Sunday, 31 January 2010

Chanel Pre-Fall


TOO SEXY Magazine Launch

Pajama & Lingerie Party!

Sunday, January 31st 2010
1:00 PM slt


A Party So Big We Are Holding it on 2 Sims!

Primary Location: Benjaminz- TOO SEXY Magazine Launch Party
Secondary Location: SXY2ND Plaza Sim



1-2 PM slt: DJ Tristain Savon (Vengeance Radio)
2-3 PM slt: Live Music - Harper Messmer
3-4 PM slt: DJ Tristain Savon (Vengeance Radio)

L O T S O F F R E E G I F T S for G U Y S & G I R L S
from Seldom Blue, Nardcotix, and YS&YS!!!

Dress Code: Your Favorite Pajamas, Loungewear or Lingerie!




Contact: Sienna Bellios, Co-Managing Editor, TOO SEXY Magazine.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Flavor 1 yr Bash & Hunt Ends @ Midnight!

Flavor! is celebrating their 1 yr anniversary with a sale and there's also a hunt for 10 items in store marked down to $0! Scroll over items to find the free goodies and enjoy hair at $50/color pack, but hurry because it's almost midnight!

Happy Birthday Flavor!

Resolve This

Hair: 20 min camp / "ww*hair-086:D.Brown"

Clothes: L$1 for *DU PAPILLON* Dress "Spring Breeze" FREEBIE.
L$1 for *DU PAPILLON* Dress "Rainbow" FREEBIE.
L$1 for *DU PAPILLON* Outfit "Manana" FREEBIE.
source: BedavaSL

Shoes: L$0 for KK GIft -FetishDoll X Sculpted Feet Latex Strap Sandals Dayglo

Skin: Lucky Board / NMJ-SKIN BOX F1

Earrings: L$1 for Donna Flora VIOLETTA earrings.

Left: L$1 for The Dollhouse-Tarot Carnival Dollie. (LVS)

Shoes: L$0 for Red Shoe Mary Jane Shoe whiterose.

Center: L$1 for *:SS:*Happy Valentine dress.

Right: L$0 for {SMS} Free Gift.

Left: L$0 for .::SM::. GIFT CHRISTMAS (shirt/pants)
(SAH) GIRLZ - #15 .::SM::. #3 (hair/scarf/purse/boot)

Center: Lucky Board / Shampooo Tube dress silver

Tights & Shoes: $0 for TYGHTS_CUBAN_BLACK_15_DEMO.
L$0 for Black Heels in bag to go.

Right: Shirt: BEGGARS BANQUET Unlucky letter / BBS-Weat 006
$0L item *© Winnie the Pooh expires in 2026

Pants: L$0 for *EN* Lovers CargoPants(Ladies')free.

Belt: *EN* Lovers Group Gift 01:

Hair: group gift in store / MEB : NOEL Hair (Blonde) + Cap (red velvet)

Skin: Game / Hinako skin Prototype B @ Heaven's Shape
Lucky Board / Hinako skin Prototype C
Lucky Board / 2010 Lucky Skin B

*Female Weekly gift
* Midnight Mania at Female Store with an exclusive color of top (never will be sold) (50 slaps and will stay for the next 2 weeks)
*Blue Jeans as profile pick reward [ good for girls & guys! ]
*T-shit with abdomen muscles on texture to boys as weekly gift
*Aviator sunglasses with colorchange hud at Midnight Mania in Male Store (girls can grab it too) 50 slaps and will stay for the next 2 weeks)
All from Equilibrium Design
Ty to Isabelli of SL Freebies Paradise, Procura-se um Freebie, and Make him over.

Dresses, Shirts, & Hair: L$2 for **+Mauloa V gift unisex**.
L$1 for **+Mauloa hair tulia**.
L$10 for **+Mauloa hair Nally**.
L$1 for **+Mauloa red knit oneP**1L$.
L$1 for **+Mauloa short tops(WH)&Green SP mini skirt**.
Lucky Board/ Congratulations!**+Mauloa BK sexy tops** Jacket.
Lucky Board/ Congratulations! **+Mauloa down JK leo LB**.

