Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Carolina Herrera Resort

Absolutely beautiful dresses here, and the quintessential C.Herrera outfit, too (second outfit above). My favorite here is the red chinoiserie dress.

Photos:, collage-power applied by me.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Alisa - Le Marais - Paris

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"I am a student in Fashion Management.
For me Fashion is not very important.
Today, my look is minimalist Rock.
I love plenty of things. I hate snobism.

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I wear a Top by COS
Pants by JEROME R
Bag by YSL
Sunnies by GIVENCHY
Perfume by MARGIELA

Marcela - Place Vendôme - Paris

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I work as Stage Designer in Paris Opera
"For me Fashion reflects the mood of the day
My look is a working day look
If I had 1000€ I would buy a RICK OWENS Jacket
and MC QUEEN Shoes ...
I love smile. I don't like not kind people...
My message to the world:
Try to be the one you would like to meet".

Sunnies by RAY BAN
Perfume= "Angel" by T.MUGLER

Clémence - Place Vendôme - Paris

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"I am just graduated of a Fashion School.
For me Fashion is a way of Life. My look
is Rock-Chic. I love to be always on the
movement. I hate to be bored. My message
to the world: Stay cool. Be Fashion !"

I wear a jacket by LEVI'S
Leather shorts by ABERCROMBIE FITCH
Perfume "Flower Bomb" by VIKTOR&ROLF

Tatiana - Place Vendôme - Paris

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"I am a Fashion student at Studio Berçot
For me Fashion is game. My look is sober.
I love to laugh and to have fun.I hate people
that don't give you a break. If I had 1 000€
to spend in Fashion Stuff, I would buy the last
Alexander Wang Bag with cloves. My message
to the world: Live your life to the max !"

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I wear vintage Skirt top-shirt and jacket.
Shoes by Zara
Headband selfmade
Bag by AA
Perfume "Alien" by T.MUGLER

Monday, 28 June 2010

Exciting news!! (Part 2)

Jordana from Jordana Wants to Know asked me to do a guest post on Barbie's fashion from her inception to now. Check it out here!

Here's a little excerpt:

Guest Post: Barbie’s [Fashion] [R]Evolution

Malibu Barbie, 1971

You may have noticed that as time goes by, Barbie wears more revealing clothing – but I believe that’s (partly) a reflection of the times.  When was the last time you saw a teenage girl wearing a full length skirt?  Or even one that covers her knees?  Mattel has clothing designers for Barbie, and they do trend research like any other clothing company does; it’s not surprising that, in a time of miniskirts and shirts passing for dresses, Barbie shows a lot of leg.  That being said, there’s no real reason for Barbie to be nearly naked.  Mattel may have some ‘splaining to do for the skimpier outfits they sell.
But while regular Barbies have a few bad run-ins with overly shimmery fabric and a tad too much denim, collectible Barbies are dressed very differently.  These are the dolls that Mattel claims to market toward adult collectors, and are usually the ones that garner the most negative attention from those who claim that Barbie dresses like a hoochie (see this article by an angry mom).

Balenciaga Resort 2010

Highlights: Light and fresh color palette mixed with brights, neon eyeliner/shadow, shoes with chunky details,  clean lines.
Man, there really isn't much to say here, is there? I don't know how Ghesquiere does it, but there's something fresh, exciting, and most of all, original about Balenciaga each season.

I really would wear that black and white outfit. And the blue and yellow shoes! So much color!

I think I like Balenciaga most when the looks are retro-futuristic like they are here (above). Crisp outlines mixed with an air of "70's air stewardess" plus these strong colors, to me, screams "World of Tomorrow".

