Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hoooooooooray for Weird


HAIR: New release gift!RayRay -**Vanity Hair** - $1 -

SKIN: .::Mother Goose's::.dirty dolly SkiNE_00 - $1 -

EYES: PIXELBODY_Glam Eyes_#4 - $0 - RFL Hope Hunt - search for pink roses -

CLOTHING: .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. Death Ballet - $1 -
Weird Designs blog

SHOES: Xinnie Button's Pink Paisley Rainboot - $1 -
Xinnie's blog

POSE: non-free - FallnGypsyStand3 - FallnAngel

(Eyelashes - Dott Eye Lashes - Lelutka -non-free)


HAIR: **Rock Candy** Free Hair Bambi - Fat Pack (High Red worn) - $0 - xstreet -
Rock Candy blog

SKIN: * bffae. } Antoinette. ( Friday Night ) E - Skin/Shape Expo -

EYES: YIPs chocolate eyes - $0 -

CLOTHING: .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. Skull Dress - $1

SHOES: magi take chucker sneaker [ hw ] - $1 -

BACKPACK: IS Design - Ooita Shizuko Backpack@ - $0 -

POSE: *yuiyui*model_P2, *yuiyui*TBackP2 from Yuiyui's $1 section - find many poses upstairs $1/pack -


HAIR: **Rock Candy** Free Hair Bill - (pink worn) - $0 - xstreet -

SKIN: .:{ D3 }:. Delilah Skin (Freebie) - @ Drop Dead Diva - $0 -

EYES: .:{ D3 }:. Dollarbie! - $1

CLOTHING: .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. Sweet Lemon Dress - $1

SHOES: [TF*]gacha1(3)_Flat lemonshoes - $10/play - gatcha gatcha game @ Cioccolatta or mainstore

HAT: S/D Bananas hat - @ S/D Hat,Tiny,Accessories Shop- $0 -

POSES: Glitterati - Fashion 4, Glitterati - Pork sword 2, Glitterati - Pork sword 5 - Mix&Mingle Hunt 2009 - $0 - Glitterati -

Below pictures of the Items (skins & clothing) available courtesy of Weird Designs in the RFL Hope Hunt Race:



5_Weird_Beauty Avatar

HAIR: *Rock Candy* Unbalanced Hair (Brown, Blonde, and Black) - brown shown - $0 - upstairs in free/discount section -

SKIN, EYES, & CLOTHING: *Beauty Avatar Couture* Estate Gift - $1 -

SHOES: !LIMITED - Uptown Stilettos ! THREE PAIRS OF STILETTOS ! - $10 - LIMITED TIME - Styles are similiar* -


And to celebrate the upcoming month, let's all do a little dance!


ATTACHMENT: uota Noel's - DANCING PAINTS - $1 - ty Nikita for the tip & MissSassyPants for blogging this bc/s I've been too busy dancing -
*explore these sims*

SKIN & EYES: Beauty Avatar's from above

HAIR: ETD Twila - Chocolate - $1 -
Elika's blog

CLOTHING: Frop! Riot Vend - Beach Bum2 - won from lucky chair -

Let's do a happy dance for the upcoming Halloween season, my yearly Halloween goody list, and a bit of a hiadous from all this picture blogging! \o/

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

This is the kind of ring

I was talking about.

Photo from dans_jewelers on ebay.

Hello New Week


HAIR: +HONEY+hairl_Marilyn - $0 - free upstairs in freebie section -
Teri's blog

SKIN: Bambino Gift02 - MoMo-Style - Lucky Board @
Mo Mo-Style blog

EYES: Four green colourZ EYeZ! by AET - (used throughout) $1 -

Shirt: +HONEY+MenstartlNeck_vol1(BK) - $0 - scroll over items in men's section -

Pants: *Aleida* Re-opening gift from *Aleida* - *Aleida* Kawa jeans skirt w. sexy leggings - FATPACK - *Aleida* - Quality Fashion for you - $0 -

SHOES: Mstyle Black Pumps 1.1 FREE - $1 -

POSE: ::Ks2cool:: - Package 7 - Board - $5/10 pack poses -
Karla's blog

LOCATION: *MW*Sky Box - muu workshop - $1 -



HAIR: [COLORS] Free - [COLORS] Free LightBlonde - $0 -
Colors blog

SKIN: MoMo-ST Bambino GIFT - MoMo-Style - lucky board - (different location)
Mo Mo-Style blog

