Friday, 25 February 2011

Afghan Taliban Takes Control of Zharay District From Nato Troops

Afghan Taliban Takes Control of Zharay District From Nato Troops

Libyan Protests In Photos

Following are Photos of Protests in Libya.

Pakistan To Play Its First Big World Cup Match Against Sri Lanka Tomorrow

Although Pakistan won its first World Cup match on 23rd February against Kenya with a big margin of 205 but Kenya is a small inexperienced team. The real test of Pakistani team will start from tomorrow when it will play its first big World Cup match against one of the Favourites Sri Lanka on its own home ground in Colombo. It will be one of the biggest clash taken so far in Cricket World Cup 2011.

Sri Lanka is no doubt better team than Pakistan at the moment as Pakistani cricket gone through many crises but  it is capable of beating any team anywhere. Pakistan has good batting and bowling talent but it will be important to see how this talent is utilized?  Pakistan and Sri Lanka has played 120 ODI matches till now out of which 70 where won by Pakistan while Sri Lanka won 46.

Massive Protests Continues In Cities of Libya

Its almost more than week now from when massive protests and bloody clashes are taking place in different cities of Libya. The Protesters are demanding Libyan Ruler Muammar Gaddafi to resign who is in rule from last 41 years. Muammar Gaddafi is not ready to resign and he has blamed foreign Intelligence agencies and Al Qaeda for protests in Libya. More than 1000 People have died in bloody clashes in different cities until now. Everyday many people are losing their lives and hundreds are getting injured.

At Same time the youngest son of Muammar Gaddafi Saif al-Arab has also joined the protesters and demanded his father to resign.  There are also media reports that Muammar Gaddafi may follow footsteps of Hitler of doing Suicide if things not remains under his control.  Many Cities of Libya including second biggest city Benghazi are in control of Protesters.

Raymond Davis Wanted Pak American War: Russian Intelligence Agency

Russian Intelligence Agency SVR has claimed that CIA agent Raymond Davis who was arrested in Lahore for Killing two Pakistanis last month was working on agenda of war between Pakistan and United States. According to Russian Intelligence Raymond was trying to theft Pakistani Nuclear Material to give it to Terrorists so that America get get a excuse to attack Pakistan.

SVR has also said that many secret files of CIA are found from Raymond Davis according to which he is working for dangerous American task force 373. It is also found that Raymond Davis has connections with terrorist groups that are involved in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. According to Russian Intelligence America wants to start a new war with any country to save dying Western economy.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

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My new obsession...
Fashion Tres

Should I stay ? - Rivoli - Paris

hebergeur image

Or should I go ?

Jefferson - Rue St-Martin - Paris

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

how did you came up with the name of your blog it was pretty easy. I was searching for something that everybody can remember and as we all love and know those "i heart alice " shirts, i camp up with" i heart Alice". And Alice is my second name. when where you introduced to fashion my mummy use to buy me strange clothes. And i said, "never again!!!" how you describe your style it is always the same, i love leggings. I love shirts so i wear them. It isn't glamorous. It isn't sporty. It isn't chic. It's just me.

what made you start a fashion blog I didn't start a fashion blog. I just started a blog as a visual diary of me. I wanted to share my ideas my thoughts and my inspirations. I i blog about things that inspires me and that is mostly fashion.what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I'm just another crazy shopping addict, but shopping is much more intimate for me how is your style different than everyone else I'll show the fashion world that not every girl/woman has to be super-model tall to look good in clotheswho is your inspiration Real ordinary every day people, who just dress how they want to dress. What impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog
it is not about how good you are in school, what size you wear or how much money you earn. Everything is about feelings. who is your favorite designer Lala Berlin and Kaviar Gauche (German Designer) What piece is a must have in your closer killer high heels...

Peppermint Post

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Isma - Le Marais - Paris

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" ... My name is Isma. I study communication and I work
for Dirty Glam Magazine. For me Fashion is to show
who I am. My look is "grunge inspired"
I love Music. I don't like public transports.
My message to the world: Be proud of what you are ..."

hebergeur image

I wear a vintage Jacket by Lee Cooper
Tunic by Zara
Jeans self-customised by Levis
Platform Shoes by New Look
Perfume: " Amor Amor Sunrise" by Cacharel

Lieu: La Panfoulia - Le Marais

Muslim Students in US and Europe After 9/11

Discussion on Muslim Students in US and Europe After 9/11.

