Sunday, 31 August 2008

StyleCard: Indyra Originals

A friend out on a shopping trip decided to send me a TP and drag me along yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised to land at Indyra Originals and was promptly greeted by these great looking Chasseur Boots from the Coquette Noir line of footwear. Always impressed to see designers creating both clothes and footwear, Indyra certainly excels at this. I started drooling over this adorable jeans & top set called Davenport, conveniently it matches up with the boot colour perfectly. (note: I added an underwear layer and custom tinted it to hide that little bit of tummy)

The boots themselves are a great suede folded top boot, with fun details like buttons and leather cording tied around the ankle. I loved the rich red shade and skinny-mini wooden stiletto heel. The outfit is a whole bunch of awesome, sexy slim fitting jeans that come in a variation to wear with the aforementioned boots and a flirty ruffled sleeveless blouse and wrist cuff. I added this great new hair from Novocaine (that I grabbed at Hair Fair) and a bracelet from UnTone to complete the look. (click image to see large.)

Visit Indyra Originals to see the other colors and get some for yourself.

The Stuff; Giusia Skin, Novocaine Hair, Clothing & Footwear by Indyra Originals, Bracelet by UnTone.

StyleCard: Lya & Naïve

I will never get bored in SL as long as there is color and newness and endless ways to express my quirky all over the place style. Lyanis Sin of Lya is one of the colorful people in my SL, she is bright and funny and one-of-a-kind, and she keeps on impressing me with her rapidly improving skills at making great shoes. A quick look back at her very first sculpted shoes here, will demonstrate just what I mean. Lyanis' latest Lya release, the Nichelle Pumps are a killer looking shoe, I love everything about them, color, style and shape. A nice in-between from the hyper-real and the more 'cartoonish' sculpted footwear.

I also really like what I see from relatively new clothing brand Naïve, whose creator Leah McCullough, among her many other talents, has a really strong sense of color and some great fun looks in her store which can be found here. I paired it all with this amazing hat/hair combo from ::69:: and a constant favorite Fresh Baked Goods bangle.

Get these great pumps in several yummy shades at Lya. (and check out the lucky chairs too!)

A bit of a new look for my posts , just something I am trying - your feedback welcome. (Click on image to see full size version)

The Stuff; PXL Skin, ::69:: Hair, Clothing by Naïve, Shoes by Lya, Bracelets by Naïve(R) and Fresh Baked Goods(L), Earrings by [P/a] - PERTURB/ation.

What we Wore

I always forget* to take pictures when I go out**, so here's what my friends and I wore to dinner Friday night.

* Partially consciously... I'm not ready for my mug to be plastered all over my blog.
** I say "out," because when I'm at home, I dress like a complete bum. When I'm lounging about, comfort takes precedence over everything else! Also, I've been painting my room lately.

Sponsor free ANGEL LUST SWAG BAG project update!!!

So Girly NYC got in on this project fast. I love Pam the owner of this sexy little indie owned lingerie shop on 9th st. between Ave A and first. She has some flirty sexy finds and they are on sale right now. But check out the swag she has contributed,I took it upon myself to wrap it up in gold tulle for the most spectacular presentation...

These garters are adorned in heart beads, feathers in some instances and bows most certainly. The exact address is,
441 E 9th St
New York, NY 10009
(212) 353-5366

Here is a little taste of my scrolls that include info about me Kristen May...

Saturday, 30 August 2008

I'm a Rfyre Knight!! Woot!

OK, so as you can see by the title of this blog I was recently inducted by Raven and the Rfyre team to be a Knight of Rfyre. As such, I have an exciting new position working with them on events and things, and this post is to let you all know of the hunt that is going on at the rfyre sim this weekend where there are many giftboxs scattered around the sim that you can find to create the Mastrius outfit for men and the Twisted Swiss outfit for women. There are also items from the other vendors in the Rfyre sim such as Zhao shoes available to be found too.
Also I wanted to show you the outfits that are to be released today from Rfyre's Elven series of costumes, and this one is affectionately known as Drost, and I am displaying it in Crimson, black, Earth and Hunter's green.
To take these pics, i knew I had to go out on location, and where better than Straylight? I almost felt like a extra from LOTR, just like a few years ago when I worked with a guy in RL who was the spitting image of Frodo everyday and he garnered that as a nickname when everyone saw the movies. Those were the days.....
To complete the lookI used the Quixote boots from Jeepers Creepers, as I realised I hadn't blogged these boots on here before and I have quite the affinity for them, as they are rugged looking boots perfect for tramping around the lush forests of Straylight or the harsh cityscapes of Midian.
SO I would like to thank Raven, Harper and the team for trusting me in this new position, and Eponymous from JCS for his encouraging feedback on my posts here on 'On your toes'. I can't wait to see what each of these designers have in store for the future, and you all should go hunt and shop at Rfyre this weekend as we know there isn't many things that are better than free clothes!!