CLOTHING: **KC** - Valerie - and - **KC** - Purity - KC Fashions - $0/1? (look on the wall near tp point) -

SHOES: Mstyle listed above

Accessories: From Ayumura - ensokuno-shiori - AYUMURA-CAP & oyatsu8(NEW)L -




HAIR: *GuRL 6* - Ileane & Headbanger - $0 - discount/freebie section -
Gurl6 blog

SKIN: ElaCor skin belle 01 - lucky board prize (previously blogged)

CLOTHING: elacor eliana rosa 1 (lucky board), elacor ochidea blu ($1 discount room, other colors available - items in discount room $100 & under *limited time*), elacor marty rosso 1 (lucky board or buy for $12 in discount area) -
Many more items in lucky board & Discount area
Elacor blog



HAIR: +HONEY+hairl_Jasmine $0 - free upstairs in freebie section -
Teri's blog

SKIN: *Lunas boutique* Masked skin- Freebie - found upstairs in corner near vote box

CLOTHING: *DJ* Green - MM Board - Luna's Boutique -



HAIR: above - *FM* Color Demo's Ladies (Honey) - $0- Fusemelon - previously blogged -
fusemelon blog
below- ::Inorite:: Gumdrop ~ A Whiter Shade of Pale - gatcha gatcha $10/play until 30 Oct - @ Gatcha Gatcha festival -
Inorite blog

SKIN: (vive9) NEW! Cailyn Freebies -(vive9) Cailyn [light] Fresh DB Skin- $0 -
vive9 blog

CLOTHING: above - .:T2T:. Alana (orange) *MM* gift &
below - .:T2T:. Metallic Leaves Dress - $1 limited time -



$75 on sale at A-Bomb - Be My Baby: (75L sale price, then 150L)


A-Bomb has a number of specials going on-

Shoes rescripted with color change & special pricing:
Mia ballet flats: formerly just in black, now are color change. (100L sale, then 200L)
Nazumi sneakers: formerly had to buy individual colors, now color change. (150L sale, then 300L)
Luna sneakers: formerly had to buy individual colors, now color change. (150L sale, then 300L)
Rory boots: formerly had to buy individual colors, now color change. (150L sale, then 300L)

New shoes: Leela & Amy (All 150L sale price, then 300L)

"Oh and we still have the special edition gray Venus boots out at 150L, all money for these boots goes to the American Cancer Society to fund cancer research. Come get these while you can, they go poof on the 30th!"

Ty A-bomb & don't forget to check out the A-bomb blog for pictures and up to date sales info.

[Other credits:
Eyes: *Clover* Real Eyes #30 (hunt prize)
Skin: *DDH* China Doll Entwined $0/1?
Hair: Deviant kitties - Anime - Blue Taffy (ooooooold style, not sure if still in stock - non-free)]

Monday, 28 September 2009

how did you come up with the name of your blog? I first wanted to call it something with my name in it (pretty creative, huh? =P) but I couldn't think of anything intelligent that wasn't already out there and so I took my second name - Cindy - and immediately thought of cinderella. I think it kinda fits 'cause it reminds me of fairy tales, dressed and childhood.
when where you introduced to fashion? - I've always been interested in clothes, especially as I child. I would play dress up with my mom's old clothes for hours and pretend to be different characters as I changed clothes. But there was also a time in my teens where I wasn't too much into fashion and just wore what was comfortable. how do you describe your style? It's hard to describe because it's always changing and evolving. I love to experiment with different styles, shapes, looks and materials. That's what makes fashion so much fun to me - I can be somebody else everyday. Overall I'd say I dress pretty feminine and girly but I also like to dress a little more masculine and tough from time to time. what made you start a fashion blog? - I started my blog as a creative outlet for everything fashion related.

I had tons of inspiration folders saved on my hard drive and used to post my outfits on chictopia and I just wanted to have a place to put it all. And it seemed like a lot of fun ^o^
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? I don't know if I bring anything unique to the fashion world but I just want to inspire people and share my thoughts.
how is your style different than everyone else? I have no idea. haha. I just wear what I feel like and don't care about other people's opinions too much. If I like something on me I wear it.
who is your inspiration? fashion magazines, bloggers, streetstyle blogs and random people on the street
what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? I hope a positive one ^o^
Proof that what happens in your childhood will traumatize you for life: I had a 2 hour dream involving Freddy Krueger.

