Sunday, 30 November 2008

StyleCard: J's Thigh Highs

There are certain areas of SL fashion where I rarely venture... these would include the fetish gear, latex, rubber, etc. But sometimes an item can crossover into the other areas of virtual fashion, and be unexpected treats for the occasional RP or themed party. When JB Gazov of J's Boots sent me 2 variations of his latest Thigh High Boots, I wasn't really sure what to make of them. They are sexy, they are high, and they really show how far the clever use of the 'system shoe' has come in the past couple years. With a beautifully shaped foot piece and wrinkled ankle prim these hardly look like any system shoe I have ever seen, but the great texturing of the leg portion which is part of that system shoe and the added bow make these a nice pair of sexies.

The boots come in 2 variation as previously mentioned, a Lace-up and Non-laced version. Though I expect this type of boot lends itself well to the fetish fashion world, I chose to take mine in the direction of 'Future Sexy' . The great corset and mini skirt from Mekanoize Labs (hey, where did they go?) and the upper part of the Bare Rose Decadence Maia Silver Jacket were just the thing. I added my new favorite hair, Shirley from Zero Style and headed to INSILICO for a few pics.

Visit J's Boots to pick up a pair.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Zero Style Hair, Bare Rose Jacket, Corset and Mini from Mekanoize Labs.


I'm going to be playing catch up with a couple of posts before I'm gone for holiday vacation. I'll be gone and without computer access for much of my trip from the 10-23 December & again from the 27 December - 4 January. So I'll not be posting for much of the Christmas season. I will however be posting a couple more entries with hopefully a brief list to inform you of a several places to check out during the season.

I've been busy 'building' and one of the things I'm still not satisfied with (hence the entry title), but willing to share is a Greek inspired abode. It's still a work in progress, but since it's empty a great studio to take pictures uninterrupted in. So, I won't be sharing the location of the shots, but lots of information about the clothes. And hopefully a couple of these places will be things you haven't seen before. ^.^

First up is an outfit that Leila passed to me with a brief note about Sin & Secrets holiday gift plans for all of you! This is the first in a series of gifts she'll be placing out. So you will want to stop by her store every couple of days. Here's part of the note she passed to me along with the outfit:

I am writing to let you know that we will be having a series of presents for xmas. This is the first one, I'll put it under the tree tonight!

But the presents stay there only for two days and they are changed every other day. They include Skins, catsuits, and other stuff dresses I will be making. So be sure to grab them while it is there...
($0 - items will change - **check S&S blog here for previews of the outfits while I'm on vacation.)

30 Nov Sin & Secret Christmas 1

I've shown the Sin & Secret outfit with the new wearable demo hair that is available in most of the House of Heart hairs now. As the new tipped hairs are added for purchase to each style so is a this texture variation which is completely free & wearable! While in the HoH mall I spied a couple of bags in the Blacklace & Alphamale branch location & on the stage there are 2 bags each priced at $1! Both bags contain underthings, but one bag contains 3 skins & shape in addition to the lovely lingerie. ($0/hair & $1/skins -

30 Nov HoH Blacklace

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR: Ok, so if you haven't done the murder mystery hunt at Urban Shopper haul your pixels there asap!!! You can pick up some great schwag whether you're a guy or girl! You'll be looking for different clues in the following participating stores :Designers: !mpossible , M&H, Pixel Dolls, Loser Designs, (nova), Belerophone, Lil's, DaneMarkz, Dani's, & SD Wears. There's more information at the shopping center and the group (The Urban Shopper's) is open if you need help. The blue hair came with one of the outfit shown from the prize hunt. The other style is a new release wearable demo from HoH. ($0 (touch)

30 Nov Urban Shopper Murder Mystery

ALSO TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR: There's a Thanksgiving's Day hunt ending today at the Oak Tree Shops. Most shops also have $1 and $0 items. So definetly keep your eyes open while doing the hunt! Information is at the landing point and you MUST WEAR THE BASKET to participate. ($0 -

30 Nov Oak Tree Shop Hunt

The jeans shown with the Oak Tree Shop loot are found in the library (Girl Next Door Jeans). The fireplace & screen are also part of the prize pack from the Oak Tree Shops!