Andy of Style Scrapbook - Paris

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Andy of Style Scrapbook

Dress by H&M
Shoes by H&M
(both next collection)
Sunnies by D&G

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how did you come up with the name of your blog To be honest it just came to me, it had a nice ring to it, was warm and friendly so that’s what I went with. when where you introduced to fashion My first introduction to fashion would be shopping adventures with my mum when I was little. My mum has a great eye for vintage pieces in particular, so I definitely picked up my love of classic fashion from her. how do you describe your style Fun, feminine and creative, with a strong vintage element. Regardless of what I’m wearing, I always tend to incorporate something ‘pretty’ into my outfit, whether it be a floral print, bow headband or full skirt. what made you start a fashion blog I have always loved fashion and design. One day I was going through my wardrobe, and thought a blog would be a good way to capture and record some of my favorite outfits
what do you think you bring to the
fashion blog world I’d like to think I bring a combination of modern and vintage fashion, DIY, photography and lifestyle that is achievable and realistic. I’m just sharing my style and my story. how is your style different than everyone else I like to approach style creatively, so I really like the challenge of working and reworking items in different and unique ways whether it be wearing a handbag strap as a belt, or reconstructing that hideous vintage dress into a modern classic.
who is your inspiration I have many sources of inspiration - my mum inspires strength, my fiancé is a fabulous creative inspiration, and then there are the classics like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren and Grace Kelly, who are some of my style icons.what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I hope people visiting my blog leave having enjoyed a combination of fashion, photography and humility. how is your favorite designer We have some fabulous Australia designers, which I am head over heals for including
Camilla and Marc and Zimmermann
, but perhaps more inspiring for me is the emerging and local designers I get to work with. At the moment I am hooked on Arizona based designer Monique Martinez, whose designs optimize fun and femininity (Clouds of Cotton Candy post). what piece is a must have in your closet Must haves for me are the basics – a good pair of jeans, cotton tank top, LBD and a killer pair of sky high heels. For me, these pieces form a base that you can build upon with accessories to create a range of different looks, regardless of what’s fashionable at any given time.

Denni the Chic Muse - Paris

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Denni the Chic Muse

Blazer and Dress by D&G
Shoes by TOPSHOP
Perfume: "Idole" by ARMANI
"Fashion is everything for me. I want to be a Stylist ...
I love Paris & New-York and I don't like brown color.
If I had 1 000 €, I would buy a BALMAIN Jacket.
My message to the world: Be Happy and always move on !"

Andrea - Montorgueil - Paris

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"I study to be a photographer.
For me Fashion is change. Today, my look is
very casual. I don't like people who are late.
I love to take pictures of my friend, Pauline.
(3 posts under). If I had 1 000€ I woul buy
an Alexander McQueen dress. My message
to the world: You don't know me yet, but I will
become a famous photographer !"

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I wear shorts and T-Shirt by H&M
Shoes by POTI PATI
Silk Scarf by ETAM
Watch by SWATCH
Bracelets selfmade
Perfume: "Chance" by CHANEL

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Only this Weekend @ Kiss This

Available all weekend @ Kiss This -

cost: OL, male outfit & female outfit (slight changes in the clothing layers), attachments mod/copy/no trans, everything else no trans. Thanks Seph & Mir

SOCKS: *ARAI* Daily socks,

SHOES: Female Designer Shoes found in Inventory library (Inventory- Library- Clothing - Initial Outfits- Female Designer Outfit )

HAIR: L$0 - **Dura-Boy**Free gift,,

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Luckyskin(Blacktears),


אני צריכה לשבת ברגעים אלו וללמוד למבחן בתולדות האמנות או לחילופין לעבוד על העבודה באילוסטרייטור, אותה עלי להגיש בשבוע הבא. במקום זה אני מוצאת עצמי חולמת בהקיץ, כנראה סימן לכך שכוחותי הלימודיים תשו לחלוטין בתקופה האחרונה. אני צריכה למצוא מחדש את תחומי העניין שלי ולהיזכר מה אהבתי לעשות לפני השנה האינטנסיבית הזו אך מסתבר שאפילו דבר כל כך טריוויאלי אפשר לשכוח. בכל אופן כרגע אני אמורה לסלק את המחשבות הטורדניות הללו ולהושיב את עצמי לשולחן העבודה על מנת שאוכל לסיים את חובותי כלפי הסמסטר הנוכחי בהצלחה, כנראה שריח החופש פשוט משכר מדי.
כמובן שהפוסט הנוכחי הוא רק תירוץ לקום מהסיכומים והמצגות... האיורים הם מקטעים מתוך העבודה הסופית שהגשתי בקורס איור אופנה.

Right now I'm supposed to be studying for a test in the history of art or work on the Illustrator project I need to hand in next week, Instead I'm daydreaming. I keep trying to remember what I liked to do before this crazy year and what were my interests, couse as strange as it may sound, I kind of forgot. Anyway I shouldn't be thinking about those stuff right now, I should be sitting infront of my desk in order to finish all my duties towards this semester. Ain't easy.
Of course this post is just an excuse to leave my notebooks for a short while... the illustrations above are bits from my final project for fashion illustraion course.

