Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Stagg Prints at your Service!!!

Alas lovlies you can now buy limited edition prints by the beautiful Miss Ellen Stagg. I was in complete awww when I stopped by her show and saw these Kukula inspired photos of Justine Joli styled out to imitate the actual paintings. And that she did and more. You can enjoy owning your own now by purchasing here!!!

Monday, 29 October 2007

Gorgeouse Beauty on Canvas!

I can't even begin to talk about these gorgeous works of decadent fashion pics. We'll have to wait till tomorrow when I'm not zombied out. Stop by and take a look for yourself in the mean time fashionista die hards!!!

The Big Cover Boy Andre J!!!

Ok everyone knows by now ex PR Pat Field/Club Kid Diva It boy Andre J has made the cover of FRENCH VOGUE!!! At first I thought it was a photoshop gig, then I immediately text him, I wall all that you home girl???!!! He replied "sure it babe" any way you go boy you got it going on and reaching the length of Richie Rich,only a lot more quick then those play kitties have. After all time is all we have. Go for the big time baby!!! Congratulate homeboy here and tell my pal where you heard the news first!!! Angel Lust...

Angel Lust in Kitten Mag!!!

Ok now its time for a little self promotion. Recently stylist Liza Montoya came to my humble little studio and pulled a dress as well as a feathered head piece for a shoot with!!! Needless to say I am super psyched that my stuff has been published because Kitten Mag is fastly growing as a fashion hot spot online. Keep in mind for the holidays you can always purchase one here at

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Patricia Field Launches a Payless Shoe line

Well to start out the night I greeted all my pals who work at Patricia Field's store, people who've helped me and supported my creativity over the past few years this first pic here is me and Tati ex store manager. Love him! Her parties are always so cozy, a blend of the wackiest fashionistas/personalities of the night,and surprisingly the crowd isn't pretentious. Major plus since I'm not a hautsy tautsy kind of gal. So the second pic we have here is night life DJ legend Larry Tee alongside his pal Arin Reins. We discussed the question of I posed "If we had the choice would we rather have Money vs. being cool". Strangely enough Larry answered, "Money" while Arin and I decided we'd rather be cool because that is something cash can't buy, but it can buy a false image of cool but that's just plain sad! Another favorite couple of mine where present the designer duo "The Blonds" David and Phillipe create gorgeous diamond corsets which are symbolic of the love they share. Guess which picture is them!!!The super friendly fashion legend Patrick McDonald tried on a pair of the high healed boots that are perfect for this winter. Basic and dressy at the same time. Should you want something more flashy,luckily a tricolored high heal will be available to you all!!! Just look at the top of this post to the right and you'll drool over exactly what I'm talking about. If you want to buy a pair and you don't live in NYC just order a pair on line at
To end this post I'm including a bunch of pics of the beautiful people or just plain strange that attended the glitzy cocktail soiree!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Jamie Nelson's profile was mysteriously deleted on myspace. That just plain sucks! 4 years of building up a network of 9500 friends. Weeding out the good from the bad etc... any way add her again!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Get Beautiful !!!

Get Gorgeous and near flawless, and save a ton of cash visit The Beauty Factory for info and updates regularly. They supply everything from laser hair removal to botox and cellulite elimination!!!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Runway Trends that Actually Work (*gasp*)

I was taking a break from cleaning my room (it's Fall Break, natch), and decided to actually make an effort for a dinner and movie with a friend later today.

The runway trend attempted -- Balenciagia's blazer + scarf. I did it with a black velvet blazer from a few years ago and a French silk scarf Mother Frocker gave to me (read: I stole it from her). After tying my scarf in a new way I learned earlier today,* I put on the blazer and faced the mirror, and...

It actually looked nice. Phew. Although it feels a little weird and choke-y to wear a scarf (hey, it's been 6 months!) right now, it looks great. So here are a few blazers and scarves to copy the look. Trust me, it'll look good.

All the blazers are from, and all the scarves can be found at (All the pictures are from the same 2 places, of course.)

P.s. -- I like my scarves LOUD.

Look #1

Wool herringbone Bella Jacket, $198**;

Look #2 (aka, if you're gonna wear forest green, why not just look like a forest?)

Velvet Bella jacket, $158; 100% silk scarf, $15.99

Look #3

Super 120s 2-button jacket, $230;

* check out Hermes' website...even if I don't like that store, they still have a great guide on lots of different ways to tie your scarf. Oh, and you'll need Adobe Reader to view it -- it's a PDF)

**Yeah...sorry about these prices. It's J.Crew, and they feel the need to be mad expensive. I've never bought anything from there, but I'm assuming if these jackets are damn near $200-300, they are really good quality.

Ooh, another warning, the site I got the scarves from seems a
tad dubious, so buy at your own risk. I did get linked there from though, so I think that means they're trustworthy. You can check with your credit card company to see if they do the one-time credit card number thing. Essentially, they'll give you a new credit card number for a single use, just in case you're buying from an online vendor you don't really trust.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Let Lori Early seduce your pretty eyes!!

Lori Earley Well this NCY native has been persuing her talent since a child and if you'd like to buy from her you best be getting on her mailing list ASAP because her work flies of the shelve immediately. She creates images of fairytale goth with a touch of fashion. Innocence and chaos by a hint of gothic nature is what her work displays in my eyes. I want one!!! You should too! Go visit her work on myspace.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Professional Parissienne Artiste!!!

WOW!!! I know I've been featuring fashion illustrators up the wall but there are just so many I've been coming across lately and I want to share them with the world! I love stirring up inspiration and, I appreciate all the thank yous I've been receiving from all you designers I've displayed here at Angel Lust.

Now on to Margerite Sauvage a Paris based freelance artist who has quite a resume of published work. It was her beautiful Kate Moss drawing that gave me a fashionista melt down. Look up her work in the book Tashen book - "Illustration Now !" Ok ladies and gents enjoy! Aurevoir...

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Magny a Treat from Norway!

All I have to say is BUY IT,smack it up on your XMAS LIST but definitely check her out on myspace for more!!! There's so much talent on the other side of the world, and I hope somehow all their work ends up here in NYC!!! For more of Magny's work her web site is http.//

Friday, 5 October 2007

The Hot New Photographer!

Watch out all you glamor whores!!! Surface Mag has it's Avant Guardian photographer of the year. Luke Duval is his name and he's got it going on with the lighting and artistic eye which are the main ingredients to a number one photographer.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Ali J and Her Artistic Paraphanalia

Another Myspace Illustrator/artist of sorts Ali J brings you whimsical little ladies on paper. You can have the luxury of buying little treasures of her creations online at this site Etsy.So support indie talent today.
Ali is another one of Australia's multi faceted designers. She is an illustrator that has appeared in a bevy of commercial work. I like the fact that she takes her talent of illustration to another level,meaning she dabbles in textiles and creates things from there such as cushions with artsy fashion media applied. If you are a bit more curious browse her blog for more!!! She's available for commissions, so start thinking about all the lovely Xmas gifts you can start buying or asking for the holidays. This mirror would be great to all you lovely narcissists beauties out there. Its available at go see for yourself.

Monday, 1 October 2007


Just so you know, I meant to publish this almost two months ago... I suppose it's still news-worthy, if you haven't heard from other blogs/magazines by now.

Cartier, the well-known jewellers, makes bags as well (something I apparently should have known already).

And they look amazing. Rich, soft, buttery leather, a beautiful and recognizable yet understated logo, and a new take on a classic shape.


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