Friday, 30 July 2010

A-Bomb New Releases

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A-Bomb @ Reasonable Desires:
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A-BOMB She's Got You-cyan & A-BOMB She's Got You-yellow shown. Each may be purchased for L$150.

(skin: LF chai, hair: Posh, eyes: Dernier Cri, lashes: P.S. Style, jewelry: DECO, poses: KS2Cool, location: ELINGWEN's enchantment dome - Bonaire08 sim)

Red Hair - Paris Fashion Week

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Bracelets X2 - Paris Fashion Week

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Coley Slove

DRESS: $1 ~ #Soleil# - Mourning Flower ~ ~ ~ ty Coley ^_^

SHOES: Fish for this (7seas fishing pole requires $100+ initial investment depending on pole you buy) ~ :::Sn@tch::: Catnip & Cabernet ~ ~

HAIR: group gift in store ~ ""D!va"" more than 5000 group member celebration gift ~ ~

SKIN: hunt ~ .::Mother Goose's::. Wendy_HunT ~ Prize for guys too! July, 30th ~ august , 5th ~ ~

LASHES: $1 (came with $1 skin *P.S.STYLE SKIN STELLA FANTASY*, previously blogged skin) ~ *P.S.Style LASHES* ~

poses - torridwear $$$ not free

Smile - Rue de Turenne - Paris

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Some pictures I made disappear in limbo
and one day they just pop up. I don't know why
That's the way it is ...
when did you notice your love for music I recognized my love for music around age 13. It wasn't uncommon to get together with a couple of my friends after school to jam on the piano and drums and such. how did you come up with the name of your band I brainstormed for quite a while actually. As the sound evolved and became more of what I envisioned, I also took a look around to see who was involved. We had an assembly of amazing people. All individually profound. Hence the name "the congress." I wanted something sophisticated, sexy, and "fresh" (in the east coast meaning aka hip) how do you describe your style I guess I can describe my style as an intermix of all my influences. I love jazz from the late 50's and 60's. Rare groove of the 70's, hip hop from the early 90's , gospel music as well. A lot of my sense of harmony comes from gospel and jazz traditions. If I had to describe it in a few words... a trench of organic fresh new sound waves. what made you start your own band I was hesitant and discouraged at 1st . I heard so many horror stories of what it takes to keep a band functional and flourishing. I guess being in a successful band helped bring the idea to reality. I wanted to create a new sound at 1st. There's also such satisfaction in hearing your compositions being played and reinterpreted by amazing musicians who you consider family.
what do you think you bring to the music world truth, hope, and beauty.. There's something so real and reminiscent of the truth in the music that I'm writing. It's coming from an authentic place. There's hope that you can be different but still familiar and be successful or recognized. And there's such beauty in the raw sound of the music. how is your style different than everyone else : I'm not trying to follow the over produced pop format. I'm taking the old school route with real musicians and a full band sound. However, the music is still extremely digestible and catchy with memorable melodies and hooks. who is your inspiration life, relationships, my family, Miles Davis, D'angelo, Prince, Roy Hargrove, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Marvin Gaye, Billie Holliday
what impression do you want to leave on the people that listen to your music I want people to feel like they're receiving whatever they need at the time as they are listening; whether it be inspiration, nostalgia, reassurance, clarity etc who is your favorite musician: hmmm that's tough I love so many of them. would be easier if you were to ask trumpet player maybe. I'd probably say Miles Davis. He's influenced my playing and use of space tremendously. what record is a must have in ones collection D'angelo's Voodoo timeless and a perfect blend of old school with a modern approach. True to the idea of real music
Make sure to check out the facebook pages of the The Congress & Marcus Cohen ... family make sure to show him extra love, because he is my little brother... and I'm so proud of him

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Looks of the moment...

Gabriella - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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"I am an Art Student
For me Fashion is dressing up each day and
make the place looks nice, rather than
wearing boring clothes. Today my look
is "Barbara Beehive in Paris" !
I love having good health and being able
to walk around. I hate having a bad head
day. My message to the world: enjoy each
day as if it was the last ..."