House of Rfyre Mainstore (and location of hunt)

Jeepers Creepers shoes Mainstore

Friday, 29 August 2008

Angel Lust Sponsor Free Swag Bag

In true indie fashion I've take the past week in putting together a sponsor free goody bag for GOSSIP GIRL NIGHT'S debut at POP BURGER...This is a free participation effort at no cost has any company paid me to advertise. I'm moving up and am inviting you to come with me.In an effort to keep the spirit of young designers and small businesses downtown and alive I am in the process of arranging 25 VIP bags for the Press. I want to drive the uptown girls and boys downtown (hopefully with their black cards).

My experience with the press is,today's kids seem to only know what is cool if they are told,so let's tell them what is. We are at a point in time post "Sex in the City" error when designers are throwing things to the stylist to place on set. Major brands are pitching things to the writers to get their 15 seconds hoping it leads to fifteen million dollars in sales. Two bags are already set aside at the request of 2 magazine editors.

"Angel Lust"logo earrings made by Elizabeth Karas of 24Karas aka my lovely blue eyed pixie neighbor.

I was even contacted by AZU for Wear Your Music guitar string friendship bracelets composed of famous guitarist broken guitar strings ie. Slash,Keith Richards,Avril Levigne. A portion of the profit goes to Music Cares,they are included in "FASHION ROCKS",the idea sure does!!!

PR wonder-girl Lee at SABON,has helped with this squeaky clean press op by arranging heart shaped SABON soaps in the color pink to sit inside the swag!!!

I feel as if the idea of this blog is finally beginning to do what it was meant. I wanted my brand to be recognized and associated with other cool artist and businesses while doing a good deed (THANK YOU soooo much only is having something so Rock N'Roll in my girly little bag soooo "Angel Lusty" but it's totally a hot good deed!!!

If you represent any newspaper or magazine or press affiliation please contact me at

Take a peek inside to see what is inside each one so far!!! More to come....

Big thank you to my secret little non trustfund baby friend(partially by choice)you know who you are!!! I'm glad while I was faery catching I caught you in my dream weaver... at Henri Bendel without anyone's cash but your own.

So here I come....

From time to time you guys know I get overwhelmed. This weekend is looking like one of those times. So instead of waiting to post information I'm just going to post the information and then come back later and add pictures. Since all these are limited time I wanted to get the info out asap. So, here's the info for this weekends going ons... (Now with pictures added.)

Bewitched hair & House of Heart are having an end of Summer hunt. There are 85 + gifts in this hunt. So uhm, yes I'm overwhelmed & grateful. ^.^ You'll want to check this one out before it ends September 2nd. Visit the Bewitched Hair or House of Heart sims and pick some daisies before they are gone. ($0-$1; m/f; 85-90 Lemon Island & Tropical Escape sims)

Hunt_Daisy Hunt
(All items from End of Summer Daisy Hunt: Lingerie ensamble - Lingerie: Blacklace lingerie, Jewelry - OA Designs, Skin & Eyes - Tuli, Hair - Bewitched Hair; Dress- Dress & Shape - Body Double Shapes, Necklace - KressKreations, Skin - IC-Skins, Eyes - Tuli, Hair - House of Hearts)

More after the cut...