Protests and Clashes In Libya On The Rise

Massive Protests and Clashes of Protesters and Security forces are rising in different cities of Libya. more than 250 people are killed till now in the clashes. Ruler of Libya Muammar Gaddafi is not ready to leave the Presidency. Following is a photo of clash between protesters and army.

Pakistan Is Starting Its Cricket World Cup Journey Tomorrow

Long wait to see the performance of Pakistani Cricket team in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is almost over now as Pakistan will be facing Kenya tomorrow in its first match of World Cup in Hambantota City of Sri Lanka. Although Kenya is a weak team who also lost its first World Cup Match very badly from New Zealand but Pakistan must go in its first match with full strength.

The Real test for Pakistan will come on 26th February when it will face Strong Sri Lankan team on its own soil. If we see the past records Pakistan has beaten Sri Lanka more times in ODI, T20 and Test Matches but today's Sri Lankan team is more stronger than Pakistan which becomes even more dangerous when it plays on home grounds.  if Pakistan gives good performance in this World Cup people will forget all old Scandals and poor performances.

ISI Confirms That Raymond Davis is a CIA Agent

Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI has confirmed that American Citizen Raymond Davis who was arrested from Lahore last month for Killing 3 people is not a US Diplomat but a agent of CIA. An ISI Officer whose name is kept secret has said that there is no doubt that Raymond is an agent of American Intelligence Agency CIA who was spying in Lahore.

The things which where found from Car of Davis also confirmed that he was Spying in Lahore. On other hand famous American Newspaper Washington Post has also confirmed that Raymond Davis was working for CIA from several years and he was also taking part in secret operations.  In Pakistan his Job was to Spy on different Groups.

No Army Operation Is Going on In Balochistan: General Kayani

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has said that no army operation is taking place anywhere in Balochistan. While Addressing With Inauguration Ceremony of Kasa Marble Project in Balochistan General Kayani said that Pakistan Army will continue to work for the progress of Balochistan. He said Peace and Progress are two necessary things for each other and we will have to bring both Peace and Progress in the Province.

Army Chief said that People of Balochistan has first right on Wealth of Balochistan. He also announced to Include five thousand more Balochs in Pakistan Army in next few months. He said Balochistan has so much natural resources that with a little try it can became the richest province of Pakistan.

Bryan Boy - Halle Freyssinet - Paris

hebergeur image
Check Bryan Boy place here !

Braces Girl - Rivoli - Paris

hebergeur image

Leigh Lezark- Pont Alexandre III - Paris

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Antonia - Rue Montorgueil - Paris

hebergeur image

" ... Mon nom est Antonia. Je suis Styliste Free lance.
Pour moi, la Mode doit être confortable et naturelle.
Aujourd'hui, mon look est conçu pour explorer Paris
avec mon amie. Dans la vie, j'adore les gens optimistes
et je n'aime pas les gens qui ne pas lucides vis à vis de
ce qu'il font. My message to the world: Soyez Positif ! ..."

hebergeur image

Cardigan et Boots by All Saints
Short & T-Shirt by Zara
Manteau/ Bag/ Necklace vintage
Hat from Portobello London
Perfume: I have around 50.
I change all the time
My favorites: Jo Malone
& Trish mac Evoy

Edem - Rue Montmartre - Paris

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" ... Mon nom est Edem. Je suis étudiant de Mode en
Design Textile. Pour moi, la Mode est une façon de
s'exprimer en s'amusant. Aujourd'hui, mon look est
un mix de différentes influences. Dans la vie, j'aime
les personnes qui savent composer avec leurs qualités
et leurs défauts. Je déteste les parfums. Mon message:
Laisse pas traîner ton fils, si tu veux pas qu'il glisse ..."

hebergeur image

Manteau/Coat by Sandro
Cardigan by JC de Castelbajac
Chemise/Shirt by Ralph Lauren
Jeans by April 77
Chassures/Shoes by De Fursac
Bonnet/Cap by AA

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