Friday, 30 November 2007

Be Couture for once!!!

I'm aware that this gorgeous hand knit hat is $500, but its so one of a kind that is why. So for all you trust funders out there it Carasan's e-commerce boutique anytime for a high end superb addition to your walk in archive of a closet. Eh hem Kimora Lee style closets!!! These pieces are a fine investment in the art of high end fashion. As hard as it is to run a business like this I am glad someone is or the techniques would be lost forever!!!

Mega Sample Sale

Free Image Hosting at
Holiday Shopping time!!!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Patricia takes Barbie to Macy's

Hi Everyone!

Pat's going to be at Macy's next Thursday to promote the Barbie line.
The staff will be hanging out and they're serving food and booze, so
come on by and visit us! It'll be on the second floor. I'll be there covering the event all decked out in Barbie Galore!!! Hope to see you all there. And a Big THANKS to my co worker Raffe who helps me out big time with my in House of Field clothing....

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Mara Hoffman Sample Sale

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

Well, everyone knows how much I love lists....

So here is the Christmas New Year Free/Dollarbie list. I'll edit as I usually do with *********** and date~~ so scroll to see any edits.

! WRONG - MAIN STORE, AlterNation (190, 153, 37): is going to put out a free gift EACH day ending on Christmas Eve. $0

The Demons & Angels store has 2 free outfits 1m/1f. $0
Demons and Angel Store Christmas Freebie

The ::MIA:: Sim is having an (60) icicle hunt for decorations. So get some holiday cheer and find the icicles. $0

Kiki's Closet has a Christmas lolli style dress. $0

LVS has a bunch of $1 lolli dresses that I blogged about a while back. $1 ea.

Miss B has a complete female outfit: hair, hat, dress, and fab boots! $1

Wilted Rose has a dress in the freebie jeebies part of the store. $1

Dreaming Alice
also has a dress under the stairs. $0

Simply Britnee has 4 $1 dresses for Christmas. $1 ea.

Ok, the next I'm not sure what to call, but I'll call it the great big Japanese Christmas Free Market Expo. You are going to hunt around this huge coliseum and find lots of $0,$1, and bargain stuff. It's just grand! This would be a great place to bring friends along and hunt out the deals.

Japanese Free Market Christmas Expo

******** 29 Nov added:

Talisman Designs has a $1 snowman shoulder pet and $0 snowman earrings. These earrings are super cute and the first Christmas jewelery added to the list! There are also 4 dresses and a set of legwarmers by the Christmas accessories for $0.

PixelDolls has a free box of holiday decorations. $0

Reaction Girl is putting out a special present *EVERYDAY* until Christmas. $0

Fluky has a Christmas hoodie available and a box of freebies right outside the main entrance. $1 ea.

Inspired has sculpty stockings! $1

Christmas present hunt at the Seasonal Mall for a mix of fp stuff (you've been warned) and Christmas decorations. $0

Solstice has 2 pairs of pj-s, one Rudolf nose and antler set, and a pair of snowman slippers all for $0.

A Full Perm Reseller store has put up some full perm stuff under the Christmas trees located on each floor. $0

Outy Banjo has provided a free holiday poofer. $0

*******30th Nov

Inspired has a 12 stocking hunt going on (SKINS, wings, eyes). $0

Free Heels at K&K Fine Quaility and Prism Haute. $0

Crushed Velvet
is having a hunt. Some unisex. ;) $0

Ephemeral Creations has a chenille scarf. $0

Love, Aly has a bikini and Christmas accessories. $1 ea.

******** 1st of Dec********

Sorry, Today was my Rez day and I took the day off. ;)

******** 2 Dec.******
There is a free dress, shoes and *everyday* advent calendar at Angels-Shoes Dress Bag. $0

Bossa Nova has a cute red and white Christmas Dress.

Tuli has 7 gift boxes at the Le Zoo sim. $0

Second Mirage
has an advent calendar that dispenses a free jewelry set *everyday*. $0

Solange has 3 sets of christmas silks and also underwear set downstairs. $1 ea.

