Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cake Stand

I was so excited when I saw this plate and candle holder at Hobby Lobby. I don’t have a cake stand and had been looking for the right pieces to make one… They are so easy (just glue the two pieces together) and now I want to make a 100 more… but then what do you do with that many stands?? Smile
See the candle holder??
Such a simple project..and it’s even better with warm cookies on it. Don’t ya think?

Chic Girl - Les Tuileries - Paris

hebergeur image
hebergeur image
hebergeur image
hebergeur image

I met this beautiful parisian girl as she was working for
"Grazia Magazine" in les Tuileries. A Kiss from Paris !

Easy Fashion Fred

Monday, 29 November 2010

Im back..and some business

I am back from a fun Thanksgiving trip to visit some family in New Mexico. The 10 hr drive went really well considering I have a 4 year old and 1 year old.

I was able to get some Black Friday shopping done, and the whole time I was there I thought we were crazy for getting up so early and going out in that crazy mess. Why do we do it?? I will never know!

I hope you all survived too....

Also our little business to take care of. Our giveaway at the Polka Dot Chair winner was ....
Raechel said...

I actually really like the car seat canopies. I've always wanted one for our Hazel and it would come in so handy this winter!

Congrats!! I just contacted you via email!!!  
until next time, Ashlee

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Latest Photoshoot: Military Issue - Final Images

Photography: Callaghan Walsh
Styling: Natalie Trevis
Hair & Makeup: Toni Malt @ Bareface
Model: Oona @ Bareface

Music Day

I've listened to this song 13 times today. I just LOVE it! One of my favorite songs of the 90's mixed with a slow jam/electro tune is perfection. Enjoy! (Oh, and play DJ Hero if you get a chance. It's a lot of fun!)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

I'm Still Here.

Fell in all sorts of love with these Gos GTFO Boots as soon as I saw them, yeah sure, I have a zillion pairs of lace up boots already, but these are a perfect example of why you can never have too many pairs. The quality of design and texturing has improved so rapidly, that similar boots from just one year ago seem like antiques (and I love my antiques too). I decided to do a quick little post about these GTFOs so that you can see what I mean.

You can find these at Gos. Teleport Here.

The Stuff;

[Gos], GTFO Boots, Blood.

LeLutka, Mila, Walnut - Makeup 2.

Tattoo Extras:
Stellar, Freckle Face Tattoo.

lamb!, Limited Edition for One 11, Clover (Kit Kat).

COCO, Bomber Jacket, Black. & Fishy Strawberry, Spaghetti Strap Top, Red. & LeLutka, Junia Jeans, Dusk.

Redgrave, Driving Gloves Black. & UZURI, Bibi Cuff. & Diamonde, Danger Earrings.

Poses by

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Out of the office..

This major storm coming to Utah has changed our plans. I will therefore be off the computer and away from MB Sprout until next week... See ya then! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!
how did you come up with the name of your blog To be honest, it just randomly came up when i was trying to think of a blog name that described my feelings of my presence in this world at that time. Haha i don't literally sleepwalk but i just felt that alot of us are living as if we are sleepwalking, not exactly clear of what we are doing from day to day, yet we are stuck in a world of orderly patterns and regular routines just like 9 to 5.
when where you introduced to fashion I was very much interested in fashion since i was a young girl, i didn't know the trends though, i just loved looking at the beautiful clothes and imagined how they would look like on me. how do you describe your style I don't think i have a style and i don't like to stick to one, i just wear whatever i like for that particular day.what made you start a fashion blog Haha, it wasn't supposed to be a fashion blog! it started out as a personal blog of mine, it was just at one point of time when i began to blog more about my clothes then it got noticed more. I still blog about a lot of other things now, other than fashion :)what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I don't think i have that much of an influence yet, or any kind of contribution in that sense. i just hope that this is another new source of inspiration for any fashion lovers out there.how is your style different than everyone else hmm i seriously don't know. haha, people need to answer that for me! who is your inspiration I love fashion bloggers like Lisa Olsson and Erika Altosaar. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog 'She makes me wanna do something about what i am wearing today!'who is your favorite designer I don't follow designer brands but if i had to choose that would be Alexander Wang! what piece is a must have in your closet A really really comfy cardigan :)
sleepwalks nine to five