What was kind of cool about it though, was a) I didn't die and b) He
and I were both wearing these claw rings I saw on ebay. I can't be bothered to find a picture now, but they fit on your fingertips and they have metal claws at the end. I was thinking about buying them, and maybe I should...? Haha... oh, Freddy, even you bring me inspiration.

Side note: I'm actually terrified of Freddy... If I think about him for too long, I'll get really scared. (I'm such a loser!)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

StyleCard: Milk Motion

I happened upon these cute ankle boots while shopping today, and I just had to share them. The 'My Worn Ankle Boots' by Milk Motion are one of four styles of boots available at this great shop. Worn leather with a softly pointed toe and and a turned down leather cuff with stud like metal dots in silver, pewter and gold make these a fun style for pairing with casual Fall looks. Demos are available to try, the set of boots includes two variations, so hop over to Milk Motion for a closer look.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Milk Motion - My Worn Ankle Boots

Skin - Curio - Sundust, FREX - June Dark, Raccoon 1

Hair - - Rashelle - Timid Brown

Outfit - Milk Motion - My Harem Pants - Black, Maitreya - RB Tank - Brown, Elephant Outfitters - Andi Denim Vest - Sepia 2.

Accessories - Maitreya - Long Scarf - Champagne, Caroline's - Flexi Bangles - Black, [Armidi Gisaci] Summer Stacked Bangles - Assorted 7.

(Click on Image to expand.)

En Puerto Madero

במסגרת הטיול שלי ושל דניאל, החבר שלי, לבואנוס איירס הוזמנו השבוע לחתונה. כאן בארגנטינה החוק מחייב חתונה אזרחית על מנת להירשם כזוג נשוי ולכן זוג יהודי עורך לרב שני טקסים - דתי ואזרחי. האזרחי נערך לעתים במוסד ממשלתי המיועד לכך, על ידי שופט ולעתים משלמים לשופט על מנת שיערוך את הטקס באולם עם מוזמנים, כך היה בטקס אליו בו נכחנו השבוע. הטקס נערך בארבע אחר הצהריים (שעה מעט מוזרה לאירוע הנערך באמצע השבוע...) ממש על יד הנמל- "פורטו מדרו". זה איזור מאוד יוקרתי בו יש כמה מהדירות והמשרדים היקרים ביותר בבואנוס איירס ועל כן גם המסעדות והחנויות בנמל מתומחרות בהתאם.
גם החתונה היתה ברוח המקום, מאוד אלגנטית והדורה. הגברים ללא יוצא דפן בחליפות ועניבות וכל הנשים על עקבים (גם אני כמובן החלפתי את המגפיים שלי) רב העניין שלי באירוע הסתכם בסקירה של לבוש המוזמנים זאת מאחר והאירוע היה רווי באנשים אופנתיים ובנאומים בספרדית שלא יכולתי להבין...

עליונית - קאלה
ג'ינס - g-star
צעיף - צעיף קשמיר שהשאלתי מאמי לאחר שאני ואחי קנינו לה אותו במתנה בניו יורק.
מגפיים - מרי נעליים, מלפני 5/6 שנים

As part of the my vacation with my boyfriend at Buenos Aires we were invited to his friends' wedding. Actually there were two ceremonies for the same wedding - a civil ceremony and a religious one. The civil took place this week at 4:00 PM (strange hour for a wedding...) near the port named "Puerto Madero". It is located in a very prestigious area where most of the restaurants and shops are very elegant and expensive.
The wedding had the same kind of spirit, very fancy and elegant. The men wore suits and ties and the women wore high heels (I changed my boots to high heels too). Anyway most of my interest in this event was focused on the clothes people wore, that's because the ceremony was full of fashionable people and speeches in spanish I couldn't understand...

green top - Cala
jeans - G-star
scarf - My brother and I bought this cashmere scarf at New York as a present for my mother.
boots - I bought it 5/6 years ago

JAQ menggedik !!