Dark Eden has a couple of free Christmas chains sets. $0

*DawnShop Dusk till Dawn*** has a couple of Christmas dresses. One has a pair of sculpty boots included with the outfit. There is also a complete avatar for girls and shoes in the shop. $1-0

Cindarella Designs has a pair of red heels. $1 ea.

Kitsch has a Christmas crotch swan available with funny dance. $1

Bonita's Jewelry & Furniture has ornament earrings along with several non-Christmas jewerly: necklace, chocker, and 2 bracelets. all $0

IBizarre also has an advent calendar with *everyday* gifts. $0

********** 3rd Dec

Sylfie's Prim Seduction has a pair of ankle boots in Christmas colors along with the essential navy stilettos that are offered year around. $0

Another *everyday* advent calendar is at Mondira Fashion. $0

Dresses by Gracies will have a new dress under the tree every monday until Christmas. $0

Ingenue has a free red dress among others. $0

FRD is having a stocking hunt. 45 stockings are hidden around the store. $0

********* 4th Dec

Chicanery has 3 Santa hats and one is lovely and dirty. $0

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Von Trash Gems

Thanks to Miss Manic Panic It Girl Raquel Reed, I now know about this indie jewelry label. I found your Valentine Masquer gift already and XXXMAS hasn't even arrived. I'm alway five steps ahead.They are Von Trash Jewelry go look and love it and tell them who sent you!!!

I'm a cool girl fanatic!!!

Theres a new spread in town and its a sexed up fashion frenzy must see!!! Look now!!

Uber Gal Cory Kennedy

It girl Cory K has changed her blog to and I must say it looks like a super cool network. But I've fallen in love with my blogspot to ever change.

Let's here it for the haYer!

This is a quicky list of hair places and free/dollar hairs.

Hair Designers:

GURLYWOOD: Offers a voucher for one free hairpack in the style of your choice for those less than 4 weeks old. Six has 1 male style boyfriend for $1 which is *TRANSFERABLE* available in the men's store and in the larger store there are 5 styles available for $1/color pack. Right now there is also a $1 fat pack named felicity. If you look in the clearance section there is a $0 style season updo. Clearance prices start at $50/hairpack. There are also a couple older styles for the girls at the gnubie store.

ETD: Elika has 6 $1 hairs for females, 1 male hair for $1. In addition there are three $5 hairs. Discounted hair starts at $100/6 color pack.

DIVERSITY HAIR: Offers a hair voucher (located at the front door of the shop) good for players under 30 days old that allows them to pick out any style in the store and receive one free hair color pack. Aleri also offers 4 hairs for $1 each 3 f/1 m. Hairs $175/colorpack
Demos: $0

SIMPLY BRITNEE: has 2 f/2 m hairstyles for $1/fatpack. All hair is sold in fatpacks of $150.

Philotic Energy: has 1 $1 female hairstyle and a unisex hatted hair for $5. Hair $150/color

Panache: There are 2 fat packs of hair for $5 Candie Vonta and Faith MidNyte, these fat packs have the older texture version of the style applied to them and can also be found at the free dove for $0. The newer version of the Faith MidNyte hair along with a male $1 hairstyle can be found at the Zyrraphotic Hair location. Hair is $250/1 or 2 color at Panache and hair is $250/3 colors at Zyrraphotic Hair location.
Demos: $1

BEWITCHED HAIR: 45 days or younger you can get a choice of 2 male hairs or 5 female hairs. There are also several packs of hair on the Hairspray! Sim in the freebie area for both (1) males and (3) females. Large clearance section with $99 hair color packs. Group members receive free hair and privy to secret sales which include 10 packs of $1 hair hidden around the store. Camp for f/m hair. Demos $1

Goldie Locks: 60 days or younger $1 hair for girls located in the clearance section. There is also a $10 section on the backside of the newbie hair wall. $50 color packs in the clearance section. 2 lucky chairs, camping for f/m hair
Demos $1

CALLA: has 4 female hairs and 1 male hair here. There are also 2 (1m/1f) lucky chairs that give hair here. Hair is $200/5 color pack

LAG DESIGNS: Offers 6 male hairs for $0. Hairs start at $75/color.