This one is totally fun and a little less fashion oriented. You can pick up 3 yukatas for girls and 2 jackets for guys, but the majority of stuff is fun and games with novelty prizes. For example there's a shooting range where if you get a score of 10 or better you win a cute little ufo to drive around in. The Japanese Summer Festival will only be up for a couple more weeks. So if you need to decompress and unwind with a date or a group of friends you may want to take a peak in at this little festival. ($0; m/f; clothes, food, wearable vehicles, pets;

Topaz Square is having a stupendous re- grand opening. Here's the information from the notecard available at Topaz Square...
To kick off the Celebrations are SWITCH hunts!!Sensational gifts are hidden thru out the New Store, these will be SWITCHED every few hours to an entirely new selection of Sensational gifts!
SWITCH Sale!! Huge selections of your favorite TOPAZ SQUARE items will be reduced to 25 & 50L!CRAZY YES! Items normally much higher for 25L!! and 50LL!!
Every few hour’s these items will be SWITCHED with new items to this crazy low sale! (Yes! Everything in Topaz Square will have a time slot on the SWITCH Sale Clock!) Must mention we have lowered our prices on everything, for always!! You wont easily find quality like us for such reasonable prices!
Gifts Gifts Gift! We all love them!! Now Topaz Square has a New, Beautiful Gift Counter. Click the counter’s glass and you shall have menus & menus of gifts upon gifts to choose from. (We even have gifts heels in our “Shiny New Shoe Dept.”)
I really like the idea of the gift counter, so even if you aren't up for the hunt you're able to get a sampling of the products available at Topaz Square. Look for the black Topaz Square boxes in the hunt. Ends August 31! ($0; f; clothing @ counter & also hunt; Topaz Square sim)

(Dress, Shoes, & Skin from Topaz Square hunt; Hair from Pudge available at Hair Fair, Eyes from Tuli found at the Picking Daisies Hunt)

Amrita is celebrating the move of their store to the Kasandra sim with a 3 day party which starts tonight @ 7pm and includes a lovely hair and skirts as gifts to those who attend. ($0; f; hair/skirts;

(Skirt & Hair from Amrita opening; Shirt, Skin, & Shoes from Topaz Square)

Rfyre is having a hunt lasting from: Friday, August 30, 1 pm slt to Sunday, September 1, 6 pm slt. The information from the notecard states:
Mastrius for Men (in 6 pieces in verdigris treasure boxes hidden throughout the Isle--find all 6 to complete the outfit)
Twisted Swiss for Women (in 7 pieces in rose treasure boxes scattered throughout the Isle--find all 7 to complete the outfit )
There's also going to be a party Saturday 3-5 pm. ($0?; m/f;

(A mix of the pieces from the male & female outfits. The lag was so bad for this one, but well worth it. Please remember if you plan to participate to shed all huds and prims and consider wearing a skin that requires little rendering and no clothes. Skin -Topaz Square, Eyes - Tuli,Hair - Damselfly available at the Hair Fair.)

All hairs shown from Hair Fair merchants are either $0 or $1. For location of hair fair merchants look at this helpful entry on the Hair Fair blog.

Skai High

These, the latest from Adam n Eve, called Skai Boots they really get my feet excited for Fall... oh yay, boot weather is coming! Damen Gorilla sent me an peek at these early on, and there was some instant attraction. I am a big fan of the way these are textured, not over the top shininess, but a nice subtle leather sheen to compliment these knee high babies. And you know I love that stylish buckle that give these an almost equestrian edge. The Skai boots come in 8 colors, wearing the black here, but trust me the shades are terrific and well worth a visit to the Adam n Eve shoe department for closer inspection.

Visit Adam n Eve in-world.

I am wearing; Giusia Skin, Cake Hair, Belted Butterfly Top by *CHI*, Pants from Alessa Outfit by Giusia, Bracelets by M.R.M. and Fresh Baked Goods.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Look out Weekend

First up two hunts ending on August 31! The first is a coin hunt at the Clover Mall ($0, f, with 30+ gifts you'll want to grab the girls and hunt out those coins.

Hunt_Clover mall_1

Hunt_Clover mall_2
(Everything pictured from hunt.)

