Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It's like wearing pajamas...

I don't know, dude... it's been a very gray week so far. In terms of clothing, I mean. The weather, on the other hand, is picking up quite nicely. By the end of the week, it'll hit 80! (Which is actually WAY too hot for me, but I'm just happy it's not freezing cold or raining.)

Anyway, here's what I wore today:

That MAC nail polish is the business. Also, gray eyeliner is my new love.

Unlike yesterday's illustration, none of the clothes here are actually what I wore. I actually wore light flats instead of oxfords (though I really want to get the ones in the Polyvore pic!), my coin necklace doesn't look like that, the shirt I was wearing was similar in color but was actually bigger because it's a men's shirt, and finally, the pants I was wearing are actually dress pants made out of sweatpant material... Is that jersey? Anywho, sweatpant dress pants (as I'll call them for now) are the bomb. For real, I felt like I was wearing pajamas. If I could get away with wearing those same pants every day, I so would. Actually, there's a pair of jersey pants on that I've been eyeing. I think they're $50, and the waistband is khaki cotton -- hotness!

Edit: On a side note, please excuse the wrong dates on the outfit pics. I am... a doofus, basically.

I Go Hunting! - Ichi

Paradisis creations sims, invites you to a funny easter hunt, from April 1st till April 11th. Find the eggs around the sim and collect originals gifts ! Lynece's Shop (4 eggs), LOULOU&CO (3 eggs), PARADISIS (6 eggs), & Ragnarock Shop (5 eggs) are all providing hunt gifts. The eggs are small so take your time. Sometimes it helps if you toggle in and out of wire-frame view. This may be a challenge for inexperienced hunters, but the prizes are nice:

Skin from Fricka Hunt & Hair from TA@KDC mall

Easter Egg Hunt from: Just for you, Blood Rose Gothic/BDSM, VF Design, Luscious & Lords, Moon Magic, Drake`s Design, Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue Main Stores, Lustovia, and Pictures By Rodger. This hunt ends on the 7th of April.

Finish the maze at the end to receive some of the bonus items pictured. Only 10 stops to complete this hunt! Fnordian Easter Egg prize not pictured; must rez & touch to enjoy. ^_^

{Frick} Easter Egg Hunt 8 @ $1 each
Hiya everyone! I'm right under the wire with this one, but I'm having a little dollarbie Easter Egg Hunt in my store until April 10th! There are 8 eggs scattered around the store for L$ 1 each. You can find 7 different skins & a mini dress covered in bunnies. These skins are a sneak peek at the new lips I'll be using whenever I get around to making new stuff again. I've included a reference picture so you know which egg has what in it. Enjoy!

Hairs used throughout:
L$1 for "TA hair KDC Limited gift02(R). @Time of angel Hair,

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Walking raincloud!

Today, I wore a mostly monochromatic outfit. I think I was inspired by my nail polish, the India Blue from the Liberty and MAC collabo.

Anyway, this is what I wore (thanks to Polyvore... since we all know I never take pictures of myself):

Today's outfit 3.25

Funnily enough, the only piece I actually have from this set is the sneakers. But not quite the same ones -- mine are mens' oxford-inspired, which I think makes the outfit a lot better. I had a very mannish vibe going today... so much for not dressing like a boy. *shrug* But I must say, I enjoyed dressing in dark colors more than I thought I would! I've been on a whole "no dark colors" kick lately, but I think I've been forcing it. From now on, I'll just try to let it flow naturally... Ha, what does that even mean?

So, dear readers, what do you do when you're getting dressed? Are you super-organized? For instance, when I find a picture online that I really like, I save the picture, then make a note of what I like in the picture and what I want to try... typical Virgo. Do you just grab whatever is at hand's reach and put it on?

Brunette Trigger


Karla's Closet

Monsanto May Patent Your Pixels

Left: L$0 for KWZ Omaga Female Steel.,

Center: Jacket- L$0 for !129129**026_brown.
Shirt- (vive9) Single Layer Tanks - (Vive9) last day for gift bags & sale
Pants- L$0 for *Jetcity* sweat pants=Asian={Blue}.,
Shoes- Lucky Chairs - BT- Chunky Bloody boots,

Right: L$0 for **Paty Zebrina Vendor**.,

Left: lucky board - feel at home(KDC mall Cream) @ "+Lo*momo+",

Center: MM Board - :WhoNose: Sparkle TEAL Outfit - MM Board
Shoes- Angel Alphaville - Shoes 026 (red)

Right: :WhoNose: Viivi BERRY Dress+Necklace (Lucky Board)