Lucky Board / **+Mauloa LB onep (KDC MALL)**

Jeans: Equilibrium Blue Jeans (profile pick gift)

Jewelry: L$0 for Gold chain Acce. @ KABI's cafe&bar

Skyboxes: L$0 for **KatzE**G-giftbox for Kabi's.
L$0 for skybox***city02***.
L$0 for FREE!!SkyBox***city01***. @ KABI's cafe&bar

Furniture: L$0 for D:A Free Furniture*Gothic mat.
L$0 for D:A Free Furniture*Gothic shelf.
L$0 for D:A Free Furniture*Gothic table

Friday, 29 January 2010


Skin: Lucky Board / *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Nina Ugly Catt!!

Hair: L$1 for :Liriope: Winter gift

Poses: L$0 for MNK*SHOP_Gift**KALMIA labo. (2nd).

Shirts: L$0 for flower-camisole.
L$0 for blueflower-camisole.
L$0 for Stripe-camisole. @ *+curious+*
also ( *+curious+* Simplesky - not shown)

Outfits: MM Board / Target 60 / ONAR Tartan Punk set {GIFT}
L$0 for ONAR Skull Dress_Gift2.
L$0 for ONAR Leopard Dress [gift].

Hair: L$1 for DOLLARBIE "Connie" by Katey (16 shades).

Shoes: group gift in store / N-core Group Gift "Classic Stiletto" BOXED

Poses: L$0 for MNK*SHOP_Gift**KALMIA labo. (2nd).

Left: L$0 for Red Shoe-Blue Rose Dress. @ Red Shoes

Center: Lucky Board / :WhoNose: Emmi Outfit TEAL NIGHT (Lucky Board)

Right: L$0 for :WhoNose: Happy New Year Gift.

Skins: $1/skin - .::Mother Goose's::. LEE troublemaker1, 2, & 3

Outfit: L$0 for Free: The Senorita Party Dress (Emerald) . @ MadamG Zagato Haute Couture by Never 30

Skipping Stones May Break My Heart

Outfits, Skin, Eyes: *Time Sensitive*
L$0 for .::PeppermintBlue::.100129NewbieAssistancePack for Ladies LE.
L$0 for .::PeppermintBlue::.100122NewbieAssistancePack for LadiesMO#03P.
L$0 for .::PeppermintBlue::.100101NewbieAssistancePack for LadiesP.

Hair: L$0 for ::MB:: opening free gift.

Outfits: L$1 for !Ohmai : Basics Puff Blouse BLANK.
L$0 for !Ohmai : Basics One-Piece BLANK.
L$0 for !Ohmai : HighRise Tank BLANK.
L$0 for !Ohmai : Basics Loose Racerback BLANK.
L$0 for !Ohmai : Basics Pocket Cardigan BLANK.


Jewelry: Lucky Board / BOW necklace_RED @ yorim's factory

Left: L$0 for *M* Lady in Waiting

Center & Right : Touch / Ports Luskan Welcoming Chest
*skins & shoes in welcoming chest are not shown

Hair: group gift in store / "TA hair Group gift1

Left: L$0 for NIYARI # roll chan. (includes prop)

Center: L$0 for rina251-free20-box.

Right: L$1 for Twosome - Cardi-Love for VDay
L$1 for Twosome goes Valentine
L$1 for Twosome - V-day Skirt Dollarbie

Hair: L$1 for "TA hair Long04. @ Time of Angel

Nerdy Cool?

I came across this store, Lazy Oaf, via March Rabbits... I didn't like any of their clothes, because I thought they were a little too cutesy for my age, but they have a lot of scarves, bags, keychains, etc. that I liked.

For example: There's this calculator watch which comes in a lovely lilac/lavender color. Girly nerd.

This casette tape purse. Music nerd.

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this necklace... I'm not an oaf. But it is kind of cute... Oaf nerd.

And finally, this necklace (my favorite). Night of the Living Hunter nerd.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hello Fish Eyes

Dresses: L$0 for (osakki) Freebie!.

Poses: L$0 for ## CI ## 1st Year Anniversary Gift.

Skin & Eyes : (previously blogged) L$0 for : FALLEN Style : Gift for Her.

Hair: (previously blogged) $0 - Hairy Situations New Release Gift Jan.22nd

Hair: MM Board / ChiChickie! Isabellla - Midnight Madness Pack - Jan 2010

Skin: L$1 for Pop ArT Skin&Shape Free Bag.
(skins sale $40/skin too!)

