Thursday, 31 January 2008


*Icing* is having a grand opening sale(read about it here). All the dresses are priced between $97-147 for the sale and all are transferable. There are two freebies available in the corner of the store along with a newbie friendly starter kit that includes skins, hairs, and other things to help any girl get started.

Dress:La Vie Boheme from
*Icing* $0
Necklace: Alienbear "Ai" Love unisex necklace from Alienbear Designs $0
Skin:Le - Another skin is in the freebie pack at
*Icing* $0
Hair: Nina from Gurl6 $1

Icing  La Vie Boheme

Dress Peite Brasier from
*Icing* $0
Necklace: Alienbear "Ai" Love unisex necklace from Alienbear Designs $0
Shoes: Almost Free OpenToe Pumps from SKG Shoes $1
Skin:Le - Another skin is in the freebie pack at
*Icing* $0
Hair: Alyssa from Gurl6 $1

Icing Peite Brasier

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Kristen Lee

Not many of you all know this but my real name is Kristen Lee, I had to take the name when designing and use my middle name plus confirmation name. Why you ask? Because there is already a designer out there with my name, She has a great line of shoes. Check out her line at When land lines where still of use, I constantly got her press calls and sometimes random fashion people or supply stores would call my house. Crazy right!!! When I entered Gen Art for there fashion fund one year I received a congratulations letter for winning the award I was psyched, but it was for the other Kristen Lee. These satin boots are by far my favorite thing she's designed yet. You can own them just go here!!!

Erin Featherston

I can never decide whats prettier, Erin Featherston or her line of clothing...Check out this great video on her for up and coming fashion week.

Closing Time

Two great designer's are no longer going to be selling their current collections in SL. It's a sad day, because as this month draws to a close the clothes at both Last Call and the vendors at Prim & Proper will disappear. So, if you've ever wanted to experience great designs now is the time. The Last Call designs are between $300 (for the catwalk collection) - $100 for most dresses, men's outfits, some shoes, and jewelry. Everything in the Prim & Proper store is $100 or less, male accessories are on the 4th floor. (hopefull) Pics under cut. Following is a sample of Last Call dresses all are modeled with hair from ETD: Last Call for Last Call

These are a sampling of the dresses available at Prim & Proper:
Prim and Proper
Both places also have items available for male avatars. =) Hope you guys get to check out the deals before they are gone. These are really two great designers and they should both offer diversity for everyone since the styles they both designer are so different.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Butcher Couture

Sorry I've not posted in a bit, but my internet has been down for days. Anyway I haven't had much time to scavenger the web for lovely talent except this, which is indeed superb. Let me introduce you to Butcher Couture!!! They are British and fabulous, the UK seems to have an endless supply of talent that pushes fashion to the edge.

See What Happens

Yay! I finally seem to have changed my template to allow posting behind a cut. =) I hate you blogger, but damn you if I will give up! hee hee ^.^ Anyways so I now will be able to post a nice photoshopped picture pre-cut and if you'd like to see product details I will post behind the cut with a non-psed image(s). Which makes me pretty darn happy, but I'll save the photoshopping for another day when I'm not making list. Anyways, I'll shut up and show you some pretty pictures....

This dress is only $1 for the week of 1/24/2008 so hurry!
Dress: Weekly gift (Valentine's Boho includes animated fan) Orchid Dreams $1
Hair: Phoebe from ETD $1 (store is closed until Feb. 9)
Shoes, Skin, & Eyes: all from Ada Store $0 (this store has sculpty shoes, skins, & eyes all $0)


Hoodie: wearable demo- Revenge of the Little Nerd Hoodie in didnt turn out good pink from Fluky $1
Skirt: Happy Valentine's Day by Rose Petal Creations $1
Stockings: Free Valentine Stockings from Subtle Submission (2 pairs) $0
Eyes & Shoes: Boots by Ada Store$0
Hair: Zoey in fairy floss by Frangipani Hair $1
Skin: Kryptonia Paperdoll was nice enough (thanks Kry!) to tell me about a skin that will only be out for a limited time in her shop (1-2 weeks). It's mixed in with the other skins so look for the Mailin at Hot Silly Peppers Lab $0

