Thursday, 30 September 2010

Latest Photoshoot: ESQUIRE - "What She Wants" Part II

It's all sooo exciting ... every month makeup artists and hair stylists all over the world anxiously wait for publication dates, every month many endless sleepless nights are spent in eager anticipation of seeing their work printed in a magazine.

In June 2010, three months ago, I shot a series of photos with the lovely photographer Jason Gareth for Esquire magazine with the ever so beautiful Alexandra P from Bareface. Every month one of the series of photos gets published as a centre-spread. Yay, how super-exciting is that!
Every month I spend at least a couple of days in great anticipation of seeing the final image printed in the magazine.

In September it was time again, for our gorgeous Alexandra to adorn the "What She Wants" centre-spread of the magazine. Another beautiful image for which I have none other to thank but the amazing photographer Jason and one of my favorite models ever Alexandra who I also shot the amazing beauty-story with from my previous blog entry "A different kind of Beauty"shot by none other but the incredibly creative and talented Martin Beck.

Below is the first image from this series published in July's Esquire Middle East edition.

StyleCard: Hot & New LeLutka Illeid!

This just in... sexy new short boots from LeLutka, and you are going to love them! The brand new Illeid Boots are a high heeled suede boot, with wrapping details and a great knit topper cuff, that is color changeable to coordinate with your look du jour. The boots come in several great neutral shades, and some two toned versions that make for some fun color combos. These are just a few of the available combinations.

Visit the NEW LeLutka to check these out, they should be on shelves very soon!

The Look;
Boots: LeLutka, Illeid Boots, Two-Toned (Coffee/Black/Brown).

Skin: Redgrave, Trinity Pale, Bronzed DB.
Hair: 69, Diva, Chestnut Brown.
Outfit: COCO, Mods Coat, Black. & Kitties Lair, SummerOL Dress with Belt, Brown. & Maitreya, Allure Tights, Black.
Accessories: Paper Couture, Fabric Tassle Earrings (Cheetah's Pride Set) and Polished Stones Ring (Orange). & Magi Take, Mini Bag, Brown.

Poses by Everglow.

Elena Kuletskaya - Paris Fashion Week

hebergeur image
hebergeur image

She is working for MTV Russia
A look like a mix between Jean Seberg and Brigitte Bardot
with a touch of Michelle Pfeiffer. Beautiful !

Model - Paris Fashion Week

hebergeur image

Paris Fashion Legs

hebergeur image

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wild Range

אחרי הפוסט הזה והזה היה זה רק מתבקש להמיס הכל אל תוך אאוטפיט אחד נמרי במיוחד שיחתום לבינתיים את הטרילוגייה הפראית הזו. כי אחרי האאוטפיט הזה גם לי קצת נמאס מהדפסי החיה האצילית והטורפת.
כשהייתי בחטיבת הביניים היתה לי מורה שכונתה (גם בפניה) "ציפי צבע" וזאת משום שתמיד היתה לבושה בצבע אחד בלבד מכף רגל ועד ראש. חולצה, מכנסיים, ז'קט, עגילים, שרשרת ותיק - כולם באותו צבע בדיוק ללא יוצא מן הכלל! היום היחיד בו לא היתה מתלבשת כך, היה בפורים, אז היתה לובשת גם שחור וגם לבן. יחד.
בחודשים האחרונים היו כתבות רבות שצידדו באאוטפיט בצבע אחד ויחיד והחזירו לתודעתי את המורה ההיא, שכעת לבושה זוכה להכרה אופנתית. מעניין מה היתה חושבת על האאוטפיט הנמרי שלי.

Have your voice heard!

Haha, okay -- I promise to be less corny. Tell me: What's your favorite fashion week?

Is it New York? London, home of eccentricity? Milan? Paris? Do tell, in the poll over there --->

I'll be sure to share mine too!

Model - Paris Fashion Week

hebergeur image

The lady on the Bridge - Paris FW

hebergeur image

This pic was taken on Alexandre III Bridge
after Guy Laroche Show

Mickey Lunettes - Paris Fashion Week

hebergeur image
hebergeur image
hebergeur image

Cool !

Electric Blue Lady - Paris FW

hebergeur image

Outside Pierre Cardin Fashion Show

Monday, 27 September 2010

cape town | the sartorialist| jak& jill

אמנם החורף עוד לא ממש הגיע, אך מדפי החנויות כבר מוכנים לסופת השלגים הבאה. מעילים, סוודרים, צעיפים וכמובן שכמיות מסודרים בדייקנות מפתה שנועדה לעורר את החושים הצרכניים שלנו. בחורף הקודם חיפשתי זמן רב אחר השכמייה המושלמת, כשלבסוף מצאתי אותה באטסי, התמהמתי עם הקנייה וכך הפסדתי אותה לעולמי עד. מאז היא קצת נתקעה לי בראש וכל שכמייה זוכה מיד להשוואה עם ההיא ואין זה לטובתה. לא אבכה על חלב שנשפך שכן בניגוד לאותה קנייה מוחמצת, ביצעתי רכישה אחרת מוצלחת עד מאוד שאולי זכורה לכם מכאן.