With the upcoming season I know we can all use a little help around the house! So if you're hiring wait staff for your parties you don't want to spend a bundle on their uniforms. (uhm, yeah) So send them over to Wakame's Bar where there are 3 uniforms up for grabs and completely free. Also a small area next to the bar with some $1 & $0 items. ($0 - bartender, receptionist, sommelir uniforms -

30 Nov wakame's bar

Friday, 28 November 2008


1. Never, ever, ever leave off doing your laundry and cleaning your room for three weeks. It's so not worth it. (I'm learning this the hard way right now.)

2. Does anyone else think that The Pickup Artist is a really dumb show? I mean, good for the guys that they have confidence, but I'd rather not watch a show about guys learning how to trick girls into banging them.

3. Is anyone else kind of anxious for the next batch of fashion shows? I crave something new!

4. I wish Joe Strummer were still alive. :(

Matthew Williamson for H&M

As I'm sure you all know, hot on the heels of Comme des Garcons, Matthew Williamson is going to design a summer collection for H&M. Well, they certainly picked the right season for him to design!

This...could be interesting.


What A Slouch!

It's official, the boot loving public at large now has ample reason to curse my name for tempting them to spend even more dough this week. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I hope that at least they can hold off on the public stoning long enough to appreciate this very worthy addition to Stiletto Moody's Fall Release, the Slouch Boot. One look at these will tell you that these are a variation on the previously released SMG2 Tall Boots, but with the look of a slouchy soft leather upper and some great Fall inspired shades, the Slouch Boots have a very special flavor all their own.

The full colour range on these is already available, and features some fantastic new shades L-R; Russet, Beige, Tan, Taupe, Black and my personal favorite the Aubergine which I am wearing . The boots come in a small and a larger 'super slouchy' version (worn), which can accommodate a bigger leg or just add a fuller boot look. A superbly detailed chunky ankle chain with signature heart charm that can be gold or silver is a great final touch, or can be removed. It seems that this will be the last of the Stiletto Moody temptations for Fall, so we can begin saving up for her next releases which should come in plenty of time for Holiday gift giving.

Shop for these at Stiletto Moody.

Also wearing; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Bare Rose Nachtmusik worn without skirt and with tinted underwear layer to create pants, Necklace is by Luc. Photo taken at Stiletto Moody and altered in photoshop, SM Ad courtesy Stiletto Moody.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Preview to come!!!

This is just a sampling of the next post!!! Beg for more!!!

Sorry I've been slacking with my post. Anyway I just wanted to give you a preview of what is to come for an upcoming post involving a trunk show at THE MANDATE OF HEAVEN PARTY!!! PS comment if you want more more more!!

/ NoLabel /: Cowboys and Lace

My lovely friend Celebrity and I were chatting last night, and she told me I must get my shoe blogging bootie over to komeko Shinn's store / NoLabel / and check out the cute cowboy boots and lace stilettos that are for sale. So today, after laying on the couch after over eating, I went and checked out the goods. As always, Celeb was right. I was very pleased, not just by the shoes but by the cute clothes as well. There isn't a lot of selection, but I hope to see more of komeko's creations in the future. Check out the Laced Plaid Stiletto, Cowboy Love boot, Rainbow Stiletto, and the regular cowboy boots over at / NoLabel / which is in the Magika Mall InWorld.

Other Stuff: Top: Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Top by Magika, Pants by / NoLabel /. Bottom: Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Top and pants by / NoLabel /.

Invoking Picasso...

I'd say I'm going through a blue period, but that would be every day of my life up till now... (har har har).

Inspired by this picture I found on
Le Blog de Betty (which I love, by the way),

I'm thinking of painting the heel of my Isaac Mizrahi for Target blue...or yellow...something bright. Does anyone know what will work? I should probably find out what kind of material the heel is made of, but I haven't the slightest idea right now, and I don't have the box anymore. Also, I'd like paint that won't scuff up when I go out (but I don't tend to scuff my shoes anyway), but that I can take off with maybe nail polish remover or water or something. Help!!

Photo: Le Blog de Betty

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

These Booties Rock!