Ok, ok... I know tons of stuff for the girls. That's just the way it is, but this one is for the guys.
Pants & shirt: I luv SL shirt & Black & Red Belted Pants from One ($1 each)
* The Onestore has a number of original designs (clothes and accessories) for $1-0 so everyone should stop by and check it out
Shoes: Simple Black Boots from The *AC* Boutique $0
Hair: Sleek from ETD $1 (store is closed until Feb. 9)

Outfits: Valentine 1 & 2 from SH Boutique $0
Hair: Jess from Diversity $1
Shoes & Eyes:Shoes worn with red dress are from Ada Store$0

Well, the cut was working ... maybe in another year I'll fix it. =P

Monday, 28 January 2008

Steal my heart.......

Since I hadn't started a Valentine's List I decided to:


Jewelry: Silver Heart - Silk Factory ($1)
Outfit: Flirty Valentine also from Silk Factory ($1)
Shoes: Color Change Mary Janes from Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise ($0)
Hair: Cyoncyokorin from Izumiya ($0)
Shape: Be My Valentine from Body Doubles ($0)
Eyes: Gemstone eyes (fat pack -sapphire worn) from Inspired ($1)
Skin: Free Valentine Makeup Skin (Re Valentine Skin worn) from Rave Nation ($0)


Outfit: Free Kimono from KiKis Closet ($0)
Hair: Cyoncyokorin from Izumiya ($0)
Shape: Be My Valentine from Body Doubles ($0)
Eyes: Gemstone eyes (fat pack -topaz worn) from Inspired ($1)
Skin: Free Valentine Makeup Skin (Fe Valentine Skin worn) from Rave Nation ($0)


Outfit: Sexy Valentine from Lavish Style ($1)
Shoes: Color Change Mary Janes from Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise ($0)
Hair: Cyoncyokorin from Izumiya ($0)
Shape: Be My Valentine from Body Doubles ($0)
Eyes: Gemstone eyes (fat pack -Amethyst worn) from Inspired ($1)
Skin: Free Valentine Makeup Skin (Le Valentine Skin worn) from Rave Nation ($0)


Outfit & Shape: Be My Valentine from Body Doubles ($0)
Shoes: Color Change Mary Janes from Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise ($0)
Eyes: Gemstone eyes (fat pack -Amethyst worn) from Inspired ($1)
Skin: Free Valentine Makeup Skin (Le Valentine Skin worn) from Rave Nation ($0)


Outfit: I heart you from Adored Clothing ($0)
Shape: Be My Valentine from Body Doubles ($0)
Shoes: Color Change Mary Janes from Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise ($0)
Eyes: Gemstone eyes (fat pack -Amethyst worn) from Inspired ($1)
Skin: Free Valentine Makeup Skin (Se Valentine Skin worn) from Rave Nation ($0)

Outfit & Skin: Valentine's Freebie from DawnShop ($0)
Shape: Be My Valentine from Body Doubles ($0)
Shoes: Color Change Mary Janes from Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise ($0)


Dresses: Mon Ami, Pookie, & Sweetie from DeFleur Fashions (all $0)
Shoes: Elise heel from Tesla ($0)
Earrings: Free Gift Drop Earring UnTone Quilt ($0)
Hair: Kira from Frangipani Designs ($1)
Shape, Eyes, Skin: Nozomi & Ritsu from Shop BF (both $0)

That should get you started until I unpack the other boxes. ;)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

If you missed it....