Above: L$0 for reiko konpeitou., L$0 for reiko-kin-no-hosi., L$0 for reiko-gin-no-hosi., L$0 for R-majyo. & lucky board - reiko-clara-p

Above: group gifts in store @ L&H Clothing Collection,

Boots- Dominion Femdom Fetish Gift Box,

**********************Used Throughout:
Hair: ENKY's Dollar$tore (Lollipopz, Exile, & I love Olive),

Skins: Warmouth Freebie Zone! (Miss Murder)
group: secondlife:///app/group/cb188e61-06a8-868f-9dda-b5d0ea18e73e/about/about

Faiza & Ab - Rue de Rivoli - Paris

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

Faiza & Ab of OTT Dubaï (click !)
Ab is featuring already on the Wrapper of Easy Fashion in Paris !
Look at this funny 2.55 XXL !

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

Lou - Place Vendôme - Paris

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

I am a student in Fashion Management
I wear a coat by ZARA
Shoes by ALDO
Blouse, belt, pants vintage
My scarf is a gift
Perfume "Hypnose" by DIOR
I am surrounded by Fashion
My look is vintage
I love travelling. I hate hypocrisy
I f I had 1 000€ I would buy LOUBOUTIN Platforms
My message to the world: May fashion be with you !

Enigmatic Sweet Fuschia lady - Place Vendôme

Image hébergée par : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

Have you noticed, she has five beauty spots on a line ?

Breakfast of Packrats

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(*LH*::::: dot dress ::::: purple), (source)
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Right: Shirt - L$0 for *Lovely Hearts* Renewal Open Gift.
(*LH*::::: polo shirt ::::: purple)
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Hair- [Raspberry Aristocrat] Chai Anxiety Hair @ Savoir Hair.

Dr. HoneyComb

More posts to come. ^_^

Left & Center: L$0 for *.:[K]:.* relax wear (green & yellow) Gift ❤. Kloka
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Saturday, 27 March 2010

follow my fellow

מי שעוקב אחר הבלוג מראשיתו יודע שהתרחשו בו לא מעט שינויים. למי שהצטרף לאחרונה אספר (וגם אומר ברוך הבא!) שעל אף שאלו לא היו שינויים מרחיקי לכת הם נגעו לצורה, לתוכן ולסגנון. בראשית ההתחלה היו פה בעיקר האיורים שלי, מינימום מלל (באנגלית בלבד) וסודיות גמורה, בפרטי הכותב של בלוגר לא העזתי לרשום אפילו שאני מישראל ואיש ממכרי לא ידע על קיומו של הבלוג. לאט לאט התחלתי לשתף ובו בזמן נוספו כל מיני דברים שמצאתי בזמן שיטוטי האינטרנטים ונראו לי מעניינים מספיק כדי לחלוק. קצת אחר כך התחלתי להוסיף גם תמונות של עצמי (דבר שבתחילה נראה לי כמו משהו שלא אעשה אף פעם) וכך צעד אחר צעד התגבש לו הדבר המוזר הזה שנקרא הבלוג, כאשר המינונים של הדברים עולים ויורדים בהתאם למצב הרוח ולזמן העומד לרשותי. לעתים קרובות הרגשתי שהבלוג מתקדם מעצמו, מבלי שאני מספיקה לתת את דעתי לסוגיות השונות וללבטים המרובים הכרוכים ב"גידולו" של בלוג אופנה קטן ושובב שכזה. כבר זמן רב שאני מרגישה שהבלוג צריך רענון מסויים ולאחר רעיונות שונים ומשונים שצצו במוחי ושחלקם וודאי יקבל כאן ביטוי ביום מן הימים, החלטתי שכצעד ראשון אתחיל לארח מעת לעת חברים ומכרים בעלי אג'נדה אופנתית מעניינת (או בקיצור אנשים שמתלבשים יפה) לשיחה קלה ותמונות מהיומיום (כפי שהן נקלטות בעדשת המצלמה שלי). אגב, זה לא במקום אף אחד מהדברים שהיו פה עד היום, זה רק גיוון, לכם ולי.

לכבוד הוא לי להציג את האורחת הראשונה, חברתי לספסל הלימודים וידידת הבלוג משכבר הימים, תמר מרדר.
תמר היא סטודנטית לעיצוב אופנה בשנקר, היא מתגוררת בתל אביב עם החתול הג'ינג'י שלה העונה לשם לני/לנין.