The merchants of Cassiopeia sims are having a Pirate Day Event (ending on August 31) with tons of goodies for guys and girls $1 items & special price goodies from many merchants will be out. Check out @ LVS & Co blog for up to the minute info on the events. Ravenlynn is having some computer problems so if you like her designs throw her some lindens to get a new computer. (m/f, $1 each,

Hunt_Pirate Day_ LVS
(LVS & Co. Items shown with skin from Awesome Designs gift hunt ending August 30 $0, hair from Goldie Locks hair fair booth $1, eyes from Miriel $0 - LVS & Co items come in tons of additional colors.)

More after cut.......

All Seasons is celebrating an expansion in their family of merchants with a remodel, relaunch, & hunt. I'm not sure how long this one is going on, so rush if you want to partake in the festivities.
(f/textures/skybox, 10 items $1 each,

(Background, skin, and outfit are part of the hunt. Hair is from Wonderhair available at the Hair Fair. p.s. I'd love to show you more, but sl ate the entire folder I had all the prizes saved to. In fact I'm pretty sure I was naked to all around because any time I hopped in to appearance I was in the buff. lol)

Now on to a couple of stores that offer tons of freebies! .:+*'Cattleya'*+:. is jammed packed with freebie items (11 - $0) and the rest of the clothing is offered up at $30/non-transferable outfit. This would be an excelent store to share with any new citizens you find along the way. (f, $0,

(Shown with skin from Awesome Designs gift hunt ending August 30 $0, hair from ::69:: lucky chair 5 min wait, and shoes from *TVT* $0)

Next you'll want to check out Kid Asia that has 4 boxes of free clothes. Some of these are not flexi & some are. (f (pants may work for m?) $0;

Kid Asia
(Shown with skin from Awesome Designs gift hunt ending August 30 $0, hair from ::69:: lucky chair 5 min wait, and shoes from *TVT* $0)

One quick outfit before I go ... available at Magnet.

(Shown with skin from Orange from the Clover Mall coin hunt & hair from Kin available at the hair fair)

All hairs shown from Hair Fair merchants are either $0 or $1. For location of hair fair merchants look at
this helpful entry on the Hair Fair blog.

Double DeLa, Part Two

When I participated in the Rezzables Black Swan Fashion Show last month one of the contributing designers was Kuranosuke Kamachi of DeLa. Since the beginning of 'On Your Toes' we have reviewed her attractive footwear, and watched her collection grow to include fashions and accessories. With her Black Swan and Black Swan Crimson releases she has quickly upped the level of drama in her garments to seriously breathtaking, toss in the feathered hats and the satiny ballet shoes and you have something really special on your hands.

In the mood to dance, or just look like the Prima Ballerina at your next party or special event? These amazing items from DeLa might just be the answer.

Wearing; Giusia Skin & Magika Hair, all else from DeLa.


Will be in the Swag bag!!!

Could this be Your Big Chance?

Polly Pavlova contacted me today to let me know about an amazing opportunity for up and coming footwear creators. The very well respected folks behind The Body Politik are offering a store on their compound up to an up and coming designer as a way to give something back, and it is an opportunity to have a store on a high traffic sim, with no fees and no prim limits. So if you or anyone you know is starting up in the shoe biz be sure they visit The Body Politik website and get all the information and rules to apply.

As a special bonus, the winner of the 'Fill These Shoes' search will have their footwear reviewed right here on 'On Your Toes', gaining even more exposure... and hey, you can't beat that. Good Luck, I can't wait to see the goods!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I think Marc Jacobs actually controls my universe...

...because last night, I went to Target and saw a man in a pink dress. It was incredibly surreal.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


ATTN: Models Needed to Make History

On September 2nd. At 6:00PM. We will be hosting a fashion show ON THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE.

We’re seeking ten models to be a part of this monumental event.

Contact us immediately at

Fall 2008 Trends

I was looking through the Fall 2008 Trend Report on today. Here are a few of my favorites.

There were more photos, but my computer is having a bitch fit, so these three will have to do. I'll post something better soon!!

(On a side note though, I love how Karl Lagerfeld sent his models down the runway dressed just like him! I don't know if it's narcissistic or if he was poking fun at himself; I took it to be the latter, though it's probably the former.)

Going shopping!!!

I'm going "Back to School" shopping today, and I've got a few things that I've been putting off buying till now.