The little elves over at Redgrave have been working overtime to bring us more incredible shoe releases. Miss Viola Leigh is the head elf, and these yummy Icerock Booties have her combining wood, leather, metal details and fur. Available in 5 standard shades; Black, White, Brown, Caramel, and Lilac... and a very special Santa Red pair only available until Christmas, and for a very special price. I marched myself over to Tim Horton's to grab some Hot Chocolate and then stepped out rink-side on Retrology. These perfectly sweet booties are a fun way to kick the holiday season off in style.

Visit Redgrave soon!

Also wearing; Redgrave Skin, MMS Hair, Argrace Dress, Maitreya Belt and Leggings, Caroline's Earrings. Photo taken on Retrology.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Unique Needs: Pretty and Punk

Ann Otoole of Unique Needs recently came out with these Pretty and Punk Mary Janes, and they are glam and glitz with a little fierce mixed in. I mean com'on, they are gold and shiny with diamonds and spikes. Yeah, they might not be for everyone out there, but for me, it's a win win! Visit Unique Needs Inworld.

Other stuff: Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Dress by Punch Drunk, Hair and Glasses by ETD.

Monday, 24 November 2008

The Business of Sexy

Yes, she did it again. That Siren of Stilettos, Stiletto Moody, has released more tantalizing footwear to make us drool. This time it is a fabulous variation on the Patent Pinup featuring a new selection of Fall colors, and two optional bows (heel and toe), along with the other customizable features mentioned in my previous post.

I absolutely love the sweet sexy styling of the Pinup, and the added yumminess of bows... hello! One thing I was very happy to see it the Blacker Black of the new release, the previous had a fairly blue-black hue to it that made it a tricky match on some occasions. The colors are available individually or as a full set of the five with a colorchange menu, and in my opinion the Chocolate, Burgundy and Blacker Black make this a fantastic option.

So while Monday is hardly my favorite day of the week, today is a little bit brighter thanks to shoes this pretty. Here is a look at Stiletto Moody's Ad showing the full fall color range (thanks Dancer!), but you can get a closer look at the shades in-world at Stiletto Moody Headquarters.

Also wearing; Redgrave Skin, Maitreya Hair, Outfit by Apple May Designs (cuffs are from another garment), Stockings by Jaywalk, Glasses by Sinful Shades. Photos taken at [Kunst] Furniture.

AOHARU: Winter Boots

Just popping in for a short but sweet posting to show off another goodie that I've had laying around, but that deserves a reminder. These cute boots from Aoharu have been available for some time, but now is the perfect opportunity to break out these cozy boots and tromp through the snow. Visit AOHARU In world!

PJ Linden's film reel filled with fairy tale. SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

I met this lovely film involved girl at the Mandate of Heaven party. She is a set designer and poducer with a magical reel she showed me on her i-phone. A fine artist as well!!! Take a look at the lovely work of PJ!!!

PJ Linden - Production Design Reel from PJ Linden on Vimeo.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Christmas Came Early

Ah yes, for the faithful fans of Stiletto Moody, Christmas cheer arrived a bit early yesterday in the form of the Red Tartan Pinup Spike. It's shiny and pretty and all wrapped up with a bow, just like any good holiday gift ought to be. Okay, so maybe it is a bit early, but it IS about the time for some holiday shopping. My recommendation, let the first gift you buy be something really special for yourself... and failing that, hand the Landmark for these beauties to your someone special and give them a very strong hint about what you hope to find under the tree this year. And don't worry, best of both worlds, grab up these so 'on trend' Tartan babies now and I can almost bet that Stiletto has more in store for us in the weeks to come.

Important details to note, there are 2 variations of the Pinup Spikes, one with full Tartan and one that adds another touch of black at the heel. Both are equipped with the superbly scripted options menu which, for those who may not be familiar, allows us to swap metals between silver and gold, add or remove the ankle chain, disable heel clicks, or wear the shoes at full bright if we desire. So now that the technical stuff is out of the way, I only have one question. Anyone want to help keep me warm? Apparently I went out in my short shorts again. :P

Head on over to Stiletto Moody and take a closer look.

Wearing: Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Fur Jacket by Digit Darkes, Top by Armidi, Shorts by Armidi Gisaci (part of Lima Trench Coat), Belt & Bracelets by UnTone. Photos taken at Cu Mara.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

I'll Set Your Microwave Ablaze!

