cutest little khaki dress. One word of warning here *Try before you buy, all the prim skirts are no modify!*($0)

La Petite Fleur

Additional items: Hair pictured with the La petite fleur outfit is from Free Speerit, (Quest III 155, 150, 22). These hairs will only be available for a very short time ($0-rush). The shoes are an old stand by from Ada Store (Fontaine (39, 104, 50). ($0)

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

OMFG Angel Lust on GOSSIP GIRL!!!!

Naturally my bows had to find their ways on to the heads of the GOSSIP GIRL'S cast. Well that and Eric Damon has excellent taste and worked under legendary style icon Patricia Field for Sex in the City...All things are good when it has to do with gossip,in this case at least. I have a few screen stills here but stay tuned for more to come!!!

A big thanks to BUI-LAVRY PR for making EVERYTHING and ANYTHING happen as long as it is in good conscience and never straying from their motto....

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Macy's Window Display for Earth Week in NYC

The fashion Industry really knows how to put the message out there with all the designers/window dressers/makeup artistry and hair stylist...I love these MACY'S window's with soda cans cut into sculpted flower head pieces. Trash bag plastic wigs,and yarn hair. It really has got me excited about going green or at least trying a bit harder.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Newsflash!, the International Herald Tribune, has a newly revamped Style section. It's much easier to navigate, and has a much better layout now. Check it out!

I "discovered" about two summers ago, and since then, I get all of my news (style, culture, world news, you name it) from there. Plus, they have this awesome real estate section where you can drool over French chateaus that cost 800 million Euros. How do you even
make that much money?

Sunday, 20 April 2008


Henri Bendel’s will feature the Angel Lust head piece showcase by designer/style blogger, Kristen May Anastasia a designer gaining a small cult status rather quickly amongst downtown and uptown girls . You can view and purchase gorgeous French lace collaged pieces with Italian beads and swarovski crystals, or the now famous bow worn on Gossip Girl the new hit TV series for the fashion hungry!!! The viewing dates are April 21st till the 23rd during store hours. The date of April 22nd there is a possibility one actresses from Gossip Girl will be available by Kristen’s side to sign autographs for fans of the show that day.

Hip young Boutiques such as Shop and Patricia Field carry Angel Lust currently,but the big time stores such as Anthropology and England’s Top Shop are showing an interest. notes her sales reps.

Blonds have more fun!!!!

You can bet I will be there after the insanity of my bow crazy trunk show!!! MAO PR always throws a good party!!! Chardonay please someone!!!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Head-Band Culture

Check these out at Susie Bubble's blog!!! I'm not the only one who has caught the buzz!!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Flower Power with the Blond's!!!

Downtown costume designers on the rise to fame Phillipe and David Blond have prepared the windows at Macy's alongside Fashion window legend Billy B. Watch this for the pre inspiration trip.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Cool-weather wear

Here in the "middle" states on the East Coast, we sometimes have peculiar weather. In one day, the weather can go from 45 degrees (Fahrenheit, that is) to 85, all the way down to 30.

If you're like me, you end up going outside well-equipped to face the morning chill only to be sweating profusely come midday, or you're fine all day till the sun sets and you're left to fight off the chill in a flimsy tank top. You'd think 20+ years of living here would get it down, but things are different when you've had to wear a uniform for 18 years of that life. :P

So I put together some outfits using trusty old Polyvore:

Left: As you can see, this is an outfit for an overall warmer day. A gray and white striped tank top is covered by teal wool cardigan with a shawl color that can be rearranged to keep your neck warm. Add long brown walking shorts for a bit more coverage, and gold flat sandals complete the look.

Middle: A cooler day requires more substantial layers and closed shoes, so try a longer coral tank top underneath a green swing jacket with bracelet-length sleeves. A pair of straight leg jeans and black shiny flats lend an air of sophistication and ease.

Right: For a moderate day, a full belted skirt can be paired with a t-shirt and cardigan for warmth. Open-toe striped shoes with a slight wedge heel echo the graphic print of the shirt.

Click on the picture for more details!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

We need your help!!!

So this Earth Day April 22nd I am privileged to participate in the event of an eco friendly fashion show. The state of New York contacted my reps to put this hot non profit event together.

Any way let me just cut to the Chris Whelan chase (LMAO), we need some reliable volunteers to help out back stage dressing s few of top 50 male models and other things. I can't come out and say that a certain Guess campaign model or Ralph Lauren/Italian Cover boy will be there, But please if you would like to volunteer (in a professional manner) we'd all really appreciate it.

EDUN will be showing as well as other smaller established brands such as Carasan.
Contact if you are interested.

Beware of the Cops

There's a grid wide hunt going on right now- sorry don't know the details. I've been busy being a hobbit cleric. So if you're not buried in freebies or just can't get enough head down to the start point (Red Stick International Animatio, Granymyr (227, 53, 34) and touch the kiosk for the lovely list of participants in this grid wide hunt.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Wall Decals

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your bachelorette pad I suggest these wall stickers. They are sexy and modern, and whats in your home is a reflection of the self. This will bring the loving in. Buy it here on Etsy!!!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Droolworthy, but sooooooo not happening.

New accessories from the designers. I seriously hope that they "trickle down," as they say.

Alexander McQueen

Anna Sui



Calvin Klein

More later!