Friday, 18 February 2011

in other word : ANOTHER ANOREXIC !

huh !
now its official that i commit anorexia . i have no idea why i being just fine like this , i hate seeing my tummy n scars on mirror of mine. it was very frustrating seeing myself big-sized body . kwn kwn i semua ckp u oke u kurus , but i dont see it myself ! i want some skin i want some tulang it was very shameful to walk down along the streets with thisssss . when my friends begging me for outing . i would say *NO . MALAS . but actually i have no guts to it . im sorry ,

*an anorexic in united states of america - a model

 i live in fear now , i wont eat anything , it feels like i eat millions of calories in every plate of simple dish like fish n all . what am i afraid of is i dont want to be that huge . i dont want to let people saw me in this huge . aritu jmpe my scandal . he says : gemuknya kauuu . O MY gucci . i have to keep on doing YOGA n all but it is still not enough . doakn i walau apa pun i hope it doesn't turn out into a complete disaster like above picture . . i just need more skinnnnn :(

huh ! i could die if i keep on with this idea , help me !

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