Thursday, 31 July 2008

[Decoy] Owns my Heart <3

I'm so in love...and I mean really in love! With these new shoes from Annette Voight of [Decoy]. Not only are there 14 yummy colors to pick from, but Annette has created these gorgeous feet candy with a script that gives you 3 color choices for the heel & sole. Go check them out...I'm a big enough person to share! Visit [Decoy] In World & Online

Other stuff: Hair: Aden, Skin: oBscene, Outfit: Canimal

Getting Back to Nature @ Naturum Island Resort

If you like camping, fishing, and shopping this is the place for you. At Naturum Island Resort you'll find a lot of fun activities and a sim devoted larerly to nature loving. You'll also find a few stores nestled in cute cottages that are ever so cute. (Sim - Naturum Island)

At K*S you can find a free dress and also a $1 dress. I matched it with free hair from Izumiya and free shoes that come in 1,2,3,4! colors from Little Town.

Naturum Island_1
K*S ($0 & $1 dress scroll over dresses on rack to find $1 item and $0 dress in box on floor)
Little Town (You'll find shoes, outfit, and free jewelry here. Shoes on back wall. Outfit and jewelry to right of entry all marked 'free' on boxes.
Izumiya (Hair found on shelf. $0)

More behind cut......

In the background you can see the freebies offered from La Petit Fleur. (

You can find fun activities like hangliding which you can do for free and there are also camping areas near the tents.

The next look consist of a jacket which comes in two different size/styles to accomidate either a male or female avatar and can be found in the Lycee cabin for free. I purchased the skirt for $1 in a shop named DemiDemi. The hair and shoes are from the above sources.

Naturum Island_2
DemiDemi (You'll find three boxes each $1 behind the left door of the shop. There's a purse, skirt, and shorts.)

You can also pick up a fishing pole for free and a lure which allows you to cast 50 times in the central welcoming area. ( )

The skin used is free and from yorokobi-an. (f skin, $0 -

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Angel Lust at Henri Bendel,The Trendy Tresses Show

This past week I had the privilege of showing and selling my hair wear collection at Henri Bendel once again at the front of the store in the atrium. This show was a rather big deal for a company as small as Angel Lust to be featured in,alongside other newbies Basha Shaindy and the already established such as Jennifer Behr.

Being able to participate in an event that included celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves who was consulting women all day in the front window as he was launching his new hair care line that I highly recommend to anyone looking to spice up their lock life.

A very special thanks to all the staff in store and at corporate who've helped make all this possible for me and dote on me when I get all flustered and of course my publicist and sales rep Mylan Bui and Jowita Kurowskie. I look forward to doing all this during the holidays with all of you.

Michael Palladino (director of client and studio services)it was an honor to recieve a compliment from you about all my pretty little creations.

CoutureTea Time Accsessories

I dedicate this post to my sweet Miss Jodi Holiday owner of my studio/tea-shop Sympathy for the Kettle!!!! She is going to be writting her own book on tea where they serve it best.

Couture tea time is the cure for any kind of stress.

Shop these fine porcelain items at Franz Porcelain.

Buy this Butterfly tea pot here...

Crushed Velvet

I know I've posted about Crushed Velvet before, but they've added some new items to their freebie section! And well, if you haven't checked them out before grab your man and get going! He'll find a couple of costumes too!




*The end*

. And here is the rest of it.

Happy Birthday Retrology & Kumamoto Japan!!!!

No excuses for missing these Birthday Bashes!!! The gang at Retrology has provided us with an amazing year of Retro fashions, art, and a themed sim that makes us long for days gone by. Check out the Retrology blog for up to the minute information on the festitvities. Go visit the Retrology sim and help them celebrate their one year mark!!!

All outfits, clothing, skin, and hair pictured were absolutely free and provided by the Retrology sim merchants:

Retrology Birthday Bash
(Larger version here.)

Every shoe pictured was absolutely free and obtained from the Kumamoto Japan sim which is celebrating their one year mark also. Check out both sims, now!

Pictures were taken while visiting the Greenie's Back Yard!