השכמייה שלא קניתי

חוץ מזה שמצאתי ברחבי הרשת מלא שכמיות יפהפיות אותן קיבצתי לקולאז' הנחמד שלמעלה, התחוור לי שוב במהלך כתיבת הפוסט עד כמה דלה שפת אמנו, במיוחד בכל הקשור לביגוד ואופנה. בעוד שהשפה האנגלית העשירה מבדילה בין סוגים רבים של שכמיות (בנוסף לפונצ'ו ול- cape שכמותם יש לנו גם בעברית, ישנן מילים נוספות לתיאור שכמייה ארוכה, שכמייה המיועדת לאנשי דת או מילים לתיאור שכמיות מתקופות ספציפיות בהיסטוריה של הלבוש), בעברית אנו נאלצים להסתפק בשתי מילים בלבד - פונצ'ו ושכמייה. מאחר וכבר יש לי שכמייה נותר לי רק להצטייד בפונצ'ו קטן וצמרירי ולהמתין לגשם.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Style Card: Paper Couture

The new Paper Couture collection for Fall 2010 is pretty impressive, and naturally there are some great new shoes available with the new release. I am focusing on 2 of my favorite styles/colors from the new designs, and I hope you will agree that there is just something special about these shoes.

The Typhoon Boots are the stuff Fall Boot dreams are made of, slouchy and stylish, with a great leather and suede combination, these wedge heeled beauties will be hard to resist. For me the deep plum and purple were destined to come home with me!

The Suede Platform Pumps are available in both brightly colored solids and a smaller set of 'Wrapped' versions that incorporate a pattern of primitive dots and zig zags on a more muted palate, as shown here. These are a perfect compliment to the many African inspired designs in the new PC Fall Collection.

Shop for these styles, and additional ones not shown, at Paper Couture.

The Stuff;

Look 1

Boots: Paper Couture, Typhoon Boots, Purple.

Skin: Redgrave, Trinity Pale, Rockstar (Dark Brows).

Hair: -7R- (UncleWeb), Olive Hair, Orient Brown.

Outfit: Paper Couture, Learning Suit (Jacket Only). & K&CO, Highwaisted Plain Skirt, Banana. & R.icielli, Luciana Bodysuit, Violet (GIFT).

Accessories: Paper Couture, Belt from Infinite Rainbow (NEW). & Paper Couture, Bird Ring.

Poses by Olive Juice & Everglow.

Look 2

Shoes: Paper Couture, Suede Platform Pumps (Wrapped), Jima.

Skin: Redgrave, Trinity Pale, Bronze (Dark Brows).

Hair: KIN, Harriet, Brown.

Outfit: Bijou, Absinthe (White Set) worn w/o Jacket.

Accessories: Paper Couture, Belt from Spotted Suit (NEW). & Paper Couture, Large Bead Necklace.

Poses by Everglow.

Friday, 24 September 2010

how did you come up with the name of your blog There wasn't some special reason to choose this name. But now I'm thinking about it: "fashion" is because of I'm blogging about fashion, and "only" because I hope I'm not someone who want to be like all the other people. I hope I can be unique. And "princess", hmm that's a though one.. I think every girl wanted to be a princess when she was younger, and so did I! when where you introduced to fashion I've loved shoes and clothing since I was a little girl, but I think I began to develop my own style (and began to be a real fashion-addict)in the last years of high school. how do you describe your style I don't think I can say in one word or sentence what my style is. I think it's a mix of different styles. I think most styles are great, but I don't like it when people look lowbrow. what made you start a fashion blog It's a perfect way to express myself, to be creative, to the show the world what I've got and of course to write about the thing I love: fashion. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I don't know if I do, but I hope I'll inspire people or just amuse people when they're reading my blog. how is your style different than everyone else The style of fashion-bloggers is most of the time very unique and daring, and I like that. But many Dutch people don't dare to wear what they like, because they're afraid of the opinion of others. So when you compare me with those people (who don't dare to wear what they like), it's the difference that I try to wear everything I like. I try to don't give a thing about what other people might think. You are the person who lives your life, they aren't! who is your inspiration My mother. She taught me not to care about what others might think, and that helps me to wear everything I like. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog Of course I want to give a positive impression on them, but its up to them what impression I give them. :)who is your favorite designer Karl Lagerfield and Christian Louboutin are brilliant, but my list of great designers is a very long list. what piece is a must have in your closet My black wedges and my military jacket, they are very easy to combine with a lot of clothing.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

same same but different

בשבוע שעבר אמי עשתה סדר מקיף בארונה וכתוצאה מכך התגלגלו אלי מספר לא מבוטל של פריטים מוצלחים ביותר, הפתעה משמחת מאד מאחר וחשבתי שכבר דגתי משם כל מה שאפשר. ביניהם היתה גם חולצת המשי השחורה הזו, היא חביבה עלי במיוחד דווקא בשל גזרת הטי שירט הפשוטה שלה והבד העדין והנעים ממנו היא עשויה. פריט נוסף שעשה את המעבר מארון אמי לארוני שלי הוא ז'קט ורדרד מפשתן, מבית המותג Perry Ellis, שמחכה בסבלנות לימים קרירים יותר. בשל הגזרה המדוייקת להפליא שלו החלטתי לתור ברחבי האינטרנט אחר פריטים נוספים מבית אותו המותג, בתקווה לשחזר את הצלחתו של הג'קט. התוצאה היא החצאית המנומרת הזו, העשויה משי דק ואוורירי ובעלת בטנה בצבע פודרה, עשויה אף היא משי.
חוץ מזה החלטתי שירידת הטמפרטורות היא סיבה מצויינת לחזור לליפסטיק הכהה והכה אהוב עלי. הוא אמנם מזכה אותי בשלל תגובות שונות משונות, אבל אני כל כך אוהבת אותו שלא ממש אכפת לי.