FRANGIPANI DESIGNS: Three $1 hairs for girls (no age limit). Discount styles $70/color pack. Camp for f hair.
Demos $0

Here Comes Trouble, HCT: For men 8 $1 styles (no age limit) & discounted $300 fat packs of hair. For women 2 $1 gift boxes on the dance stage contain a hairstyle each and clothes, upstairs 6 $1 hairstyles (no age limit). In the female discount section there are fat packs that range in price from $69-199. There are two lucky chairs here. I believe the store is under construction because there are usually 4 lucky chairs here; 2 for guys and 2 for girls. ;)
Demos $1

WILTED ROSE: provides a wall of $0-15 hairs aimed at new players (m/f), but there are no age restrictions on the hairs. Discount hairs start at $75/color pack. 1 lucky chair for hairs here. (Outside in the freebie jeebies area there are also hairs $1/and complete av's for $0.)
Demos: $0

BARE ROSE: has one free long hair at it's main location and a shorter unisex style at the Cycling Gang store.

Sirena: At her store there are two hairstyles [(1-f/1-m) (no age limit)] for $1/pack; although these styles are also available at the free dove for $0/fat pack. So, your choice.
Demos $1

ADAM N' EVE: has a style available for both m/f for $0. Hair $250/2 colors
Demos: $1

Analog Dog: 3 $1 hairstyles for women (no age limit). Clearance section has hair for both m/f starting at $100. 3 lucky chairs with non hair items.
Demos: $1

LALA Moon: 2 $0/15 color packs for women.
Demos $0

Inspired: for $1 you can get a female anime inspired avatar which includes hair.

TAUNT: There's a hunt for 5 female hairs on this island. It will cost you $1 for the map to the treasure. $199/color pack

CURL UP AND DYE SALON: offers a $1 hairstyle for women named Liberty. Hair is $300/color pack. There are 3 camping chairs here 1unisex/2female hairs.

SALSA: Has a free unisex style. Hairstyles start at $20 here.
Demos: $0

Mage's Factory: Has one unisex style for $0. Hair starts at $30/hair.
Demos: $0

Free_Dollar Hair

Places that have hair from multiple designers:

Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise: Has 2 styles for men and several for women at $0. Sarah also has several hairstyles available in her NIFTY FIFTY store available for $50/fat pack m/f. 13 lucky chairs are in the nifty fifty store and they appear to rotate through the stock available in the store.

The Freebie area located on Hairspray! has several offerings from hair designers (some are offered in their stores and others are not, so it is worth a look). All styles range from $0-1 and do not have an age limit for purchase and there is hair for both m/f here. Contributors: Diversity, Hairapy, Sirena, HCT, Adimu, Gurl 6, Hair Solutions, Mirada Hair, MAU's & MEJ's, Sinsations, Bewitched Hair, Wilted Rose, and Curl Up and Dye Salon. There is also a complete avatars available for both m/f ($1) from Sky Shop and hair ribbons from Virtual Creations. If you fly around the island there are additional hairs too.

The gnubie store has hair from panache, gurlywood, bryce, wilted rose, and Mirada Hair for both males and females.

***Although I could not teleport to Mau's & Mej's I know that they have a $0 hairstyle for men and $1 box that includes 2 styles for females.

If anyone's feeling generous they can add any $1 or free hair links via comments and I'll eta to the post at some point.

Talisman Designs has a cute hairstyle for $1 on their freebie wall. ;)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Fall outfit ideas

I know I encourage shopping on this blog, but it's always nice when you can look through your own closet and find new ways to put outfits together. One of the best ways to do so is to layer.