If you happened to miss Spirit's grand opening you might want to go by the store and check out the awesome new build and grab the $1 boxes from the hunt that went on during their opening. There's a really nice tux for the guys to- a gray one with excellent textures! There's also a dress/tutu set named "SPIRIT Nutcracker Ballet, Clara's Party Dress Set" for $1. I'm not sure if this was out at the opening, because boy did I miss it. And look how super cute it is:

Spirit _ Clara_s Party Dress Set - Scripted Tutu
(modeled here with $1 berri hair from Truth and
Masquerade skin from Symphony $0- this was from the grand opening yesterday so hurry!)

The above tutu was scripted with the super cute pose. The set also contains a non-scripted tutu. ;) As you can see in the above picture the skirt and prim sleeve pieces are a little bright. For the following picture I show the pieces tinted with the default lightest shade of gray to match the top. This is purely preference and since I prefer for the prim pieces to more closely match the top I chose to tint my prim pieces when I can. -But of course this is my preference and you do not have to tint, contrasting pieces are nice to. I've been asked several times how I get my skirts & prim pieces to match and this is why I try to include this tip when applicable.-

Spirit _ Clara_s Party Dress Set - Dress
(Here I'm wearing the $1 Elanor hair from Hair Solutions and in this and
the above picture I'm wearing the Gemstone eyes from Inspired $1)

On a side note *IF* you guys are free around 2 p.m. SL time I'll be walking in a show for Second Mirage Jewelry please feel free to come by and enjoy the show. =)))))

Saturday, 26 January 2008

The Sun Fairy

Fancy Fairy has put out an incredible bargain The Sun Fairy ($1):

Sun Fairy -2

The Sun Fairy includes dress, wings, shape, and skin. I added the $1 Eleanor hair from Hair Solutions and Gemstone eyes ($1) from Inspire.

And beacause I can.... here's a heavily photoshopped version that I'm wearing the new $1 hair from Frangipani's in.

Sun Fairy

Swamp Thang

My friend Grafix shared the location of this cool unisex costume with me today - Muddy by Niamh ($0) can be found at Free Speerit....

swamp thang-1

It's a really cool avatar that leaves little muddy footprints trailing around behind you. Here's a better look at the avatar...

Muddy by Niamh
I'm modeling it with the Jezbel $1 skin from Soda and eyes ($0) from Talisman.

Think this is what *real* mud wrestlers would land up looking like?

Friday, 25 January 2008

The Free Fandom Project

Wow, way back at the beginning of January Imp Merlin told me to check out Lippert 160, 111, 171. In Lippert you'll find one of the places where you can obtain a number of the Free Fandom Project avatars and accessories based on characters from movies, television shows, and books. I took a picture of a very small selection of the outfits I found at the original Lippert coordinates and another distribution center at the Boxed Heroes Main Shop. The article written in the Second Life Herald about the Free Fandom Project listed additional distribution sites if you scroll to the very bottom of their piece. (All $0)

The Free Fandom Project

The Hermine Granger outfit did not include hair so I used the freebie ($1) Lily hair from ETD. I also added hair and shoes to the Galaxy Quest outfit: hair- Lisa II (sale ends tomorrow! $25) ETD and shoes- Plum Diamante Platform Shoe by Chrissy Ambrose were part of a discontinued freebie that was available at Phat Cat's Jazzy Blue Lounge.

So if you haven't, yet... go check out the Free Fandom Project!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Above an Indie Designer Store Dies a Big Time Talent!!!

Above the ever so beautiful indie designer boutique Nanette Lepore, died a big time talent Heath Ledger mid day yesterday as we all know by now. My heart goes out to his family for the tragedy whatever it be addiction,suicide,or just plain accidental death. But let us not forget that at the very most Heath Ledger got to live a life a billion people will only dream about all by the time he was 28. He managed to make a handful of movie hits, marry a starlet and make a baby all the while living a dream and making it happen. I don't believe most of us want to die an early death, but if we do I hope a day doesn't go by that I didn't enjoy to the fullest. RIP Heath you're in Heaven now and hopefully its the real big time more imaginable than any lifetime.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Designer Books

This is a great book to own if you are a young fashion designer and want to see what young designers are doing over seas in Europe,there is also and American version available and my x classmates(Vena Cava) are published inside it. Buy it here!!!