aritu aku jmpe jaq, pastu dye kate,
'hey wan, ko da berisi skit, '
lantas ku menyangkal statement itu dengan mengatakan dengan selamba,
'woi babi, setan je mulut ko en, betul ke do ??'
lepas tu, dye ajak aku pegi tengok wayang,
wah, happy nih !!
aku, ko tao jela, teruje na mati la en,
lagi pun aku da lame ta keluar jalan2 ngan member2,
last aku keluar bebuke puase aritu ngn geng rakan mde klas 4bs1,
tetibe, story dye,
si lahanat tu, berkate...(eh, dlm msg )

jaq ; wea kaw btol err nak tgok wyg sok ??
azwan ; ha'ah, btol la, asal ??
jaq ; wea, aku tade duit la nak tgok wyg, aku nak gi cc je esok ! lgpon ko nak pg lambat en,
azwan ; laa, babi la kao,.
jaq ; sory, aku ta dapat ikut,
azwan ; setan la, jom la,
jaq ; yg ko ni, nak pakse2 apsal ?? aku tade duit la nak tgok wyg, laen la kalu ko support aku.
azwan ; ala, pegi jela.

15 minit kemudian....

azwan ; babe, jom la pegi ??
jaq ; ala, aku tade duit la, kalu ko support bole arh.. hehe
azwan ; ala jom la pegi, ko kate aritu nak en,

20 minit kemudian.. aku msg lagi,

azwan ; babe, jom laa,, pegi,
jaq ; err, kao ni knape ?? aku tade duit laa,
azwan ; ala, kalu camtu kte pegi jalan2 jela, tade tgok wyg, nak ??
jaq ; nak.
azwan ; err, setan je kao. haha oke, kte pegi au, jejalan jep, ala aku na tgok wyg la, jom la.
jaq; oi aku tade duit la, ajwan,,
azwan ; oke la, kte pg au sok, jejalan jep.

pastu, conversation brsmbg lagi dgn sesi mengumpat. haha.
memg lahanat je en dak uh,
akhirnye, melepas la aku nak tgok wyg, aiseymen..
aishh, err,
ape2 pon, aku tetap sayang ko la do, walau cemane kuang aja pon mlt ko, tgok mlt aku  pon da mempantat mcm ko, walau cemane kao act, aku tetap sayang ko sampai mati, hahah

-harap maaf kerana ayat2 saye sememangnya agak kurang sopan dan tdk bertauliah, yg carutan2 itu harap diabaikan, jauhkn drpd kanak2 bwh 12 tahun ketika membaca blog ini, jhaha-

p/s ; jaq = gusman.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


The first two pictures are from the Skin & Shape Expo 2009 blog . Unfortunately the blog does not contain a list of slurls to the individual vendor spots, but there are several maps around the expo premise to help in directing you. I suggest shedding prims & ao's I crashed a lot so I didn't see the entire Expo. There are a number of vendors donating substantial portions of skin sales to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® .
ETA: Thanks Seasons \o/
Sassy has an entry on her blog with information and slurls to all the vendors. There's also a look book so you can see what vendors have out before you tp.

Skin_Shape Fair 1

HAIR: ETD Carmina - Chestnut - $1 (fat pack) -
Elika's blog

SKIN: [ROCKBERRY] Megan Skin/Shape Expo Light (4 skin tones total) - $0 - [Rockberry] Skin/Shape Expo special -
[Rockberry] blog

Shape: Contour - Gertie (also another shape Contour - Kate for $1) - $1 - Contour Skin/Shape Expo Special -

EYES: [SW] Wild Eyes (box contains mani/pedi & eyes) - $0 - Skin Within Skin/Shape Exp Special -

CLOTHING: Plastik.Gift-Skin/Shape Expo - $1 - Plastik. Skin/Shape Expo -

SHOES: SIN - "Michelle" pumps (black) - $0 -

POSE: [LAP] not free

LOCATION: ~La Petite Morte~ - Bryant Park Skybox - Ground - La Petite Morte Skin/Shape Expo Gift - $1 -


Skin_Shape Fair 2

HAIR: *FM* Color Demo's Ladies - $0 - Fusemelon -
Aemilia's blog

SKIN: [the oBscene] BRAELYN ~ Seraphina OP GIFT ~ tone1 (12 skins in box!) - $0 - [the oBscene] Skin/Shape Expo -
[the oBscene] blog

SHAPE & LASHES: Gift from Silhouette (eyes, not used) - $1 - Silhouette Skin/Shape Expo -
Carissa's blog

EYES: Adam n Eve Eyes - Fin (eyes & mani/pedis in bag) - $0 - Adam n Eve Skin/Shape Expo -
Adam n Eve blog

Bikini & Pareo: Damiani Expo 2009 Gift - $0 - Damiani Skin/Shape Expo -
Damiani Fashion blog