Thanks to, you can check out some of the outfits I dreamed up (mainly so I wouldn't blow through my measly paycheck in one day of online shopping).

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:

For details, click on the picture. Tell me what you think!

An apology...and some dresses!

I'm soooooooooooo sorry for not having updated in ages! I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me... I have a good excuse! School has been absolutely kicking my butt and I've been dealing with that, along with many other issues.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

I never thought I'd be the one to say this, but... I love dresses. They're pretty much the only thing I want to buy these days. I've got a lovely winter dress from the Alice Temperley for Target collection in grey thermal knit -- and it's quite possibly the warmest and most comfortable thing I own.

I also bought a white, kinda sheer summer dress from Target that I plan to wear this winter. Here's how I plan on wearing it:

I'd layer the green long-sleeve tee underneath the white dress and add the tights and knee high boots for warmth, then bundle up with a black puffy coat. If I ever get comfortable with the idea of taking pictures of myself and posting them on the internet, you can see how this looks in real life!

More cute dresses (all from

Metallic Sweater Dress, $22.80

Floral Kimono dress, $27.80

Keyhole Sweater dress (front and back), $22.80

Hamming it up in TV Station Sim

If you guys haven't checked out some of the Japanese sims you really should. You will find that the designers are often less ($$$) than English speaking sims and very nice quality. They also know how to enjoy a GAME and often have wonderful freebies out or just things that are good for the lollers!

Earlier today I was exploring a store named Non-Standard on one of the Japanese sims. I really like this store, because not only do they have awesome freebies, but most things are $20 or less (with the exception of skins which are very reasonable at $600). So here is a picture of all the freebies:


Click for bigger image. ;)

Skins, outfits, toys; located both upstairs and downstairs. There are also some great Chirstmas goodies here for $5-10.

As I walked out of non-standard I'd noticed a sign for a TVStation Sim. Well, I've never seen an sl tv station and decided to check it out:

TVstation 128, 134, 108_001

Find the elevator and take it to the exhibition level. You'll notice the space suit is on sale for $5 and there is a complete free female avatar (skin, hair, shape, suit, bag)

After I visited the exhibition I took a stroll through the adjacent sim Machinima and checked out all the different sets available. If you haven't taken a profile picture maybe one of these backdrops will appeal to you. =) Enjoy the pictures and have fun getting acquainted with your SL.

Machinima Sim _ Indian town set

Machinima Sim _ Space Set

Machinima Sim _ Western Set

Machinima Sim _ Japanese Edo Set

ETA: Check out the sculpted prims exhibition (on Machinima Sim); you may find more freebies.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

The *New* Orientation Station

So, does anyone know what's up with the new orientation stations??? Boy, have they changed!

There's one for a couple of movies coming out:
#1 Beowulf:


You'll find shirts and pants for both male and female avatars. And also a Beowulf avatar for guys.

#2 I AM LEGEND!!! This orientation center is great! (And the best thing about it is ZOMBIES! Ok, ok they call them infected, but whatever. We all know they are ZOMBIES.)

IAL Orientation Island

If you're not new and going to check out an orientation center; this is the one! If you go through the complete orientation from the beginning you'll be pleasantly surprised.

There is a unisex outfit which includes prim shoes! And not only is there a white skin, but also a black skin. Yay! Someone noticed ethnic diversity. These skins are nice, too!

Ok, so you skipped the orientation bit, because you're not new. I can understand, but you still won't be left out. There are 4 uninfected humans and a police dog avatar. Or if you decide to be an infected you can choose from an infected skin or an infected dog avatar. Yay, Zombies!

And, there's more *if you want to join the fun you can play either an infected/uninfected on the adjoining sims. Just pick up the hud (and weapons if you're uninfected) and follow the arrows over the bridge.

Ok, so you're cup of tea isn't movies. How about TV CSI:NY has an orientation station.... ok, I won't go on about this one. Here's the pic:


Well, there's the pic of the last board I touched. I completed the orientation station and all I got was a lousy badge. LOL (If you do happen to wander down to Fashion Avenue you'll have better luck finding clothes. A male and female outfit should have been closer to the orientation point, guys.)