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I am wearing a top by BLANC BLEU
Skirt by GIG SAW
Red ribbon of Barabara Behave

Heads Rolling at Elle & Vogue & Miu Miu? The same dress on 3 covers in the same month

It's the moment every woman dreads.

Spend a fortune on a fabulous frock...then arrive at the party to find another woman wearing it too.

So just imagine the collective gasp of horror among fashion's finest when they looked at the covers of three rival glossies - and found the same dress on each.

Check out this month's cover of Elle, Vogue and American Magazine W at your local newspaper stand.

"One can only imagine the atmosphere in the London offices of rivals Vogue and Elle when staff realised the same dress featured on the August covers of both magazines. The dress in question is from Italian design house Miu Miu, Prada's diffusion line.

British Elle opted for the lilac version and put singer Lily Ellen into it.
Swedish Elle opted for the lilac, too on model Mona Johannesson.
Vogue and W used it in a striking shade of orange on Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen and Hollywood actress Eva Mendes.

British Elle admits, it's virtually unheard of for the same dress to feature on the same issues of the UK's two biggest fashion glossies, saying that usually the fashion press offices make sure one magazine doesn't get sent the same things as someone else.

When asked about the blunder both Elle and Vogue editors sound remarkably sanguine about the situation.

Exactly who is to blame? Was it Miu Miu's press office, breaking an unwritten rule that you don't send the same dress to competing publications, or was it the magazine trying to steal a march on a rival.

With all the dresses available to Fashion Magazines, how could this happen? To understand this, you first need to know a little bit about the journey that a dress takes from the catwalk to the cover.
For a start, it takes a very special kind of dress to make a cover picture. Just because something looks good on the catwalk, doesn't mean that it will look good on the newsstand.
"Black doesn't work and neither does white," says Liz Jones, the former editor of Marie Claire magazine. As an editor or creative director you have to stake your claim on your catwalk favorites early on, there might be only one sample of each dress so I might even go backstage and see if I could take the dress away with me" adds Jones.
Obviously there is a pecking order and as the US fashion market is bigger, the American editors tend to take precedence.

Frequently, it's the press office that has the unenviable task of effectively being the PA to an inanimate object - organising its passage from one side of the Atlantic to the other, and brokering deals about which magazine gets temporary custody of it and when.

In fact, if you want to know which shows are most likely to be battlegrounds, then simply flick through the glossy mags and tot up who advertises. Because if a brand doesn't advertise, maintains Liz Jones, they simply won't end up on the magazine cover.

'The magazines are slaves to the labels,' she says. 'When I was at Marie Claire, we used to have a board with all the advertisers on - Armani, Versace, Gucci, Prada. Every time you featured an advertiser in the magazine, you racked up points. You knew you had to keep the advertisers happy.

'A cover scored you the maximum number of points. And a celebrity, provided it was a celebrity that the designer liked, scored you more points than a model. Every cover had to feature an advertiser.'

And not just any advertiser, either; only the really big spenders would score the sought-after cover slot. Money might not physically change hands, but it's widely known that advertisers have to cough up serious bucks to be in with a chance of being on the cover.

However, Lorraine Candy refutes the suggestions that her covers are driven by advertisers. She insists times have changed.

'It's just rubbish,' she says. 'We've used young British designers Giles Deacon and Richard Nicholl on the cover. Neither are advertisers - they just had great dresses.

'The reader is the most important thing, not the advertiser.'

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

This is what I'd dress like...

...if I ever went shopping.

Rather, I think I'm shopping in the wrong stores. I prefer a futuristic, space age, modern look like shown above, but I rarely accomplish that in my day-to-day dress. That is to say, I don't really have a set "style". I've harped on this before, so I don't want to get too into detail with this again, but I think I'm getting better with time. (Disclaimer: I don't think it's necessary to have a set style, but I would like to have a trademark, y'know?)

On a side note, I'm getting into Polyvore again. I got sick of it for a while, but I think I've been bitten by the bug again.
Anyway, the reason I said I think I'm getting better is that I feel that most of what I own, I really like. There's nothing that makes me feel or look fat/lumpy/frumpy, most of it fits me well, and it's pretty! By pretty, I don't mean girly and flowery -- though I do have some of that stuff -- I mean that it's all visually appealing to me. Some of it is edgy like in the photo above (loose shirts a la A.Wang, rugged wedge heels, etc.), some of it is decidedly more girly (lace dresses from the Target x Rodarte collection, a few skirts*)... but I think it's all falling together, finally.