Left: L$0 for Karina Sexy Dress @ PB Collection - Ardigraf Design

Shoes: TESLA - 'Jane' -fire- Shoes, $0 on xstreet

Center: Lucky Board KDC MALL / :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Nudy Pink &

Jewelry: Lucky Board KDC MALL /((Crystal line))Heart Diamond Accessory(pink)

Right: Lucky Chair / * Donna Flora * CROSS dress gown

BlogWitch V: Lust Never Dies

Skin: group gift in store - *RS* Group Gift Skin @ Roxxstar

Hair: L$0 for Paddy's - Page -Black.

Left: SHIRT -> MM Board .:Relentless Couture:. Splatter Mini Dress
SHOES-> L$1 for .::Relentless Couture::.. by ..::VoLT::.. Gift (10 pack of shoes)

NECKLACE -> L$2 for *Jetcity* ID card holder

Center: OUTFIT -> L$0 for Rohant: White Couture Gift. @ House of Fox

Right: OUTFIT -> $0 for Rohant/House of Fox BlackSequins.

Skin & Eyes : L$0 for : FALLEN Style : Gift for Her.

Hair: Lucky Board / +HONEY+hair0005(ASH)

Left: Lucky Board / +HONEY+DressVol_0030*LB(Black)

Center: COAT: Group gift in store / +HONEY+Leather long jacket*Group gift
* jeans & tank from Fallen Style Gift
SHOES: Group gift in store / magi take work boots [ green ]

Right: Lucky Board / *NN* LB+HONEY+winter0036

Elie Tahari Pre-Fall

Highlights: High-heeled mules (which are enjoying a comeback, along with clogs), bright florals, lots of sparkle, "statement" necklaces.

I loooooooooove this collection, but looking back at it, it does seem like a bunch of trends thrown together. Not that it's bad, but there is a lot going on here. I'm slowly making my way into florals, but even these aren't quite my cup of tea. What I do like, however, is that slouchy taupe jacket (second from the right), the necklaces, and the sparkly (seemingly sari-inspired) orange skirt.

how did you come up with the name of your blog - "Res pulchrae" means "beautiful things" in Latin - and that's pretty much what I want my closet to be filled with!
when where you introduced to fashion
- I've always been interested in fashion (that doesn't necessarily mean I've always had good style - most of my grade school years were kind of embarrassing in terms of style, now that I look back...) My first fashion memory is of this gray, floppy felt hat that I wore non-stop when I was a toddler. I think I may have taken it from one of my dolls actually. how do you describe your style - I stick to neutral colors (makes it easier to put outfits together - everything always matches!), I love mixing textures - right now I wear a lot of leather mixed with cashmere scarves and cotton tees. I don't wear a lot of skirts and dresses because hemlines are a big issue for me (I am not very tall,) but I do love skinny black pants and own several in all sorts of materials. I feel naked without a blazer and scarf, so summer is by far my least favorite season for fashion!
what made you start a fashion blog - My blog is an extension of mystylediary, where I first chronicled my daily outfits online. I always wanted to put together a "fashion diary" to help me decide what to wear and to see which outfits work and which ones don't. I also wanted to catalog the items in my closet, which is why I provide close-up pictures of each item I'm wearing - my photobucket account where all these pictures are stored act as my virtual closet. how is your style different than everyone else
- I can't say for sure that my style is unique; when I think of unique style I think of people like Susie Bubble. I am in my twenties, which probably makes me older than the majority of fashion bloggers out there. I try to stay away from trends - you probably won't see hole-y tights, shredded tees, or overly-studded bags on my blog. I also don't own as much vintage as other fashion bloggers. I realize that vintage items are one-of-a-kind, but I feel like the whole mixing-vintage-with-new look has lost its edge, it doesn't look as fresh to me. I have trouble wearing vintage without looking like a hipster, so you won't see much vintage on my blog.
who is your inspiration
- A few of my style icons (I have many) include: Carine Roitfeld, Kate Moss, and Vanessa Traina. Bloggers I check daily (there are quite a few - even more than I have listed on my blogroll) include Sophia of Phosphene, Mode d'Amour, Hanh of Life in Travel, and Caroline Blomst of Carolines Mode.
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world & what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog
- I am but a small ripple in a whole ocean of fashion bloggers, so my contribution to the fashion world is miniscule. I have always gotten good response to my outfits when I posted them on stylediary, so I decided to share them via my blog. My blog is a style diary, not a personal diary, so I hope the clothes will always be the main focus. My outfits are very easy to replicate - as a reader once commented, my closet is made up of "luxe basics," tees, skinny pants, and chunky knits. My outfits
are just different combinations of the same items,
so I hope that if a reader gets inspired by one of my outfits, she can easily copy the look.