Enigmatic Boy - Paris Fashion Week

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Nina - Place Vendôme - Paris

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"I am a Fashion & Design Student
For me, Fashion is representing the way you feel
and the opportunuty to wear clothes that make you feel
better. Today, my look is confortable casual-chic.
I love to dance. I hate exams. If I had 1 000€ to spend
in Fashion Stuff, I would buy a leather jacket, but I don't know
which one because at this moment I can't offer this to me, so
I don't look at it ...."

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I wear a jumpsuit by H&M
Necklace by H&M
Perfume "Just Her" by ROBERTO CAVALLI

Some interesting news

An interesting/fun opportunity came up for me this week -- I'm doing a guest post! It'll be on a friend's blog very shortly. I'll keep you updated, of course.

P.S. Go USA! (for today's soccer game)

Pauline - Montorgueil - Paris

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"I am a student in HighSchool
For me Fashion is a game where you can choose
your character. I have no idea about what my look is ...
I love LaDurée's Macaroons
I don't like to talk about me
If I had 1 000€ to spend in Fashion,
I would buy Sartore SR1731 shoes
and a one life leather jacket.
My message to the world:
Protect Pandas and grow bamboos !"

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I wear a T-Shirt by NAF-NAF
Skirt by H&M
Shoes by ASH
Belt from my mother
Bag by ZARA
Glasses by YSL
Jewels from London
Watch by SWATCH
Perfume: "L'Oriental" by L'EAU JEUNE

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Finally - the dress!

דונה חברתי היפה עושה פוזות ברוח הבגד

בזמן הביקורת (שאריות הכיתה הכעורה נחתכו לטובת חובבי האסתטיקה)

מספר אנשים אמרו לי השבוע שהם מבינים שאני עסוקה על פי המחסור בעדכונים בבלוג. אם כך בשעה טובה ומוצלחת הצלחתי למצוא קצת זמן פנוי לכתיבת פוסט חדש.
השבועות האחרונים היו מטורפים במיוחד, גדושים בשלל הגשות ומבחנים בכל המקצועות והיד עוד נטויה. פרוייקט השמלה (עליו כתבתי כאן וכאן) אמנם תם ונשלם כבר לפני שבועיים, אך משום מה זה מרגיש רחוק ביותר ולא ממש רלוונטי. התהליך של יצירת השמלה היה מאוד קצר ודחוס, ועכשיו כשיש לי קצת אוויר לנשימה מהפרויקט, מכתמי הדם ומהפרוות אני יכולה להרהר מחדש על הדברים, לכן זה הזמן המוצלח מכל בעיני ללמידה האמיתית. הנושא בו בחרתי להתמקד הסב לי עניין רב ונהניתי מאוד מהעבודה, בעיקר בשלבי גיבוש הקוספט, העיצוב והסקיצות (אהיה כנה ואומר שלתפור משי, הבד החלקלק בתבל, זה לא כזה תענוג). גם העלאת חלקים קטנים מהתהליך אל דפי הבלוג היתה מאוד מרגשת ואני מקווה שיצא לי לעשות את זה יותר בפעמים הבאות.
חוץ מזה אבן גדולה ירדה לי מהלב אתמול לאחר שצלחתי את בחינת הענק הענקית ביותר שידעתי בחיי בתולדות הלבוש (טוגה זה בגד רומאי ולא יווני כפי שנוטים לחשוב... אבל זה נושא לפוסט משל עצמו). חוץ מזה עבדתי קצת, ישנתי קצת ואפילו ראיתי חצי משחק כדורגל!
בשבוע הבא יש לי מבחן נוסף, עבודה נוספת ו... זהו! בזאת תסתיים לה שנה א' בשעה טובה ומוצלחת! כמובן שזה עוד לא הזמן לצהול, שכן מצפה לי שבוע לא פשוט אבל לפחות רואים את האופק. תכניות רבות ומרובות יש לי לחופש הזה עד כי נדמה לי כי הוא מתקצר מרגע לרגע.

I was so busy with my first year final projects that I couldn't find the time to update my blog. Thus I feel it's pretty fair to present here the main outcome, especially after writing about it's process here and here. The final presentation took place two weeks ago but somehow it feels really long ago.
The process of creating this dress was very short and dense, and now that I have a some space away from the project, the blood stains and the fur, I can seriously rethink things. I believe that's the best time for the the real learning to take place. I enjoyed this work a lot, especially doing the sketches and the design (I'll be honest - sewing silk, the smoothest fabric on earth, isn't a great pleasure).
After this project I was busy with some other school projects and exams. Yesterday I had the biggest exam ever in costume history, so now I'm kind of relieved. I have one more exam and another work to hand in and than my first year would be officially over!