*The end*
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O...kay, Marc Jacobs?

Did anybody notice how his ads have a dude wearing two dresses?

Truly frightening. I mean, this is not a man who looks good in a dress (i.e., womanly)! The saddest thing about it is that his legs look just like a typical female model's, so if you put two and two together...


No disrespect to Cole Mohr, though. I'm pretty sure if I were a male model and I got picked to be in a MJ ad, I'd do it, regardless of what I had to wear.

Hot Banana!

Hot New Release: Maitreya

Cue the banana throwing monkeys! It's time for some more ridiculous banana humor from yours truly. I finally get to 'slip' on a pair (or 8) of the Maitreya Frenzy Banana. Yes folks, a 'bunch' of great releases to soothe us after the end of Footwear Expo, this one follows up the previously released Frenzy shoes, with a hipper more casual curved chunk heel and simple ankle strap. And almost a full month after my mellow yellow teaser, I can officially thank Onyx LeShelle and Beauvoir Rousselot for holding up their end of the bargain. As perfect as I expected, great styling and colors. I love the wooden soles, in varying shades, which make them so versatile. The all black version is a real show-stopper... I can see these becoming a favorite during these hot summer nights.

Be sure to visit Maitreya and take a closer look.

I am wearing; Minnu Skin (discontinued), Boon Hair, League Outfit, Bracelets by M.R.M., Earrings by Aya V - Atelier AM.

Monday, 28 July 2008

The Art of Seduction

SMG2. Yes, that is what I said. And here I go, falling for it hook, line, and sinker... I always fall the hardest for the sleek, sexy, tall ones.

Stiletto Moody gave me a sweet awakening today, details of her very soon to be released SMG2, Stiletto Moody Generation 2 line. She assures me that these shoes are so far advanced over her previous (already spectacular) releases, that they are worthy of the 'next generation' moniker. Stiletto is promising new features, exciting new styles, and as always big things to come!

This about to be released Pre-Fall Range for 2008 sidesteps the previously only footwear line to include the impossibly sexy launch of the Lucky Lingerie Line... are you with me still people? The 'On Your Toes' exclusive from Stiletto Moody herself certainly made me feel lucky, providing me with the first production set of lingerie a full week ahead of release. Now if only I could get 'Lucky', which shouldn't be hard with this in my inventory.

As with all previous releases Stiletto rewards her group members with early shopping privileges, scheduled for *Friday, August 1st. Group membership will likely be closed prior to the launch, so please join now if you want to be the first to see the new shoes.

So for now Dear Readers, I leave you with one heck of a tease... my name wouldn't be Anessa Stine if i didn't. More news to come. ;-P

I am wearing; [PXL] Crys Sun Kissed Skin, Cake hair, Stiletto Moody 'Lucky' Lingerie, Gloves by Fleur, Stiletto Moody Elegant Slingbacks in Black Twinkle (previously released). *note correction to sale start date.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Footwear Expo - Photo Contest Results: 1st Place

Originally uploaded by cherie parker
**Drum Roll Please**
Yes, and here it is...the 1st place winner of the Footwear Expo Flickr contest....Cherie Parker's Homage. I mean just look at the text...that is a shoe girl that would make Nessa proud! Congrats Cherie and thanks to all who participated in this years photo contest. It was a blast too look through the pool and see everyone's creativity!

Footwear Expo - Photo Contest Results: 2nd Place

...I told you I wouldn't leave you hanging! Here is the wonderful 2nd place winner from the Footware Expo Flickr contest. Winter Jefferson's "i'm a real (un)life boy" Just look at those killer, kick butt boots!!! Congrats!