Face a-head

אתמול (למעשה שלשום, אך את מרבית הפוסט כתבתי אתמול) היה היום הראשון מזה זמן רב בו לא היה לי דבר לעשות (יש לי כמובן המוני דברים לעשות אבל לא שום דבר שאינו סובל דיחוי למחר או מחרתיים) ואני חייבת לומר שהזמן עבר לו די בעצלתיים. כבר חודשים שאני חולמת על חוסר מעש ובטלה אך אני חייבת להודות כשהגיע רגע האמת, לא ממש ידעתי מה לעשות עם כל הזמן הזה. בבוקר ביליתי בגמגומים בספרדית במוזיאון תל אביב עם בת הדודה של בן זוגי אשר הגיעה לביקור היישר מארגנטינה (חובה לראות את התערוכה של צדוק בן דוד, פשוט מרגש), חזרתי בצהריים עייפה במיוחד, נמנמתי קצת וביליתי את אחר הצהריים בבטלה מהסוג הרע. התייסרתי על כך שאיני ממלאה אחר מטלותי ועל כן גם לא עשיתי שום דבר כיפי או משמח. כמה מוזר, פתאום תזמון החופשה נראה לי לא כל כך מוצלח, אני כבר בשוונג לימודי אז בואו נגמור עם זה וזהו...
היום בבוקר ביצעתי סוף סוף את זממי בגלויות שקיבלתי מיריד "צבע טרי" ואשר עתידות להימכר בו במסגרת פרוייקט הגלויה הסודית. אחר כך עסקתי קצת בענייני ביטוח לאומי ומע"מ שהרי לעתים אין מנוס מקצת בירוקרטיה, ולאחר מכן הזמנתי לי ולבן זוגי כרטיסים למופע "ראשס" של אבשלום פולק וענבל פינטו, צמד כוריאוגרפים שאנחנו מחבבים במיוחד. חוץ מזה המשכתי בבטלה הלא ממש חיובית מאתמול וכעת אני מתכוננת אל שיעור המתמטיקה שיחל בעוד זמן לא רב (בזמני הפנוי אני מורה פרטית למתמטיקה).
שעורי המתמטיקה עברו בהצלחה (כפי שכבר הזכרתי כתיבת הפוסט נמשכה על פני יותר מיממה ולכן זה ממש בסדר אם הרצף הכרונולוגי אינו ברור לכם). ערב קר במיוחד עבר לו בעודי לובשת את כפפות העור שלי המחופות בפרוות צ'יטה (מלאכותית כמובן) ואת הבוקר ביליתי בסיור חפוז בתל אביב, ביקור קצרצר בשנקר וארוחת צהריים בבית קפה. יש לי הרבה בלאגן בראש ועוד לא הספקתי לעשות בו סדר מאז תחילת החופשה אי לכך גם הפוסט לוקה מעט באי בהירות. עמכם הסליחה. מצורפות כמה תמונות אהובות הבמיוחד בהן נתקלתי בשיטוטי באינטרנט בימים האחרונים, שהרי בהעדר סדר יום ברור אני מסוגלת להעביר שעות ארוכות בבהיה במסך.

The last few days were kind of weird in their emptiness. It's the first week of my vacation, and I feel like I don't really know what to do with all this spare time I suddenly have. I've already been to the museum, took care of some bureaucratic things, ordered tickets to a dance show for my boyfriend and me and worked a bit (I work as a private math teacher). Besides that I did pretty much nothing and that's despite all the things I have to do. My head is kind of messy right now and so is this post (sorry for that). In the past few days I've spent many hours in front of the computer, these are some of the pics I saw and loved.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Inga's New Releases

Inga Wind Clothing:
Inga Wind's Blog:

*IW* Lorelai in Red (includes hair)

Additional Credits: Eyes/Dernier Cri, Skin/Rockberry, Jewelry/Deco, Poses/TorridWear & Sylva's Animation Factory

*IW* Dayana in Blue

Additional Credits: Eyes/Curio, Skin/Xaida, Hair/ETD, Jewelry/Deco, Poses/CC Runway, Vain, & kureta Allen

Visit garden and KOISADA

H&M and Natasha Poly... aka, I'm a pretty, pretty princess... and you can be, too.

You know you want it. What's cool is, these clothes are made out of recycled materials, like PET bottles. Yay for green fashion! (Or you could be even more green and not buy this stuff. Just sayin'.)

Photos from H&M