Monday, 22 November 2010

Time of my life

אין רגע דל במחלקה לעיצוב אופנה. שנת הלימודים החדשה התחילה בסערה, זו כמובן הסיבה למחסור בעדכונים בזמן האחרון.
עלי לחקור את הפאנק בין השנים 1973-1979, לתכנן חולצה עבור צביקה פיק (כן, שמעתם נכון), לעצב קולקציה בהשראת גרייס ג'ונס וחיל האוויר וכמובן מדי פעם גם לאייר, לשרטט, לגזור ולדגם שיעורי בית אחרים.
לעתים הבית פורץ בקריאות הצילו ואז אני נזכרת שצריך לטפל גם בכביסה, בקניות ובניקיון ובתוך כל הדברים האלו אני משתדלת למצוא קצת זמן לעבוד, לישון, לאכול ולהתקלח ובזאת נסתם סופית הגולל על לוח הזמנים שלי.
תכננתי להעלות חומרים מהלימודים אבל אני פשוט לא מספיקה, בהזדמנות הראשונה אסרוק ואפרסם.

אני לובשת חולצה של דיור שנקנתה על ידי אמי בשנות ה-80, חצאית מחנות היד שניה פומרץ שעלתה לי חמישה שקלים (!) ושרשרת אהובה במיוחד משוק העתיקות. החצאית התגלתה כרכישה מוצלחת ביותר שכן מלבד ההדפס האופנתי (אל תטעו, מדובר פה בג'ירפה ולא בנמר) היא חמושה בשתי שורות וולנים ואורך מדוייק.

שיהיה לכולם המשך שבוע מעולה ומלא נחת.

Posts soon to come

I promise I will be posting more tutorials and fun stuff soon (my son has been sick, therefore I have been holding him 24/7 and doing not much else).
I do leave you with this, until next time.....

about 10" in one night- and that was only storm 1 of 4!!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Caycee Black

My beautiful friend Caycee Black has a line all of her own. She paints beautiful textile prints,then brings them to the dress form in whimsical sweaters,blouses and robes!

She has a tumblr account now so if you are on tumblr I encourage you to join her dreamworld and follow Miss Caycee Black!
Follow the magic here: http://cayceeblack.tumblr.com/
or for tweet dreams go here: http://twitter.com/#!/CAYCEEBLACK

My favorite boots

I love these! They're from the Dolce Vita x Target collaboration. They definitely were a great buy, though it seems like they weren't in stores for very long. Anyway, I feel like such a badass when I wear these. Seriously... I feel like an extra from this video:

Friday, 19 November 2010

A little bit of cuteness to get you through the week

I mean the dog, not me. Actually, my dog looks like a demon in this picture, so never mind. And I'm making a weird face, haha!

You can't really see what I was wearing, but it was just one of those military/utility jackets and my Chloe-looking boots (that are really uncomfortable). Casual Fridays are the business.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

how did you come up with the name of your blog At first I named it "Etc." but finally decided to simply put my name, like a copybook, or more like a notebook. Because it's what it actually is. Adeline Raponwhen where you introduced to fashion Very early, because of my mum, but I've been more interested in my 14th year, I think. how do you describe your style I'm very into baggy tops, and very skinny bottoms. I love simple things, and lots of jewelery.what made you start a fashion blog Started with Lookbook.nu actually, I posted my LB pics on my blog, which was at first a photo blog, and now it's kind of a fashion-relate blog what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world Inspiration to some people, they say, which makes me really happy.how is your style different than everyone else I don't know. I really don't know. I just try not to lose myself in trends. who is your inspiration My mum, Lulu http://luluandyourmom.blogspot.com/, Panache http://panache-halloweentown.blogspot.com/, the Olsen twins, and many more... what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I'd like them to feel that they're in my little universe, they're in my head, in my notebook. how is your favorite designer I don't really follow fashion weeks or anything, so i can't really answer. what piece is a must have in your closet An oversized woolen sweater.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Looking at London

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic tonight... maybe it's because I'm watching An Education and looking at pictures of The Hoxton via PinkBow? Anyway, I miss London so much. I really, really do.

