Tuesday, 13 September 2011

New York Fashion Week: Adam, Altuzarra, Band of Outsiders and Charlotte Ronson

It only comes but twice a year...

Mmm, I like this! The first half was weirdly frothy and over-the-top girly, with giant pink flowers and lavender (the color) strewn everywhere. Then the darker florals came, bringing with them a mishmash of... I'm not entirely sure what. I was a little confused as to where the band jacket fit in, to be honest. However, I still appreciate the rest of it. Moral of the story? I guess florals aren't going anywhere. And maybe this spring, instead of leather jackets with maxis, it'll be band/military jackets? I just might be okay with that.

This collection by Altuzarra reminds me of someone/something, but I just can't place it... is it Alexander Wang? I'm sure comparisons will be drawn between the two, since there were quite a few open knits.

One of my absolute favorites so far! I like the Amish meets tennis separates look.

I really like the new direction Charlotte Ronson's going on. This collection is more like her than her last (I think it was last fall that was more punky/sporty than usual), but I think she's sitll on the right track. Here, geometric designs are in, from patch pocket details to mazelike patterns on skirts to large silvery polka dots.

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