חולצה - וינטג', ג'קט וסיכה - משוק העתיקות, מכנס - זארה, חגורה - רובי סטאר, משקפיים - ריי באן

חולצה - יד שניה, עליונית - מאחות של תמר, מטפחת - רק שניה, מכנס - שוק העתיקות, גרביונים אמריקן אפרל, נעליים - זארה

חולצה - אמריקן אפרל, וסט - וינטג', סריג - זארה, פפיון - גולואז

- איפה את עושה קניות בדרך כלל?
שוק העתיקות בכיכר דיזינגוף, חנויות יד שניה למיניהן ובזארה.
- מיהו אייקון האופנה שלך? מדוע?
הדס, אחותי הגדולה - למדה אותי להעז ולהתלבש איך שבא לי, חוץ מזה שחצי ארון שלי מורכב מהשאריות שלה.
יולי, החברה הכי טובה - הבחורה עם הסטייל הכי אמיץ ומופרע בעולם.
- מהו הפריט האחרון שרכשת? פרטי ונמקי
התחלתי להתעניין לאחרונה בכובעים, אז גיליתי במהלך שיטוטי לחיפוש בדים בנחלת בנימין חנות כובעים קטנה ועתיקה עם כובעים מקסימים בעבודת יד ורכשתי לי אחד. מיד לאחר הקניה שמתי אותו על הראש ופתאום... כולם דיברו אליי בצרפתית...
- מיהם מעצבי האופנה האהובים עלייך? מדוע?
רק לאחרונה התחלתי להחשף לשמות של מעצבים למרות שתמיד אהבתי אופנה ודברים יפים אז קצת קשה לי לנקוב בשמות. אני אוהבת כל דבר שמושך את תשומת לבי מויקטור ורולף עד לשרשרת בדיווה.
- מה לעולם לא תלבשי?
never say never, אבל לא נראה לי שתתפסי אותי עם חצאית מיני.
- לו ניתן לך סכום כסף בלתי מוגבל לקניות באינטרנט איזה פריט היית רוכשת?
אין לי משהו מקורי חוץ ממלא נעליים מטורפות בEBAY, תיק שאנל אמיתי ומלא נעליים של Irregular Choice
- איזה שיעור את הכי אוהבת בלימודים?
- מה החלום שלך?
להיות מאושרת, לעשות כסף ממה שאני אוהבת.
- מה מפחיד אותך?
להפוך להיות מהאנשים האלה שהבגדים עושים אותם ולא הם את הבגדים.
- מה את עושה בזמנך הפנוי? לו היו לך עוד 5 שעות נוספות בשבוע, מה היית עושה בהן?
כפי שבטח מוכר לך, אין לי זמן פנוי! לו היה לי עוד זמן הייתי ישנה, מלטפת את החתול שלי והולכת למלא מלא סרטים בקולנוע.
- מה היית עונה לאנשים שאומרים שאופנה זה שטחי?
שזה באמת שטחי, אז כדאי להשקיע גם באישיות שלך...

how did you come up with the name of your blog At first, I was thinking about the images on my blog representing a "ghost" of me, and also I'm extremely pale! Otherwise, I just liked the simplicity of the name. when where you introduced to fashion
From a very young age, the clothes that I wore seemed extremely important to me, and even as a child I wanted to have my own unique style. One memory I have was agonizing over an outfit to wear to the roller rink! I used to read Seventeen magazine and watch VideoFashion on E! television constantly.
how do you describe your style My style is moody, seasonal, and constantly changing. I'm completely driven by comfort though occasionally I will tough it out for a special occasion.I find myself drawn towards avant-garde cuts and shapes and loads of black. But I also love color and tend to draw inspiration from the 50's, 70's, 80's and 90's. what made you start a fashion blog I started blogging because I was so inspired by other amazing fashion bloggers like Camille of childhood flames and Jane from Sea of Shoes. I'm constantly obsessing about my wardrobe and I thought it would be a fun way to release some of that madness! I also wanted to have a record of my style and how it evolves over time, and am hoping it will develop into an outlet for some other creative projects that I have in mind.
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I really don't know if I bring anything to it! I started a few months ago and am just having a lot of fun with it. how is your style different than everyone else Hmmmm. I guess it's different because it's dictated by whatever mood I'm in. who is your inspiration My inspiration is Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chloe Sevigny and other women who carve their own fashion path.
what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog Gosh, I guess I hope to inspire them in some way, or to give them a style idea or a new clothing combination idea. how is your favorite designer Oh man I like too many but probably Jeremy Scott or Ann Demeulemeester. what piece is a must have in your closet My Frye boots! I've had them for about three years and they have stuck with me through thick and thin.