Photo and stupid editing by me.

Tie up curtains (Tutorial)

I was asked by my sister to make some curtains for her window and door. She wanted ‘privacy’ curtains more then ‘I want the sunlight blocked’ curtains. We found a fabric the matched great for the house and did not put any backing on it so light would still come through..
want to make some for your house??
Here we go..
You first need to measure the window space you want to cover.
Our window measured 35” x 35” There was an extra 1/8 inch on the length but I didn’t count it since we will add a few inches anyway….
We then cut the fabric. I cut our piece 37” horizontal (giving an extra inch on each side) by 42”(vertical). I will explain further down why we added so much to the vertical length. Cut your fabric and then fold in both left and right sides 1/2” and then fold again another 1/2” so your raw edge is encased. Make sure you iron the fabric flat after each fold. Then stitch each side down.
Then repeat this step for the BOTTOM of your curtain. Now you should have all three sides folded in and stitched closed. DSC02962
Now we are going to make the top loops for the curtain rod to go through.
Measure your curtain left to right and divide it by how many loops you want. I wanted 7 loops and it equaled out that they were approx. 4 “ apart.
Cut your remaining fabric (or a section of it at a time) into 5” strips.
Fold the strip over (right sides together) and stitch the seam together, leaving the top and bottom open. I used a 1/2” seam making my strip 4” in width. Turn the strip right side out, and iron flat with the seam in the middle.
See the pictures below to match the steps….
Fold in half                                                           stitch seam
attached safety pin                                       push pin through the tube
Pull pin through entire tube                   Iron flat with seam in the middle
Once you have ironed flat cut your stip into 8” pieces. If you don’t have enough fabric strips repeat the step above.
Go back to your curtain and lay it out is a large space so it can lay flat. Here is where the extra length comes into place. We cut out fabric at 42” . Fold to top of the curtain down so right sides are together. I folded mine over 5” then iron flat so you have a line through your fabric. I measured 5” on each side/ placed a pin and then folded over to make sure it was straight.
(Yes this doesn’t look even, but it was all even in the end.)
Now you have this crease to use as a guideline.
Fold each of your strips in half with the seam on the inside.
Place them against your crease and in the places you want. I fold my curtain in the middle and place one there. Then one at each end in between those.
It’s hard to see the straps since they blend in…but can you see it there?
Now we need to add the tie straps. I used ribbon because A:Its super easy and B. I didn’t have any more fabric.
You can make the tie’s out of your fabric just follow the same steps as we did for the loops, just make the length the same as your curtain.
Take TWO of your ties and pin them in place like we did our loops. I placed mine approx. 8” in from each side
Once all your loops and ties are placed pin the top down. Then stitch approx. 1/2” from the edge.
Once you have stitched flip the ‘back’ tie over the back and iron them so you have a nice clean/flat top.
Then top stitch the whole thing
Turn your curtain over and fold the raw edge under, iron flat, then stitch.
I did a double stitch because I like the look of it.
You are so close.. Just one last touch to make these look fabulous. Pin the front and back tie together.. This can be tricky since you are doing through the fabric, but just do the best you can.
Stitch around the edge of the ribbon and down to the double stitch you made.
Lastly if you used ribbon you want to heat seal the edge (or use fray check)
If you haven’t done this before you put the ribbon edge over a flame and you will see if start to burn upwards just slightly then pull it away.
The sealed edge…AND
Your final product is ready to hang!!
(FYI: This is not the window it will hang it. I took this picture at my house, since I haven’t given these to my sister yet)
Email me or post a comment with anything that doesn’t make sense!
Also…I have a few more tutorials in the works and hope to get at least a couple of them up within the next few weeks…
Tie up curtain tutorial snip jpeg FINAL
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