*And I mean a few. I own, like, 5 skirts max. 2 of which fit me.

What about you guys? Do you ever struggle with your "look"? Am I overthinking it (the true sign of a Virgo)? What is your wardrobe like?
how did you come up with the name of your blog I wish I had a longer and better answer to this question. But the answer is simple, Polliani is my surname, and for those who know me it is easy to remember my blog and visit ofter. when where you introduced to fashion I have always been into fashion and obsessed with shopping and dressing up. When I was younger I loved looking in magazines and was dreaming of dresses and shoes. how do you describe your style I have changed my styles a lot over the years. I'm finally satisfied with how I look and who I am. I love the 80’s and the 90’s and mix vintage with new design. I dresses like a confused rock chick. I love grays and black, leather and studs but I can easily wear clothes with crazy patterns and strong shoulders. I love being feminine so I like to show my legs and a lot of skin. It is not always easy to dress nicely in a country that has 9 months with minus degrees outside so when its cold I use a lot of fur, hoods, leather and boots what made you start a fashion blog My passion for fashion got so big and I was obsessed by looking into magazines, or shopping, and looking up stuff on the internet and felt like I didn't have many people around me to talk about all of this. To have a fashion blog opens up the world to get new ”friends” who loves the same stuff that you do and the best thing, tips you about fashion and pages you didn't know about. I just love sitting hours looking at bloggers outfits. Clichè I know, but Fashion is my passion. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world That is a tricky one. Simply because there is so many great blogs out there. But I dare to look different and I guess that's why I have a lot of readers that keeps coming back. I have heard that my readers like to look at my outfits and see where my job is taking me around the world. I work as a TV director and caster and my job has given me an opportunity to shop all around the world. Lucky me! how is your style different than everyone else I don’t know if my style is THAT different, but I think it is a mix of how I put together different outfit that makes my style unique. There is a lot of great fashionistas out there that all have great individual styles who is your inspiration I find a lot of inspirations when it comes to fashion. I read a lot of fashion magazines, I search the web, and I read a lot of blogs.. I also love looking at people in the streets and on red carpets to find trends, does and dont’s. I love music videos especially Beyonce and Lady Ga Ga’s ” telephone” have you seen their outfits? It’s amazing! what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I hope to leave my readers with a lot of inspiration. I want to inspire my readers to wear their own individual style and to dare. I also hope that my readers enjoys my pictures, I have not seen that many blogs that has old style Polaroid pictures on their blogs who is your favorite designer I have a lot of favorite designers. There is a lot of Norwegian designers like Vatle you guys need to check out. My husband has his own brand called INI and I am designing INI by Polliani, a line for girls coming up spring 2011. I also love Alexander Wang, Gestuz, Acne, H&M, Weekday, Erin Wasson, and Wildfox. I like to mix different designers into my outfit, something cheap, something expensive. what piece is a must have in your closet I wear a lot of fur when its cold here in Norway, and leather, blacks and grays.. and I could not live without my vintage shorts.

fashionblog from chris evans on Vimeo.

Latest Photoshoot: Rock Chick! - Final Images

I just received the final images from my latest photoshoot "Rock Chick" shot by Callaghan Walsh and styled by Sarah Maisey. I loooove them! Thanks Cal, Sarah and Mikaela ... keep rocking!

Click to go to the previous post "Latest Photoshoot: Rock Chick! - Behind the Scenes" for more details on this shoot including an eye makeup breakdown.

Image courtesy: Callaghan Walsh

Monday, 26 July 2010

Free, Hunt. Lucky Chair.