Thanks! Dy

Monday, 22 March 2010

Congrats... To the beautiful Febrina of
BeBeLicious...we love you and my GOD
pour his blessings on you marriage ...

JINX facebook

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Tya Fallingbridge is a designer who listens to her customers, so much so that within 24 hours of releasing her latest, the Baby T's from Pixel Mode, she went back to her drawing board and whipped up a variation of the original. Now I have two styles to rave about instead of just one. The original features a built in sock with sweet lace details and delicate ties up the back, not only are these amazingly cute and sexy, but with no need to tint prim feet, they are very wearable.

After requests from her customers to create a sockless version of the T's, without a prim foot of any sort, Tya comes through with the update! Now you can decide which style you prefer, and in which of the multitude of colors available. Spring shoe shopping as easy as pie!

Visit Pixel Mode to get these sweeties!

The stuff;

Look 1 -

Shoes: Pixel Mode, Baby T's, Red.

Skin: LeLutka IFE, Pale, Haiti.

Hair: Tukinowaguma, Redheat, Ash (Chocolate).

Outfit: DCNY, Madelene II, Red & Armidi [Intimizzio], Chiara di Luna, White (as undershirt).

Accessories: Paper Couture, Multi Gemstone Ring.

Look 2 -

Shoes: Pixel Mode, Baby T's (Plain), Royal.

Skin: LeLutka IFE, Suntan, NEVER.

Hair: Tukinowaguma, Coop, Ash (Chocolate).

Outfit: Dutch Touch, MoTo Jeans, Dark Grey and Wrinkle Top, Grey. & Maitreya, RB Tank, Blue.

Accessories: Maitreya Leather Belt (Custom Tinted), Pretties by JB, Moxie Bangles, Blues & Paper Couture, Multi Gemstone Ring.

(click on images to expand).

Currently favoring

האאוטפיט שלהלן הורכב מפריטים שמככבים לאחרונה ברבות ממערכות הלבוש שאני לובשת. רובם כבר הופיעו פה בבלוג וחלקם אפילו הופיעו פה ממש לא מזמן. המכנסיים הסגולים הכה מדליקים מהפוסט הקודם נראים כאן הרבה פחות מבריקים וזה כמובן בגלל היום המעונן, הז'קט שהתברר כקנייה מוצלחת בהרבה מכפי שסברתי בתחילה ונעלי הפפיון שאפילו הקיץ לא יצליח להפריד בינינו. לשמחתי הרבה הימים האחרונים היו קרירים יותר (קרירים בדיוק במידה הנכונה אם שואלים אותי) אך ההרגשה האביבית ששוררת בכל מקום גרמה לי לרצות להתעטף בכמה שיותר צבע. כאן נכנסו לתמונה החולצה הצבעונית הזו שנלבשת לא מעט לאחרונה ומטפחת הכותנה הפרחונית האהובה עלי עד מאוד.
נראה לי שלכל אחד מאיתנו יש תקופות בהם פריטים מסויימים הופכים אהובים במיוחד ושאר הארון קצת נזנח, לפעמים בגלל האופנה ולעתים בשל מזג האוויר. אמנם יש פה אלמנט מסויים של בזבוז, שהרי "חבל" על כל הבגדים ששוכבים מיותמים בארון ומצד שני יש איזו נחמה בשליפה המהירה הזו של "פריטי הרגע", נכונים ועובדים עבורנו היטב.

חולצה - היתה של סבתי
צעיף - H&M ישן
ג'קט - רוס אובטה
מכנסיים - טופשופ
נעליים ֹ- לאפייט

This outfit is composed of garments that get a lot of wear lately. Most of them appeared already in my blog and some of them even appeared here very recently. The purple hot pants from the previous post, the jacket which turned out to be a greater buy than I thought at first place and my bow shoes which I'm totally in love with. In the past few days the weather got cooler, just the way I like it, and the springish atmosphere made me want to wear as much color as possible. Thus chose to wear this very colorful vintage shirt with this flowery scarf.
I think it happens to all of us - periods in which certain items get much more love than the rest of the closet which remains almost abandoned. sometimes it's because of fashion, in other times it's the weather's fault. In a way there is an aspect of waste in this situation (it's a pity for all the lonely clothes in the closet, don't you think?) but on the other hand though there is some comfort in the rapid pulling of those "items of the moment" that feel so right and work so well for us.

shirt - was my grandma's
scarf - H&M
jacket - Rhus Ovata
pants - Topshop
shoes - Gabriele

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Wow... I've been gone for so long! But I've been doing some good things while I've been away.

