Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hunts: Inga Wind & Arnadi MHOH

You must collect 15 autumn leaves at Inga Wind's store for the following ensamble:
DRESS/SHOES/TIARIA/WINGS - $0/15 autumn leaves @ Inga Wind Clothing ; details on her blog @ (Thanks Inga)

HAIR - (White prim box; example at store) L$0 for TRPH #14 **Dura** Hair Shop ENDS 31 OCT

From [arnadi] you'll find the following shirt till 25 October. It's the #85 prize for the MHOH provided by Dorian (thanks ^_^):
SHIRT - $0 - [arnadi] @ ; You can Join MHOH Hunt Group here: secondlife:///app/group/fb33e477-aa69-7064-10a6-b367a1168984/about ; The starting point at MHOH Temple here: ; look for the MHOH blog @

SKIN -  (look for orange sign with arrow - also store is having $30 sale!) -  L$0 for D is for Deviant #017 - Isis Boutique ENDS 31 OCT @

HAIR -(look for pumpkins; hints in notecard at store) Group Hunt by Dura x LANEVO ENDS 31 OCT @ - and -

PANTS/POSES - (look for pumpkins) - L$0 for mmm HW 2011_*.amato.* 7/7 poses AND :::DR::: Munchkin Boy (pants) ENDS 31 OCT @

SHOES -  L$0 for TOSLHF #11-Baby Monkey Shoes ENDS 15 OCT @

LOCATION: Dark Eternity sim

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