3.1 Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang Resort 2010

Highlights: Sweatshirt material, chunky bracelets, inventive neutrals (sage green), booties

In my book, Phillip Lim can do no wrong. I'm loving this collection and its laid-back elegance. These clothes are made for a woman who wants to look good, but doesn't want to spend tons of time thinking about what to wear.

Highlights: Flow. Nothing is skintight! Basic colors...very basic.

My favorites are the first two outfits in this picture. The pattern on the dress reminds me of a speckled bird's egg... so pretty! And that second outfit -- I'd love to wear a jumpsuit like that, all flowy, comfy-looking and very 70's.

Highlights: Drapey khakis, socks and sandals, oxblood outerwear.

I think this collection is the most "unlike" him that we've seen so far, but to me, this is a welcome change. Make no mistake, this is still recognizably Alexander Wang and there are definitely some familiar motifs, but there's something refreshing going on here. I love that drapey dress (or is it a vest and skirt?) in the first picture, as well as the folded up skirt, and the trench coat with the exaggerated sleeve tabs, and the -- well, you see where this is going. I like everything in this collection!

Highlights: The basic white shirt, reconstructed; leather shorts, sheer materials.

There's a lot of dressing inspiration to be had in these two collections, as usual. When was the last time you saw a blogger that wasn't inspired by Wang? Even I am!


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

how did you come up with the name of your blog First of all, "sabo" to us is short for sabotage. One day during our weekly Friday night shopping trips, we both spotted this amazing, embellished lace skirt and we instantly knew we had to try it on. Although it looked like a skirt sent from heaven on the hanger, it was the most unflattering skirt we'd both ever tried on, so we named it the 'sabo skirt'. That term has stuck with us ever since! when were you introduced to fashion We both became totally obsessed with fashion and shopping in our mid teens. how do you describe your styles It's a mix between high end fashion and street style while looking effortless and chic. what made you start a fashion blog Last year, we came across Rumi and Tommy Ton's blogs and fell completely in love with them..Finally we decided that we'd start a blog as a hobby, seeing as we both love to dress up and have an abundance of clothes. Now we can't get enough of it! what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world Firstly we are different to most blogs because there are two of us, so we're able to show lots of outfits for two different body shapes. Secondly, we are introducing the "sabo phenomenon" to the blogging world that we know is a secret part of everyone's lives. how is your style different than everyone else We like to incorporate amazing brands that are totally unique to Australia and that most of the blogging world hasn't seen before into our outfits. We think this is what makes us different to the majority of fashion bloggers. who is your inspiration We find so much inspiration from different sources; Olsen twins, Erin Wasson, Whitney Port, Jessica Hart, Michael Jackson, Olivia Palermo and we find a lot of inspiration from simply looking at our surroundings. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog We want to inspire people to feel comfortable with their individual style and that it is ok to not follow trends. We also want them walking away with a better understanding of sabos ;)

who is your favorite designer
We have several favourite designers. At the moment we love Bec & Bridge, Maurie & Eve, Sass & Bide, Ellery, Dion Lee, Balmain & Chanel will always be one of our favourites <3 what piece is a must have in your closet Bettina Liano corset high-waisted jeans and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedges (We get to choose two things because there are two of us =p) what is a 'sabo' Quite simply, it is a two-faced, back stabbing, self-centred person out to SABOTAGE everyone / everything that they consider to be a threat. We think everyone has at least one sabo surrounding them.. and a little inner sabo of their own. Sound familiar?

Monday, 21 June 2010

Quoc Anh - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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I work as Sales Assitant
For me Fashion is to expresse yourself
with your clothes. I love to eat food.
I hate coldness. My message to the world:
Marc Jacobs for President !

I wear a jacket by APRIL77
Pants by TOPMAN
T-Shirt customisedby H1M
Military boots by ALL SAINTS
Sunnies by BENJAMIN
Perfume by JP GAULTIER

Souled - Rue Montmartre - Paris

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I am a student in Law
My look is my state of mind of the day
I love Soul Music. I hate racism
If I had 1 000 € I would buy a CHEVIGNON Jacket
and a CHLOE Bag. My message to the world:
1-2-3 Viva l'Algérie !

Jean Jacket by LEVI'S
T-Shirt bt H&M
Jeans by NEWLOOK
Sneakers by H&M
bag by MANGO
Vintage Sunnies
Perfuyme "Flowers" by KENZO

Christian Dior Shop Window - Paris

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Christian Dior Shop Window - Avenue Montaigne - Paris