Showtime's L-word also has an orientation station

L Word Orientation

You'll find skins, prim shoes, clothes, and the first appearance of a flexi dress here!

What about sports? Well, the NBA has a really great orientation station with the most diverse group of human avatars I've seen yet. And I have to say this group is the best looking, too!

NBA Orientation

Aren't they all great? Flexi hair, pants, t-shirts, and prim shoes; oh my!

Now, there are tons more *new* orientation stations out there. All you need to do is open up your search window and search for orientation. =)

Patricia's Barbie Extravaganza!!!

I had sooo much fun at this extravaganza,hanging out with all these fashionistas and truly outrageous draq queens and fashion editors. MAO PR really knows how to throw one ultra party!!! This Pink haired beauty is a new member to the Pat Field family she works in sales and is extremely charming,plus she wear my jewelry I design so you know I like her even more! As I walked in on the pink carpet and past the pink velvet ropes the next to the photo of the mannequin.
first thing to catch my pretty little eyes was a huge pink buffet set up Marie Antoinette style. Pink M&M's,marshmallows dipped in pink white chocolate, pink coconut cakes and strawberries stuffed with thick whipped cream while pink jelly bean spilled out of gorgeous glasses on the side!!! When I wasn't talking to anyone I was standing around stuffing my face with all these treats,or hanging around the bar while Ken was serving drinks to the crowd. My girl Ayumie styled their hair to like a Ken doll!!! The clothing,jewelry and accessories are pop culture at its best. I'm definite getting a t shirt that screams "BARBIE,I want my Dream House" thats hot stuff! I've also got my eye on some plastic bracelets with Barbie's silhouette printed around. The display box was spectacular in every sense of the fashion dictionary word. It was exciting to see all the mannequins decked out in the clothing. Pat has the most sexiest models and her in house decorator Arty has window and store decorating down to an art for like many years now. Everything does is done well. He's even responsible for decorating Patricia's posh club like apartment...Well now its time for a little name dropping photo ops so I hope this serves as a fun filled piece of possibly the party of the year! First we have picture of Arty,Ayumie,Momo and I Kristen May at the beginning of the party before it got packed like a mad house. There was also my fave costume designing couple Phillipe and David Blond. As usual Phillipe was decked out like a Barbie Doll princess in designer 5 inch heels. Everyones favorite fashion dandy photographer Patrick McDonald posed next to my girl Ayumie. He's such a sweet guy,a total icon and one of MAO MAG's contributing writers.And I know everyone wants to see a picture of this months Paris Vogue cover model Andre J. After all whats a party without night life's biggest party queen and his personal designer Marco. The rest of the pictures I am posting are other employees to the House of Field, Julie in her red pleated Betsey Johnson gown,Verushka showing of a Barbie T-shirt and a couple of Ken dolls serving drinks at the bar for the crowd...

For more of this you can read about it from me at

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Media Mayhem with Justin Hyte

I got the chance to chill out with juvenile delinquent like photographer Justin Hyte. We did an interview with him via the internet,and then we chilled on an off at Patricia Field's Barbie launch party this evening amongst anyone you can think of name dropping. What you don't read hear about the lad you can read up more on when I post.

Angel Lust: So tell me Justin, How does it feel to be a legend in the making?

Justin Hyte: Legend? LOL, I am just an artist. No Legend…

Angel Lust: So many great people have referred to your work as being David La Chapelle like, he's one of my faves. I can definitely see what they mean. However I definitely see a very strong element that is clearly something all your own and its a very special aesthetic you can't exactly put your finger on and point at. How do you feel about the comparison to you and David,and what is it that sets you apart?

Justin Hyte: You know when I think of David La Chapelle we are alike in some ways. I know he is a person with a lot of ideas and so am I but so was Warhol and so was Kenneth Anger, you know what so was the guy that invented the paper clip! People say whatever… I just care about the client and making SICK IDEAS! I am a thinker and I love doing it!