Tank: [lessthanthree] clothing - cancer support tees (tees & tank different layers included) - $0 - lessthanthree Skin/Shape Expo -
lessthanthree blog

SHOES: Rain present BOX-LADYS - $0 - (male shoes too) - Rain opening gifts -
Miria's blog

POSE: [LAP] not free

12-30 September Alphabet hunt (26) Newport Keys Downtown. $0 -




HAIR: Wot? - Welcome Hair {todos} - Subscribo welcome gift -

SKIN: :: Exodi :: Lily "Frosted" All Tones - :: Exodi :: Lily Dove (Frosted - LtBrow) - $0 - Skin/Shape Expo 2009 :: Exodi :: Skin/Shape Expo 2009 -

SHAPE: Free gift for Skin/Shape Expo-Maverick Design - New Pretty Vegas:::: Mavericks - $0 - Skin/Shape Expo 2009



HAIR: *Jashika-Chestnut* from *hair shop nodoka*main store lucky board -
Nodoka's blog

SKIN: *SI Freebie* KIT shape, skin, olho, face ligth e head base FEM2 - Hera blonde M3 by Nany Merlin - (skin only used) - Second Island Freebie Area -

EYES: Shine Lustrous Aurum - $0 -
Brandy's blog

CLOTHING: oyakin**GIFT** & oyakin**GIFT**knit-sox (ivory) - gifts found in shelves- $0-1 -
oyakin blog

SHOES: Xinnie Button's Chihuahua Rainboot - $1 -
Xinnie's blog

JEWELRY: Three Hearts - Incense - $1 -

cook_rosary_pink(wear) - touch the statue outside the church -

UMBRELLA: S/D Umbrellas Nomal - S/D Hat,Tiny,Accessories Shop - Free hats & tiny girl av available in store -
stitch's blog

LOCATION: Nah! Bitterblue -

Friday, 25 September 2009

I've been following this young goddess for some time be honest she is a big influence to Fashion Jinx...OK there's some what of a fashion-crush. But, after you visit Barkatt-Barbro you will understand....when where you introduced to fashion? I used to sneak into my grandmothers’ attic and steal her clothes; she had quite the collection from her young and stylish days! Then I’d tuck them under my sweater, borrow some shoes and run to the bathroom across the hall to try them on. I think I was about nine or ten at the time. Since then I’ve been quite the shopaholic! I fell in love with the aspect of personal style quite early in my life; I was instantly fascinated, and I’ve been captivated ever since. But, my turning point and introduction to fashion was probably last year. I opened my eyes and saw a whole new world of fashion and style. I think this was mostly because of how well the trends of A/W 2008 suited me and my do you describe your style?I recently tried to answer a similar question, but I generally don’t like to label myself in any way. However, I would say “romantic rocker meets elegance with a pinch of emotional diva; black edition”. I change a lot; some days I’m all about rock n’ roll, and other days I’ll wear the most elegant dress I can lay my hands on. I guess I have a borderline fashion-personality disorder. What doesn’t change is my love for shoes! what made you start a fashion blog? Actually, I never intended to start a fashion blog! When I started blogging I wanted to share my Norwegian view of the world with others. Fashion just made it more fun! There is so much beauty out there; this is just a way of sharing some of my favorites! what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? Hopefully I bring ideas and inspiration, strong fashion statements and of course my own personality! Generally, I just bring my perception of the crazy/beautiful world of is your style different than everyone else? I’m all about black! And I love mixing things up: like for example putting on my dress backwards, using my skirts as dresses and stealing my lovers’ clothes, just to mention some. I’m creative, but I don’t think I’m different from everyone else; I’m just me :) who is your inspiration? Everyone? I don’t have one person that inspires me; but I tend to be drawn to the unknown, the girl in the background, the mysterious and kind of odd girls in random pictures and editorials. If someone is wearing black, I am immediately intrigued! I find a lot of inspiration in traveling, mixing up my own closet, people, my favorite designers, new designers, other bloggers and random pictures. I also love studying people that dare to wear colors and patterns, probably because I usually don’t. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? Preferably a good one! :) I want my guests to see the importance of personal style, because anyone can be trendy! And I would like people to remember both my style and photos, and hopefully re-visit me some other time.

