Saturday, 20 August 2011

HP Announces to kills phones and tablets running WebOS

HP announced on Thursday that all devices running WebOS system are discontinued.  the company has no more intention to continue producing and then selling (or die trying) devices with the system originally designed by Palm, before the company be gobbled up by HP.

Victim is the same tablet HP TouchPad which went on sale in July this year, entitled to the title of "iPad Killer." The TouchPad WebOS ran in a special version, adapted for the screen larger than the tablet features compared to the same system as smartphones like the Palm Pre. As a result, HP no longer compete with Motorola, Samsung (both Android) and Apple (iOS) in the tablet market.

The fate of the WebOS remains uncertain. Some say that the HP go to license it to other companies interested in placing the platform on mobile devices. The system may not have all the aura of an Android, but it is functional, and that's enough for some manufacturers that focus on simpler and cheaper devices. If the permit price is reduced, even better.

According to Business Insider, HP does not rule WebOS embed on devices other than the aforementioned mobile devices. The platform could be used, for example, kitchen appliances and even cars.

Still talking to HP, the company plans to dispose of its PC manufacturing unit is quite true that HP is the largest computer manufacturer in the world, but the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News said the company's drive to this type of product would be available. IBM went through a similar situation in 2005 when its PC division was bought by China's Lenovo.

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