חולצה - היתה של אמא אי שם בשנות ה- 80
חצאית - אטסי
שרשרת - שוק הפשפשים
נעליים - אלדו

חג שמח לכולם!

London Fashion Week, Part 1 (Mary Katrantzou, House of Holland, Fashion Fringe, Basso & Brooke, Betty Jackson)

I'm finally getting to cover London Fashion Week! It's been a very busy week for me, so I had to step away from blogging for a little bit. But I'm back, so here we go...

All hail Queen Mary, sovereign of the digital prints! This time around, it's not perfume bottles, it's... pictures of rooms?? I guess Ms. Katrantzou picked up an issue of Elle Decor or Architectural Digest -- actually, the pictures look like they're from travel brochures -- and thought, "This is it!". I don't know how she makes her prints, but I do know this: they always merit a close look. Prints aside, I must say that she has some interesting touches here: pieces of fabric reminiscent of curtains, skirts that resemble lampshades, and fringe that calls to mind area rugs. I'd say this is much less wearable than her last spring showing, but just as intriguing.

I must say, this is a bit of deceptive editing by me. With just these pieces (and a few others not shown), it seems like Holland's SS'11 collection was somewhat 70's inspired, a little surfer and a little glam, too. That's not entirely wrong, I don't think, but the rest of the pieces were all over the place. Honestly, flat out ugly. If you want to see the rest, please head on over to (which is where I get all my photos for FW)... but I hated the rest of it.

An interesting vibe at Betty Jackson... oversize is definitely in. Long skirts, either by dropping the hem or raising the waist, big pockets, voluminous sweaters, extremely wide-legged pants, and huge t-shirts.

how did you come up with the name of your blog I always dreamt of one day having my own boutique stocking different designer ranges and my own designs, Id toyed with the name In the Magpie's Nest... as magpies love treasure.. sparkly shiny things.. kinda like me.. when i decided to start a blog I wanted to use this name in some way, so i took on the character the Magpie Girl. when where you introduced to fashion Ive always loved fashion since i was kid and i rummaged through my grannies jewelery boxes and tried on my mums lipstick.. My mum and grandparents where always very stylish and I guess that's how i fell in love with clothes... how do you describe your style Quirky, feminine and probably too over loaded with prints and patterns. what made you start a fashion blog I finished my degree in fashion management and went straight into work, I loved my job in fashion but i missed the creative side of my degree..talking to my peers about fashion, finding new designers, experimenting with I thought a blog would be a great creative outlet that i felt i was lacking... what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I bring myself.. nothing more nothing less.. my own personal fashion journal.. any outfit on my blog i have worn..i didn't just put it on for a photograph, i worked and lived for that day in that outfit.. I show how to be fashionable and yourself on a normal working girls budget..without being able to afford designer brands...i hope i also bring some fun and humor to my posts too... how is your style different than everyone else that's a good question! my style is different because its dressy yet casual, feminine but not girlie.. my style is a red headed girl from Ireland trying to work it in pieces from the high street and styling it in a way that it doesn't look like high street head to toe.. who is your inspiration My list is never ending but Ill try and keep it short! Scarlett O'hara from Gone with the Wind, Ashley Olsen, Jessica Alba, Vivienne Westwood and Carey Mulligan.. to name a few! what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog A light hearted take on fashion. I want people to smile when they read my words, and think huh that's interesting..ill have to stop by again! who is your favorite design Marc Jacobs. what piece is a must have in your closet For winter... a camel cape and flat black biker boots to rock the grungy look..

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lydia - Le Marais - Paris

hebergeur image


" ... I am a student in HighSchool.
I have an option for Fashion in "Paul Poiret"
HighSchool. My look is "Baby Doll". I love riding
my bicycle. I hate lies ..."

I wear a trench and dress by a designer
(I don't remember her name)
My boots are vinatge
Hermès Birkin Bag from my mother
Perfume: "Chance" by Chanel

Guillaume - Le Marais - Paris

hebergeur image


" ... I study Arts. For me, Fashion
is to try to be 1. My look is Dandy.
I love to make love while drinking
iced white Martini with olive and
lemon. I hate betrayal. My message
to the world: Keep it jew, keep it real ! ..."

hebergeur image

I wear a sweater by H&M
I wear a shirt by Gap
Slim by Uniqlo
Dancing Shoes "Zizi" by Repetto
Umbrella by Sisley
Bag made by Lydia
Perfume: never