Barbro Anderson

Thursday, 24 September 2009

AT magazine - this week

לכל מי שטרם ראה את הכתבה ב"את"...
הכתבה המקיפה ביותר שנעשתה עד כה בארצנו הקטנטונת על הבלוגספירה האופנתית שרוחשת כאן בישראל. חוץ מזה שהיה כיף ומרגש, היה לי סופסוף הכבוד והעונג להכיר את שלי (אוסף פרטי), אנה (that's my dress), דר (אפונה) ועפר (cupcakes).
ובינתיים, בארגנטינה הרחוקה אנחנו מבלים היטב. התחוור לי בימים האחרונים שבואנוס איירס היא לא מקום טוב לקניות. אמנם טעם טוב לא חסר פה אבל החנויות פה מתחלקות לשני סוגים: חנויות יפהפיות ויקרות להחריד (לא ברור איך הם קונים בגדים שהרי המשכורות נמוכות בהרבה) או חנויות עם מחירים שפויים אך זבליות לחלוטין... לשמחתי הרבה יש חנויות וינטג' רבות והם התקווה היחידה שלי לשופינג בחופשה הזו, כמו שאמרה אנה בכתבה אין כמו טאץ' של וינטג כדי להשאיר חותם אישי.

The photos above are from an article that was published this week at "AT" magazine. It was the biggest publication so far about the Israeli fashion blogsphere and I'm glad and proud that I was a part of it. Besides the fun I had I'm really thrilled I had the chance to meet the other girls whose blogs I constantly read.
In the meanwhile, here in Buenos Aires we are having the best time. I've realized it's not a place for shopping, everything is either extremely expensive or extremely crappy. At least there are lots of vintage shops, my only hope for some shopping...

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Princess Hunt ending 3 October & More


HAIR: LollipopZ Hair Style - LollipopZ Fall- Guests Gift - $0/1? -

SKIN: Starlight September (all) (Another Skin) - Polyxo (dk brow, freckles) - $0 -
Eloh's blog


CLOTHING: EdTomShop - ::EdTom:: Aspirin Girl's Fashion - $1 -

SHOES: << Discord >> SHINO-BI Boots [ Lucky Orange ] - Lucky Chair -
Discord blog

POSE: ::Ks2cool:: - Package 7 - Board - $5/pack -
Karla's blog

LOCATION: Autumn in SL -




HAIR: Girls - +HcT+1Linden Pack!! NICE - $1 -


Guys - *FM* Opening Gift - *FM* Man Down Soya Bean - look for bright green bag- LIMITED TIME OFFER - Fusemelon -

SKIN: Badkittycat Kronos sent me a box of her skins which are on her mm board and in her lucky chairs. You may find these skins at Flirt! (Flirt! Heat Skin for MM & shown and Flirt! Jacob Tan Skin for Lucky Chair - and more skins shown below)^^ Ty, Badkittycat - mmboard/lc - m/f - Mature

EYES: Poetic Colors - Blue Autumn Eyes - Freebie - $0 -

CLOTHING: Wicked Tattoos is holding a skull hunt. You can find 7 tiny skulls - Men’s Side: Out Loud Outfit & Wicked DJ Tattoo, Total 7 hidden skulls & Women’s Side: Heavy Metal Outfit & western Girlz Tattoo, Total 7 hidden skulls ~ These skulls are tiny! - 14 total 7 F / 7 M -

SHOES: ::: B@R ::: Free Neko Ashi - recolored - $0 -

POSE: ::: B@R ::: Free Poses - $1


Flirt_Female Skins

Flirt_Male Skins

The Princess Hunt
Ends 3 October
Official blog:
Starting slurl:

List of participating stores: found on blog - not linkable is numbered and has hints.

Stores: 35, but some have dropped out.

What are you looking for: 1 prim tiara texture on transparent cylinder.

Were folders labeled consistently? No, some were miss-numbered so the numbering on photos corresponds with the list found on the Princess Hunt blog rather than the folder number.

How long did it take for this hunt? I didn't do the hunt all at one time and it saves a lot of time knowing which stores are not participating!

Were all items found? No many stores were not displaying signs: No sign found at #9 Passionate Neko, #13 is out of the hunt, #21 CCC - CHELSEA'S CHILDREN'S CLOTHES has no sign out, #22 not found, #28 huge mall - Serenity - no sign, #32 sign out item not found, #33 (found later)teagan's sign no prize found, #34 Teagan's & Scorpy's sign and no prize

(I completed this hunt on 16 September - so some items may be out that weren't.)




Hair used throughout not part of the princess hunt prizes. ETD Bonita - Elika's Brown - $1 -