Even Faeries Get the Blues........

Unfortunately it's sad, but true...........

Fairy blues - 2

Fortunately for us, when fairies get the blues there's a nice skin out there thanks to Faerie Hax that let's us express ourselves. ($0)

Fairy blues

Here's the lowdown on the look so you to may achieve it: Flexified Butterfly Wings from Toya can be found on the LicoLico Sim. ($1) The silks are a combination of two free silks offered at Collar Me Sexy both $0. The hair is from Frangipani Hair and cost $1. (There are now 4 -$1 fat packs of hair offered here along with 60 minute camping for hair.) The eyes are from the Basic Eye Megapack found on the freebie wall at the NEW TALISMAN store located on the Talisman Sim. (Can you tell I'm excited that they're back.) I also used the Mixed Butterfly Emitter both are priced $0 on the Freebie wall that includes tons of stuff for $0-$1. And one last picture (zzzzzzz) for those who get confused by backgrounds and WindLight.

Fairy blues - 3

Monday, 21 January 2008

Chic Lap-top carrier

Talk about high fashion all around,now in order to be super posh even your lap-top needs to be carried in some sort of haute case (meaning major styling detail!!!) Check this bag out by LLOYD from the UK of course. The inside of this bag is more beautiful than the inside of most NYC bedrooms.

Another Brit makes a beauty!

Arcangel is responsible for this luxurious creation...

Sunday, 20 January 2008

She's a Lady

There are tons of styles available in sl, but not all measure up to the modest standards a lady must uphold. If you're looking for some direction on how to find inexpensive lady like clothing I hope the following suggestions help out.

She's a lady-1
(Dress: Bossa Nova, Skin: Soda, Hair & Hat: SoulFire,
Gloves: TAP, Jewelry: Sh*t Happens, Shoes: SKG Shoes)

A variety of skins can be used and Another Skins are all offered for $0 and come in a variety of skin tones suitable for most anyone. You can even download the Another Skin pdfs and modify the skins if you'd like here. If you're looking for striking red lips might I suggest the $1 Jezbel skins from Soda.

She's a lady-2
(Skin: Another Skin, Dress: Ingenue, Hair: Marlys,
Gloves: TAP, Jewelry: Sh*t Happens, Shoes: SKG Shoes)

Two hairs that particularly inspire the kittenish vibe are offered at Marlys for $1 each: Leaf's Trajectory and and Tatyana Take Away. The Retro Betty Pillbox Hat with hair can be found at SoulFire for $1. Gurlywood has one hair for $0 found in the clearance section, Season, that is the cutest little bun. There are also a number of hairstyles offer for $1 at the Gurl 6 Hair store. If unrefined and edgy is more your style then perhaps trying a short style like the Beginning Hair from Find Ash is more your style. $0

She's a lady-3
(Skin: Another Skin, Dress: <3 Cupcakes, Jewelry: Sh*t Happens,
Gloves:Moon Cat, Shoes: SKG Shoes)

Clothing can be found at a variety of places, but the following stores have graceful options that will definetly be a hit. Bossa Nova offers the Lucia dress in a black and white for $0. Ivalde has a section upstairs 'Almost Free Stuff' with outfits and shirts ranging from $0-$1. Less than three Cupcake has 3 dresses near the front entrance; two are especially suited for the refined lady. $0 Ingenue offers a variety of clothing (including dresses) for between $1 and $0. A Free Top that is especially sweet can be found at Kurotsubaki $0. The Steamstress offers a variety of no transfer goods; mostly steampunk inspired, but all very classic in inspiration. There is a wall of freebies which include: Shirt, pants and shirt set, underwear set, jacket and hat. There is also a tache (moustache) over by the accessories. And at the time of writing there is also a underwear set Patience which is available for $0 located on one of the building supports. Tete a Pied (TAP) has two goodies on their train one is a suit: the other is a pair of gloves (in 3 lengths) essential for the proper lady$0.