Recently a store I hadn't heard of before was pointed out to me. Pocket Pfeffer has several gowns (Morticia inside store includes skin) that would be suitable for rp along with several tshirts with funny catch phrases on them for free. $0 - F(dresses) Uni(Tshirts) -

Pocket Pfeffer
(Skin: Innovations & Pocket Pfeffer Morticia, Hair:Mikan, Shoes: Brazilian Style, Dresses: Pocket Pfeffer)

You'll want to swing by the <<Discord>> sim and complete their hunt (for pink doughnuts) before this month ends. If you find all 12 pieces (which I did not) you'll have an outfit for guys or girls. I didn't find the #2 pants for guys. The pants shown with the outfit are just black pants made in appearance mode. (ssshhh!) Hair can be won from a lucky board near the new releases area. $0 - M&F -

(Skin: Innovations, Shoes: Shoe Store Elan, Outfits & Hair: Discord - excluding pants with male outfit read above^^)

(Skin: Innovation, Hair: Mikan, Shoes: Brazilian Style, Dresses: Innovations)

I'm pretty much hunted out, but when I heard about DG Innovations hunt I had to check it out. You'll get skins (used in all pictures), eyes, prim corset piercings, dresses, & accessories in this hunt (dresses from Innovations & Isabelle's store). $0/30 turkey feathers - F -

(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Shoes: Brazilian Style, Dresses: Isabelle's - from Innovations hunt)

Kumamoto Japan has a new freebie, but you'll also notice a couple new shops on the block. Check out:
Kumamoto Japan $0 & Lucky Board Dresses, Jewelry, Shoes, Tinie AVs, Kimono & more-
::RuRi:: Lucky boards, $0, $1, & $5 Jewelry -
:::Morhime:: Camp & Lucky board for Kanzashi & Kimono - also $10 Cat Print Kimono -
Shop Luv - Lucky Board & Camp for a pair of shoes or dresses. Also a free outfit in the white gift box. Items no transfer and raging up to $40 (very inexpensive).

Kumamoto Japan
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfits & Jewelry from Kumamoto Japan merchants,

***SB_Mall*** is an awesome spot for Lucky Boards with a whopping 17 boards all dispensing prizes from merchants located in the mall. Most stores have free or $1 gifts along with reasonably priced goods. For the following dress check out Saya ( $0 - F - & you'll find the hair next door at Mikan ($1/each - F (hair)-

(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Dress: Saya, Shoes: Shoe Store Elan)

All the eyes worn are from Edge Grafica which added the eyes to their stock on 20 Nov. Shown with clothing from Edge Grafica and free boots from Shoe Store Elan. Edge Grafica: $0 - m/f -
Shoe store Elan: $0 - f -

Edge Grafica
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfit: Edge Grafica, Shoes: Shoe Store Elan)

If you're already in the festive spirit while checking out Edge Grafica & Shoe Store Elan stroll down to !SyDS! where you'll find a sofa, chair, ring, & decorations on sale for $1 each. $1/item- furniture and ring -

On to a few Christmas themed goodies:

First up at :=:Ryouta Works:=: you'll find the following look: $0 - F -

Ryouta Works
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfit: Ryouta Works)

You can find a fur trimmed outfit given out on the **Cutie Honey** Lucky Board. Lucky Board - F -

Cutie Honey
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Shoes: Shoe Store Elan, Outfit: Cutie Honey)

At PasDeDeux you can find a red and white outfit with several variations. And if themed is not your style there's also a black dress with orange sash available under the Christmas Girl outfit. $1 - F-

(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfit: PasDeDeux)

Lastly if you're looking for a bargain swing by JE*REPUBLIC where you'll find a complete outfit for a steal at $10. $10- F -

JE Republic
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfit: JE*REPUBLIC ~~~ thanks to Jun for forwarding this outfit to share!!!)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Kai Kuhne

I was just looking through Fall 2008 RTW collections for a little inspiration when I stumbled across Kai Kuhne*.

Unfortunately, I won't be dressing like that any time soon, but... a girl can only dream, right? I just love that buttery leather and those metallic wools. Plus, the structure of that first jacket is curiously cool. Love the quilted miniskirt as well.

* There are some accents in the name, but I just can't be arsed to figure out how to do it.