Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Google Books Disappeared From Apple App Store

the application of reading books simply disappeared from Apple's App Store today. From what we know so far, Apple would have every reason in the world to put out the Google Books for its app store. However, only one seems to be more than enough.

The new rules for approval of apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad prohibit companies responsible for apps direct users to external sites to promote shopping. For example, a store that sells DVDs through an application would have to do it using the procurement system from Apple - one that passes on to the company led by Tim Cook no less than 30% of the total product.

Google Books, in turn, is the initiative of the internet business so that users can read books by the platform Google purchased eBooks on smartphone/MP3 player / Apple tablet. This same app also allows you to buy new publications. With a sad thing: the transaction does not go through Apple. Instead, it is done through Google's mobile sites.

You can even search, but will not find in the search results within iTunes to 'google books'. The application was summarily smoothed out. At this late date, Google should have received a notification remembering that it is necessary to offer the same transactions (with exactly the same values, at least) in and out of the payment system in-app from Apple.

Interestingly, removal of the Google Books seems to be partial. If you get it on iTunes, will not find, but you can still download the free app through this link. He is still listed in the iTunes apps index published by the Apple website.

The Amazon is still going strong with your application for reading e-books in Kindle iOS. The question is how long, since it is the same that Apple used to possibly remove the Google Books: there are links for shopping on Amazon. And no purchases by the system from Apple. Until when?

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