I'm on Spring Break (still having break is one of the perks of being in school :P) in New York, which has been so much fun! I visited a bunch of stores like 3.1 Philip Lim, Maison Martin Margiela, APC... oh, and Temperley, where I wanted everything in the store! In D.C., we don't have very many luxury stores, like of the actual designer, so that was different.

I finally picked up some stuff from the Liberty x MAC collection, so I'm a happy camper there... Also had to buy a new brush while I was there, because I'm a clumsy idiot and knocked my eyeshadow brush down the drain.

Anyway, I'm totally rambling, but I thought I should give y'all an update!

Friday, 19 March 2010

CrystalRoseMall Treasure Hunting

Crystal Rose Mall is having a petal hunt to compose a Crystal Rose and win some fabulous prizes. You'll need to first buy ($0) and wear the hud. Then visit 15 stores and collect the petals. Once your hud is filled then touch the hud and take the teleport to the prize area. You'll only need one hud to collect all 15 prizes in the area. Touch each treasure chest provided by the Crystal Rose Mall vendors.,

Prizes from: Maya's REMIX, O-musi* shop, Kotolier, yuiyui, Heart CAT, MIYABI~Rabbit In the Moon, めがね屋れりす, Sen*2, ***Ambrosia***, Salbador Dali, *MHK*, +Honey+, Arrshu's Shop, JD Motion, ::EverlastingFace::

Hair: L$0 for FS CITY farewell gift. @ Rosy Mood until 31 March,
Skin: L$5 for .:Glamorize:. Rita "Rave" 3-Pack

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Rotten Defiance $10 Birthday Sale

*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*] News 3.18,10 [notecard quote follows] :

So, tomorrow is my birffday XDD

In honor of my birthday, I'm marking everything in the store down to 10L until [S]unday night. So starting RIGHT NOW everything is on sale yay!

Ok thats all....have a good night everyone.

Go check out the goodies @ $10/piece it's worth a look ~ *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*:


You can even pick up hunt gifts in store. (Lovebirds gifts shown; more available.)

From Freebie Finds & More

Additional information:
Rotten Defiance blog -
Hair by !SyDy! many found on lucky board.,
Skins by Mango available in the $1 gift packs.,
Poses used: PIDIDDLE - Artistic Taxidermy Pose Set Gift.,
Location: Sick2 sim,
how did you come up with the name of your blog : From the movie, snakes on a plane. Pretty tacky and random much , but don't ask me why either! It was a spur of a moment kind of thing.when where you introduced to fashion : Mostly fashion influences from the people around me. how do you describe your style I can't really describe my style in a single sentence , cause its ever changing. But for now, I'm really into the leather bad ass kind of look. what made you start a fashion blog: I was really interested in fashion from young, but never got the chance to pursue fashion as a whole. Well a year back, I finally took a step forward changing my whole blogging style and making it more fashion orientated in a way and well, I can say I'm really lucky to have the chance to get interviewed by you guys. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world:
I can't say I make a big impact in the fashion blog world,but my blog does give a whole scope of everything about my life,not just fashion! how is your style different than everyone else : I've a little bit of everyone in myself. who is your inspiration I get my inspiration mostly from people-watching on the streets , fashion icons/bloggers, or just mixing&matching on my own
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I want my readers to know that fashion is not all about following trends wearing what's ' cool' and not wearing what's 'not cool'. It's not about how expensive your shoes are, or that blouse is. It's all about wearing what you're comfortable with & feel confident in. how is your favorite designer Alexander Wang. Pure genius what piece is a must have in your closet My leather jacket

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Last Of Winter

So this will be my last official Winter-ish boot post for the season, after this one it's on to strappy sandals, sexy colorful platforms, you name it, just no more thermal cozy snow boots. But I saved a great one for the last one, Kalnins SnowDrift Boots, these are super cute comfy suede boots with a great ribbon accent. As expected, Kalnins once again allows you to custom color and easily size your boots, I did find these a bit on the teeny side so I sized them up a fair bit so as not to look like a giraffe wearing mouse shoes, if you get my meaning. I completely adore the way these color coordinated with my amazing new accessories from Earthstones, yes these are available at clothing fair, New York Sim.

Visit Kalnins and Earthtones soon.

The Stuff;

Boots - Kalnins, Snowdrift Boots.

Skin - LeLutka, Estelle, SunKissed Makeup 7D.

Hair - Exile, Dori, Mink.

Dress - Bijou, Lacle BigKnit, Orange.

Accessories - Earthstones, Zahra, Turquoise/Coral Full Set.

(click on image to expand)