Footwear Expo - Photo Contest Results: 3rd Place

ETD Welly boots
Originally uploaded by Kitty Lalonde
Well the results are in! The Footwear Expo is done, and here are the results from the flickr contest. In 3rd place is Kitty Lalonde's ETD Welly boots photo. I just love this one personally. I mean the boots are too cute and look at the reflection! Congrats Kitty. Second and First will be posted soon. I'm experimenting with the flickr blog option! :)

Footwear Expo Update: Grand Finale

Just a quick few words to summarize the amazing experience that was Footwear Expo 2008. Two weeks packed with fantastic releases, fun events and shopping for all. I am proud to report tha over $850 000 L was raised to benefit the ASPCA. And for us at On Your Toes it was a crazy two weeks that including 30 new blog posts, a chance to have a booth at the expo, and be part of such a great large scale event! My thanks goes to Graciana McMillan, Jonny Tobias, and Iustinian Tomsen for their contributions to the blog. Also, to Jhuzen Ketsugo, Incolumis Lancaster and the others who submitted photos for the Museum Exhibit. It was a huge task!

Congrats to Phoenix Chapman, the Footwear Expo Volunteers & Vendors, Metro Models, Hathor Models, Photo Contest Participants (winning photo information will be posted when we have it), Rezzables, and YOU-The Readers of On Your Toes, the people who buy the shoes!

Authors Note: No need to feel blue just because the Footwear Expo has ended, I have heard the rumblings of a major new release coming our way once again from the Stiletto Moody camp, the latest buzz is about something called the SMG2 - new designs, new features... and don't you just know you need to keep your eyes right here if you want a first look! AS

Prints are it!

Whenever my best friend and I go shopping, we laugh at what the other has picked up. Of course, we agree on a lot of things, but inevitably, she'll end up with a lot of solid colors while I've picked up every print I could find. I try to convince her to wear prints... and usually fail, but that hasn't stopped me from preaching the good word about patterns.

Here are a few pictures from's Style Hunter feature on prints (including my favorite, PAISLEY!):

I love how even the floor is patterned (and matches)!

I never thought I'd say this, but I loooooooooooooooooove this outfit by Hermes. Even though the color palette is mostly brown, it isn't boring at all. The print on the bag, the dress, the beautiful leather goods... *sigh*.

Footwear Expo Update: Closing Party on NOW!

Join me and all the other shoe fans at Club Shoooooz! for a fantastic set featuring SL Top DJ Azufr3 Catteneo. Let's celebrate the end of an amazing event & your last chance to shop the Expo!

Click Here to Join Us at the Party!

Stay tuned for a Footwear Expo Wrap-Up!

New Shoes from Adam And Eve

Damen Gorilla from Adam and Eve sent me these new sculpted shoes to try out and I tried them on right away. I think these loafer style shoes are quite stylish and they are available in 6 colours, including Blue, plum, black, Chocolate, Grey and Brick.

These are the black version and as you can see they have a nice chunky sole and a detailed texture that gives the impression that they would be super comfortable to wear.

Due to the assortment of colours available you could easily combine these with many outfits depending on what mood you are in. Its a great thing to see mens footwear getting some focus and the designs are improving as time goes on. The shoes also have a prim resizer script built in so they are easy to resize to match your avatar with a minimum of fuss.

Shoes in this blog from Adam n Eve

M105 Shoes featured in Black, Grey and Chocolate.

Clothes from Muism

Shirt and tie from Leather Blazer and Shirt Set
Pants and belt from Black Spring Set

New Muism Sneakers

So, I have to begin this blog by saying thankyou to my magnificent girlfriend Christieanna she gave me a giftcard to one of my favorite stores in SL, Muism (thankyou Nicholai for helping her choose) as a rezzday present. As a result, I had some shopping to do and saw there was some new items available!
So anyway I went around the entire store, grabbing a few items which I didn't already own and some of the new things that were out.

After Sending my NC off with my giftcard purchases, the amazingly talented Icemocolo Voom informed me he had new shoes he was releaseing today and kinda gave me a couple of pairs to sample as a gift (it is my rezzday afterall as it is Monday here already).
The shoes as you can see are sculpted sneakers that are very well detailed. They remind me of something I would wear in RL and they are quite impressive. As you all know I love to wear new shoes and these will go well with quite alot of the casual outfits I tend to wear from time to time.

As for the clothes, I got wayyyyy too much to actually depict here. So I went with clothes that would match the shoes the best, and pulled out my old biker pants I bought on release a while back, and they went well with the new shirt I bought.