Oh, but before I say anything about that, my biggest tip for fall shopping is this: GO. TO. ZARA!!! I am in love with that store. Anything you want, you can find there. I didn't end up getting anything last time I went, but my best friend found the schoolbag of her dreams. Of course, she couldn't wait till September to use it, so she's been toting it around.

The List:

Underwear. A necessity, really (haha).

An interesting sweater/cardigan. I am addicted to cardigans, and can never have enough. I probably have about 20, at least, that I wear regularly. My last purchases were a 3/4 sleeve ombre gray-blue cardigan and a sleeveless navy blue hip-length cardigan. Today, I want to get a cream colored cardigan, and maybe a red one as well.

Tights! A must, because I rip them all the time.

A faux leather jacket. The one I have right now is silver leather, and obviously, I can't wear that everywhere.

Leather gloves.

Shoes: A pair of Converse, shoe boots/booties/whatever you want to call them.

Double DeLa, Part One

Another busy phase in RL and SL has seriously sidelined my ability to get these reviews out as fast as I might like, as I sincerely apologize to anyone who has sent items... my hope is to get caught up by the weekend. In the meantime it's back to business as usual, and shoes that make me feel so fortunate to be able to share them with you. Kuranosuke Kamachi at DeLa has had a busy summer, so many amazing releases that this must now be a 2 part post, the first part being to share 2 sensational new pumps the Stella and the Silvera.

The Silvera are a sleek pointy toed classic pump, with a perfect high shine and sexy shape. They reminded me of the fall season just around the corner and all the exciting coats and warmer wear just ahead. They look so great peeking out from below a long sleek pair of trousers, and they come in a range of colors that will make any shoe fan gleeful.

The Stella are just too darling for words, with these giant dimensional satiny bows... yes bows and Anessa... peas and carrots, what can I say. Cute shape, nice peep toe design with a smexy stacked wooden heel that I adore the look of. The just scream to be paired with a sleek party dress.

I recommend both styles and I can't wait to share the other exciting DeLa goodies with you soon... head on over to DeLa for your shoe fix!

I am wearing; with Stella - Giusia Skin, ::69:: Hair, Ibizarre Outfit, Fleur Gloves, Hair Rose by ::: Usagui My Field :::. with Silvera - Giusia Skin, ::69:: Lucky Chair Hair (Butterflies Removed), Novocaine Dress, LBD Necklace.

Monday, 25 August 2008

A Gossipy Little Fairy Tale on the LES....

Once upon a time 10 years ago,in the LES of NYC,a little space on the corner of Stanton Street and Ludlow appeared magically...This was not any shop this was SHOP!!! All the struggling fashionistas,and tragically trendy kids in the east village started to pass by weekly. A brand new boutique with hip young independent labels had appeared all in one spot!!! As time came about new edgy jewelry designers such as Wendy Nichol and Bearhead Factory were placed inside SHOP for all sorts of downtown darlings to play finders keepers with. Before we knew it an array of ballet flats to boots had arrived due to the neighborhood's demand for dancing....

One music venue after another gradually opened for blocks up and down the street. Designer Bags came in,elegant clutches started to appear above racks of denim and live amongst the head pieces. Why? Because "Sex and the City" was on weekly and brought brunch to new exquisite heights. Time was passing and fashion was growing like never before. SHOP became to overcrowded for its little spot on Stanton Street and had to be reinvented onto 94 Orchard Street along with an online shop
Angel Lust studded head piece on SHOP keeper Seymour...

Angel Lust bow headband on SHOP keeper Kristen

As "Sex and the City" ended and "Gossip Girl" aired with stylist Eric Damon's brainchild "Blair Waldorf" was created spawning a trend of Bows across the fashion circuit as well as headbands. So Kristen May the Angel Lust Fairy came to SHOP and sprinkle her headbands and silk sparkley bows around the place as did other designers on everything from bags to blouses!!!

Come Join us at Pop Burger September 1,2008 for the first ever "Gossip Girl Nights"!!! Sign up and RSVP at Cult Indie,a site dedicated to spreading the innovative across the universe....

Bloody Secret!!!

The Pierces,they've done it again,you will be hearing their song "Secret" whenever Showtime plays their new "Dexter" promo commercial....Watch!!!