CLOTHES: Lucky Chair (60 min) ~ *RD* Avery Yum! & *RD* Amber Red ~ Reasonable Desires ~ ~

SKIN: $1 ~ *DarkerSide* Sunny Day Skin ~ ~

PROP: non free ~ Glitterati

CLOTHING: $0 ~ *IW* Summer Hunt 2010 ~ Hunt for 8 rose petals @ Inga Wind Clothing : 1 *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Glitch Pants, 2 *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Gloves, 3 *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Magic Wand, 4 *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Shoe L, 5 *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Shoe R, 6 *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Shoebase, 7 *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Skirt, 8 *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Top ~ ~

SKIN: $1 ~ *P.S.Style Skin AMY Dollarbie* ~ ~

POSE: Tiny Bird

LOCATION: Lo*momo sim

CLOTHING: $0 ~ (PixelDolls) Main location ~ ~

JEWELRY: $0 ~ Lariat Free Box Blue & Purple ~ @ Conseil Cafe ~

SHOES: Hunt Prize ~ 05 TAH A Bomb ~ (The addiction hunt ends 15 August; start here) ~ ~

POSES: $5 pose packs ~ KS2Cool ~ ~

LOCATION: Conseil Cafe

COAT & BOOTS: $0 ~ *.:[K]:.* Raincoat (d-r) cafe free ~ from Kloka @ Conseil Cafe ~

SOCKS: $1 ~ .::Mother Goose's::. basic color socks set ~ ~

POSE: nonfree - (PDA)

LOCATION: Creamshop

SKIN: $0 ~ Viv.a - Free Skin (open the box) ~

HAIR: $0 ~ (Posh) ; The Rumor Exclusive Gift; Hair Pack Jumbo Bundle ~ Rumor/143/173/31 ~

DRESS: $0 ~ Irina**PB Collection Ardigraf Design** ~ in black bag ~ ~

BRACELET: Lucky Board (5min) ~ Ruru@Tear [Marmelo&Karin-Bangle] ~ ~

POSE: hunt gift ~ (Miyoko Magic) Ego Poses -Proposer Hunt gift & NEW STORE LM! :) ~ ~


Please check out Freebs for SLKids for hunt prizes concerning kid's hunts. ^_^ St.Jarney has done a couple of hunts while I was on vacation.

Apart from the apartment

לפני שבוע וחצי ולאחר חיפושים מרובים, אני ודניאל מצאנו דירה, אפילו כתבתי בנושא פוסט חינני. מחשש לעין רעה ושאר מרעין בישין החלטתי לפרסם את הפוסט רק לאחר החתימה הממשית, שלא התממשה וגם לא תתממש. בעניין הזה רק אומר מאוד בקצרה שנושאים עקרוניים עליהם דובר ביום תשלום המקדמה וחתימת זכרון הדברים הושמטו בבוטות מן החוזה.
יום האתמול שלווה בדמעות רבות, הסתיים באכילת רביולי ורודים בצורת לבבות (וללא כל קשר לט"ו באב) ובאמירת "הכל לטובה" שוב ושוב, במחשבה שחזרה על הצירוף הזה תגרום לנו בסוף ממש להאמין בו.
אם כך לאחר מפח נפש גדול אנחנו חוזרים למשחק, כל עזרה תזכה את המוצא הישר בארוחה בסגנון ישראלי-ארגנטינאי בסלון דירתנו שיבוא עלינו לטובה. בינתיים, עד שתימצא המיועדת, אספתי כמה תמונות של פינות חמד בדירות מדליקות שכמותן הייתי שמחה למצוא (מותר לחלום!) וכעת אלך לקרוא עוד מודעות.

חדר אמבטיה הפוך במהותו לחדרי הרחצה התל אביבים. חלום.

טלוויזיה קטנה, חתול ושטיח פרסי. מי צריך יותר מזה?

לופט גדול ומהמם. אין להשיג בארץ

כל התמונות מכאן, אולי גם קצת מכאן. רק בשורות טובות, הכל לטובה.

Sunbeam - Rue St-Martin - Paris

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Alice - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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"I am a Flamenco Dancer.
For me Fashion is 1 hour to prepare, so I am 1 hour
late ! Today, my look is Rock a little.
I love to dance. I hate oysters and coriander.
My message to the world: travel to open your mind".

I wear a T-Shirt "The Cure"
a vintage skirt
shoes by HOWS
belt I don't know
Bag from a creator of Australia