So as you can see once again, Icemocolo has done an amazing job in creating some new items that look highly detailed and go well in combination with each other. I think that Christie's reaction to the new Leather Blazer and shirt look as "Thats Hot!!" says it all really.

Clothing in this blog from Muism

*Muism* LS sneaker/Cream.Red
*Muism* LS sneaker/Grey
*Muism* Leather Blazer & Shirt
*Muism* Button Trouser/Green
*Muism* LB Trouser/Black.Gold
*Muism* T-shirt/Buzen_Red

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Footwear Expo Update: Hays Uriza

Well Footwear Expo is in it's final hours, and if you haven't gone to take a look yet... just get your butts on over there! Not only will your purchases make your feet happy, but with proceeds benefiting the ASPCA, you can make some animals happy too!

So here is my last feature post for the expo, and my apologies to any vendors who had new releases or items they hoped I would get to. In any case let's discuss these sexy, shiny shoes from Hays Uriza which I found completely irresistible. The Cyndi are part fetish, part mainstream and all the way hot... the shape and glossy looking textures make me giddy! They come in a variety of rich jewelled tones, and might just be enough to get you to the store to see the rest of this amazing creators items.

Visit Hays Uriza at Footwear Expo, or at the mainstore here.

I am wearing; PXL Skin, Boon Hair, Honey Kitty Dress, Fleur Gloves, Preen Stockings, Violet Voltaire Crown.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Visit the Summer Festival

The Summer Festival is set to start if you are able to access than you could probably read more about the festivities here. If you'd like to check out the Summer Festival you won't be disappointed.

There are more free or $1 items lying around. There are even several booth/stall areas that are entirely compromised of free or $1 items.

Summer Festival_5

I took a lot of pictures of the boxes laying around.

Summer Festival_4

You can find a variety of items at the Summer Festival: hair, jewelry, furniture, accessories, gestures, avatars, and clothes just to name a few.

Summer Festival_3

There are things for guys and girls.

Summer Festival_2

Everything pictured was either $0 or $1, but you'll find tons of other values in this small area.

Summer Festival_1

*The end*

And here is the rest of it.

Footwear Expo Update: Lazy Places

Maximum cuteness overload when I saw these Vlinder Boots in the Lazy Places booth at Footwear Expo. What girl doesn't love butterflies? These chunky black boots, with silver buckles and straps come with a few little stationary friends, and even more that magically rez and float around you. The butterflies are not just particle, they are actually prim wing flapping butterflies that fly. They come in an assortment of exotic butterfly species and colors, and even a multiple species version as a bonus when you buy the fatpack. I couldn't resist the Monarch, since they seem to follow me around in RL too.

Check out this really special footwear in the Lazy Places Booth at Footwear Expo, or visit the mainstore here!

I am wearing; PXL Skin, Armidi Hair, Finc! Sweater, Artilleri Tank, Kyoot Skirt, Dutch Touch Socks/Fishnets, ETD Cuffs & Abyss Choker.

Footwear Expo Update: Solé

Some of my earliest pairs of shoes in SL were by Asri Falcone. They were pretty spectacularly made... and I still have them. But I have honestly not gone anywhere near Asri's shop in forever, and I was really missing something. It took Footwear Expo planting her booth right near mine to get me to notice these amazing Daisy Shoes. The name of the shop has changed too, now its Solé. Just seeing these latest shoes lined up in rows in the booth made me drool. like pieces of candy in amazing shades and 2-tone versions. The shape was really irresistable. I can't wait to see what's next!

Visit Solé at Footwear Expo, or check out the mainstore!

I am wearing: PXL Skin, Boon Hair, Bijou Outfit, UnTone Earrings & Bracelet.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Meme!! (from Jess)

What has been your biggest fashion indulgence?
I really don't splurge on any one thing. I love clothes in general, and I spend my money equally among everything... except shoes. I really need more of those!! I do have about 10-15 handbags though. Most of them were gifts, I swear!!