Angel Lust: Who has served as an inspiration and role model in the path your career has taken?

Justin Hyte: Jennifer Avelon and Deryck Todd, They are the only ones who have been there from the beginning and have kept my head straight through all the ideas and booking. I love you.

Angel Lust: So many of these famous myspace manic panic it chicks and boys have been photographed by you (probably just for your own pleasure) in fact I would say your photos served as a huge part of their internet presence, we all love stylized eye candy and unique pretty faces. Do you create icons? Don't be coy, Your pics caught my eye online before I really focused on who was being photographed. I looked at the photo credits before I knew who J Star was. Tell me what you think.

Justin Hyte: From myspace to magazines to commercial, if you trust me I will get you the attention you need! It's my job! "Do I create icons?" for sure I do!

Angel Lust: I love that your photographs are sexy but not over infused with SEX SEX SEX, its more like quirky flirty pretty playful. Yes cream spewed across a face is pretty blatant but not as CONTROVERSIAL as some of these erotic photographers photograph these days. Nothing against them I like that stuff too. But I admire that's not what you rely on to make an image intriguing. There is so much more...
Could you tell us about your creative process?

Justin Hyte: One thing I think is cool about my vision is that in society nothing is as what it seems. Its funny how we can see an image of a person or product and not see what is below the surface. As an artist I understand that and see the show room window of it. If you read deeper in the image I am sure you can see the chaos but isn't it funny how we can candy coat something at controversial as a money shot in the face, just replace one element with a cupcake, ad some vibrant colors and poof, it is pretty enough not to be ragged on by some zealot. HAHA I think its funny, its manipulation through storytelling. I LOVE to always push the buttons and see how far I can go without falling off the edge. That might be my mission statement in life.

Angel Lust: By the way so cool that you got to shoot Heatherette, you are perfect for them. In fact I think you actually made all that stuff look more exciting then it really was from the quality of your perspective...Now that is a gift and skill all in one. The whole shoot looked like so much fun. What was that job like?

Justin Hyte: I love Heatherette. They have definitely become a part of the Hyte family. The shoot was a lot of fun. When you get to work with self made artist like Richie and Traver it is an amazing feeling. We all were forced and had an amazing time! You can actually watch the shoot on the Heatherette website. Check it out!

Angel Lust: How do jobs tend to come your way at this point in your life. Do they fall into your talented hands or is there a lot of hustling involved?

Justin Hyte: Well most of my clients contact my booking agent or me through the website Like any business there is a certain level of hustle. Hey its NYC, what do you expect!

Angel Lust: Tell us about your childhood a bit, your education, and where you see yourself in the future with all your artistic endeavors.

Justin Hyte: Childhood was whatever really, not bad and not great… I was kind of picked on in school a lot for being weird but fuck it… Don't care. The only thing that is important is that I can make amazing photos for amazing people. I can't tell you what it means to me to watch a client walk away happy. I want to do good for these people. You want them to see them in your ideas. There is no greater feeling on this earth than stepping back, looking at your work and going "HELL YEAH!"

Angel Lust: How important was schooling for you when it came to photography?

Justin Hyte: Well, it was really important to learn the basics of the craft and also a good starting point. The one thing I can tell you is that has been clear to me the most important part is finding out what you want to say through your work! So the real classroom was the solitude in front of the coloring book I call a sketchpad!

"Boredom is the spark of creativity!"

Thank you for your time Justin I hope you photograph me one day...

I would love too!

want to tell the world of myspacers what they can pay to have their face graced by your cam going click click. I'm sure lots of kiddies want to know and will save up their lunch money and crack open a piggy bank!!! Your choice.

Call Deryck Tood! 917.853.9971 Let's get it on, see you on set!

149 5th Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Office Direct: (646) 723-5485
Cell Direct: (614) 406-4141