She's a lady- 4 Modern Twist
(Skin: Another Skin, Hair: Find Ash, Dress:Ivalde,
Shoes: She's so Unusual, Hat,Corsage & Gloves: MoonCat)

SKGShoes has 6 pairs of shoes: 3 white, 3 blue $1 each- these are a great height and the the open toed and peep toed styles are reminiscent of times when a lady was a lady. Besides offering 4 boxes of shoes for $1 each She's So Unusual Shoes offers a very nice animation overide for $1 located on the wall above the $1 shoes.

She's a lady-5 Underwear
(Hairs: Gurl 6 & Marlys, Underwear: Ingenue & Steamstress,
Skin: Another Skin, Shoes: SKG Shoes, Hat: MoonCat)

Accessories can be found in a variety of places, but the two following places have a lot more to offer than just the few pieces I used here. Sh*t Happens has a nice Freebie Accessories $0 which includes a divine colorable pearl necklace among many other extras. MoonCat has a lot of freebies and dollarbies, but what will be of special intrest to any refined lady is the mini hat, mari brooch, and leather gloves all $0.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful in your search for lady like styles in sl. =) On a side note all the skirts seemed not to be tinted gray. If you make prim attachments for dresses they often times will NOT match the shirt of glitchpants (non-prim pieces) unless the attachments are tinted the default lightest shade of gray. So please tint your prim pieces gray or at the very least make ALL your prim pieces MODIFY!

Lusty little bath time....

Heres a gift for a couple,the best kind something for you and that special someone. This here is a Menage et trois set of massage bars by my favorite bath specialty company "LUSH"!

An adorable trio of heart-shaped massage bars
A romantic, candlelit massage is the perfect way to share your affection for someone special… To make any celebration extra romantic, we've created a trio of very special, superbly fragrant heart-shaped massage bars for you both to mix and match to your hearts' (and bodies') content.

Soft Coeur A honey cocoa treat with a melty center
Mange Too Lickable honey, white chocolate, and peppermint
Nutts Extra rich for the serious massage

This here is a best seller it's around $6.00, its known as the SEX BOMB. You drop it into your bath and it fizzes up turning the water pink and leaving you smell seductive. After all hopefully your Valentine and you will end your day in the bedroom doing the dance of love...

Get it all here at Angel Lust. I believe with a certain amount of spendings they will throw in a free SEX BOMB!!! Shop now at LUSH!!!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Passionate Neko - 2 days

You've got until Sunday to head over to Cassiopeia Isle to check out the new build for the Passionate Neko store and a new exciting store for new player's named First Look. You can read all about the details of the events happening all weekend long until Sunday at the LVS & Co blog. It sounds like there will be a lot of fun to be had and a wonderful $1 box hunt with some great prizes.

The photos are all using Another Skin Mods availabe in the First Look store for $0, Hair by Frangipani Designs $1 each, Shoes from Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise, outfits are a mix of pieces found in the $1 boxes at the hunt.

Passionate Neko_1

Passionate Neko_2

Passionate Neko_3

While you're at the hunt you'll want to check out the First Look store for additional dresses. ;) Good luck hunting!

ETA: Poses by Gorgeous Yongho $1 available at Juicy

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The artist Coco Pit sets my heart on fire...

I have my sister Blog that I write for, for this one. They've just introduced this magnificent fashion illustrator to me that has made this nearly unbearable day for me worth it. Coco Pit is the artist you can thank for blessing your eyes for these images. Romantic,seductive and so extraordinary. These illustrations are better than shopping,OK the same kind of pleasure,I can't take things that far.