What is your signature scent?
Guerlain Mentafolia. Unfortunately, they don't make it anymore, so I rarely ever use it. It's a nice, clean minty scent... I have to find a replacement.

What was your biggest fashion mistake?
Hmm... wearing things that make me look fat. It happens occasionally, because I rarely try on clothes. I like my shopping trips to take as little time as possible, so I often buy what I think looks nice. I get it right about 90% of the time, but that other 10%... those clothes just stay in my closet until I find a flattering way to wear them.

What item(s) do you never travel without?
A good bra! Gotta hoist the girls up where they're supposed to be, yeah?

What was the last film you saw?
The Dark Knight. Honestly, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would...

What beauty products do you swear by?
Clinique High Impact Mascara, MAC eyeshadows, and L'Oreal blush. Aveeno Self-Foaming Pads are nice, but I think they are making me break out...

What is on your iPod?
A few soundtracks (Romeo + Juliet, Atonement, A Bronx Tale, 21), Dizzee Raaaaaaaascal!!, Girl Talk, Julie London, Lenine, Charles Aznavour, Steve Tyrell. I'm not even sure how those all fit together.

What was the last item of clothing you bought?
This suuuuuuper cute trapeze top from Target. I'm in love with it, for serious.

Where do you buy your lingerie?
The cheap but good stuff comes from aerie, but when I'm feeling slightly indulgent, I get Calvin Klein undies from Lord&Taylor's.

Which shop(s) couldn't you live without?
Uh, TARGET. I live for the Tarj. I can't live without Muji, but I'm forced to do so. I could make do with just those two stores. Oh wait... let's say Nine West for shoes.

Pump It

At Mirrors amid an ever growing array of urban chic clothes you will find 4 freebies: leggings, purse (log0), shirt (logo), and shorts. All are $0


I chose to show the outfit with:
Shoes from **Deviance** Sexy Costumes & Fantasy Costumes $0

The Ganguro Skin is from Loli Nori and can be found in the Bare Rose freebie section. $0

Hair from Utsuku City's Amipuu Shop. Join Utsuku City Members group and camp for 10 minutes to obtain hair from Amipuu Shop.

Poses by Izumiya and are all free.

Pictures were taken in Utsuku City.

*The end*
And here is the rest of it.

Footwear Expo Update: Jaywalk

The new releases just don't seem to end this week, but it has been a while since Lyra Muse of Jaywalk has given me reason to slip into her fun footwear. Imagine my delight when I saw her latest, the Patriza Sandals, a sleek looking thong sandal with upscale detailing. I instantly went digging for a sexy bikini... and even some blond hair! They come in plenty of great solid colors, and then these too good to pass up 'checker' versions. Sophisticated flip flops if you will, I really like them.

Be sure and check out the Jaywalk Booth at Footwear Expo, or Lyra's mainstore here!

I am wearing; PXL Skin, Boon Hair, Baiastice Bikini & Hat (held), Kraftika Earrings, Cashmere Bangles and Kalnin's Sunglasses.

Hot New Release: {Kari}

The long awaited arrival of Menno Ophelia's Kari has finally happened. It was been a few months now that I have anxiously awaited Menno's first sculpted sneakers, having seen a teaser on his flickr some time ago. I was really thrilled to see that he was able to not only open his fabulous new shop... but also a booth at Footwear Expo! We sure do seem to love our sculpted high tops in Second Life, always room for more... and Menno offers a really great collection with retro and tattoo inspired artwork, realistic texturing and trend perfect colors!

I ran into my good friend and fellow blogger, Iustinian Tomsen, while visiting the Kari Mainstore... he was generous enough to join me in these photos, ty Iusti! Be sure and visit Kari for a closer looks at all the styles, some neat wearable and fun props too!

I am wearing; PXL Skin, Boon Hair, Momo Top, Argrace Shorts, Socks by NC-7, Necklaces by Refuge, Bracelets by Fresh Baked Goods and Boing Fromage (!BF!). Iustinian is wearing; Abyss Skin, Gritty Kitty Hair, AITUI Tattoos, Muism Tank & Kari Jeans.